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    Cultivate Positive Attitudes

    in Religion

    There is an old saying that holds a lot of truth: "Attitude is everything". Two people can face the same situation, with one responding positively while the other reacts in a negative way. Whether you discover that you have come into great wealth or receive news that you have a terminal illness, your attitude will determine how you handle the situation. In this week's lesson, we will discover several keys to developing a positive attitude. he strength provided from such an attitude helps to enable you to experience spiritual victory despite the hardest of situations. You'll also find yourself with greater opportunities to minister God's grace to others, no matter your situation in life. So embrace biblical attitudes in all situations and you will please God, enhance the lives of others, and expand the Kingdom of God.

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    Episode 5.9: 7 Attitudes Pt. 2

    in Christianity

    We continue from the topic of the previous show about victory over sexual sin. We covered 1-4 and now we get back on the tailend of the article to unpack the last 3 attitudes. Make sure you listen to this live and if your in the archives remember to follow us at 

    Facebook: Get Right Radio

    Twitter: @_getrightradio 

    5. The Spirit of Fear

    6. The Spirit of Pride 

    7. The Spirit of Laziness 

    Host: Joe and Anwar 

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    Attitudes of Warriors: stand and fight, or run?

    in Christianity

    Interview-Speccial Guest: Neal Pirolo,  pastor, prior missionary, now trainer and sender of other missionaries, founder and president of Road to Emmaus International; author  of "Prepare for Battle" and "Internationals Among Us," as well as other Publications, discusses the attitudes and characeters of warriors of the Christians faith. Are you ready and willing to stand and fight beside The Commander, CHRIST JESUS!!!

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    Be- attitudes ,not ME- attitudes... being more like Him

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    In our daily walk we often struggle with keeping the attitude of Christ. life in general offers many opportunities to be prideful, defensive, and even feel justified in our attitudes when life and those around us become difficult. However the Word of God is clear in how Jesus calls us to be. in the face of conflict and adversity we must always present the attittudes of our Savior Jesus Christ . This will be a 2 part broadcast and I am excited to refresh my memory of how I can be more like Him . I pray you are blessed and encouraged by this broadcast and God's Word as we learn together. ~Be blessed~ Patricia

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    PART 2 This will be part 2 of my devotional segment on the be attitudes... do to a touch of bronchitus I will not be able to do this segment tonight as planned .It will air next week on thrsday at the usual time sorry for any inconvenience ,... come grow with me.

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    in Lifestyle

    I would like to welcome Gloria O'Shea, Giselle McInnis Haack and Dave Kemp to our show! Gloria will be sharing with us the importance of how yoga, meditation, music and nutrition play a huge role in the lives of children and teens. They are more stressed than ever before and at younger ages. As long as we have teen suicide, youth crime, high school dropouts, and teen pregnancy we will need programs that help to build confidence, self-compassion, respect for self and others and we need to teach the kids to see their own potential.

    This is what the Sean O’Shea Foundation is doing and according to the research, confidence, self-esteem and peaceful attitude are inspiring kids to want to do better! You won't want to miss this show! Please show your support by tuning in and hearing about this spectacular foundation! Children are our future! Listen in by going to www.blogtalkradio.com/conscioustalkradio.

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    Platitudes and attitudes- what's the deal?- also the weeks current events

    in Politics Conservative

    Well it's 2016'- and the political campaigns will be in full swing - is it possible to drop the political rhetoric, and be up front - if that's possible ?- it is, but as we can see, the same old stuff is pushed out. The voters deserve an honest conversation - will we get one?. The meanness and vitriol does nothing to help - I want the candidates to focus on what they will do to help this country get fixed- how bout you?-also the current events of the week

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    "CleftCast" Podcast No. 4 -- Attitudes

    in Health

    On this week's "CleftCast" podcast, host Joe Rutland discusses how attitudes people have toward those with craniofacial anomalies can have an effect. Sometimes, individuals dealing with cleft lip, cleft palate, Crouzon Syndrome, Treacher Collins Syndrome and many others develop unhealthy attitudes within themselves. That can either be from a lack of support at home from family and friends, or from how others look and observe people. We'll have this week's Term of the Week, and introduce a new sponsor. Great stuff for the craniofacial community, so sit back, relax and enjoy "CleftCast."

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    Episode 5.5 : 7 Attitudes

    in Christianity

    Today we discuss 7 attitudes, and their effect on people. What attitudes you ask? Tune in to find out!!

    This show wont disappoint.

    Link to the article on 7 sins : http://ow.ly/Kl9TP

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    in Christianity

    We will conclude next week the study on the be attitudes on how God wants us to "be". Hidden blessings of persecution.. see you then ~Patricia

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    in Self Help

    February 5th @ 830pm Free Style Friday we will be talking about attitudes and how to keep them in check if you are having a bad day. Understanding if you are have a bully there will be a time when people will start pushing back.