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    Om konsten att hantera förändringar på jobbet

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    Nina Jansdotter intervjuar Elaine Breske Hirscher, förändringsledare och föreläsare. Avsnittet handlar om konsten att hanterar förändringar på jobbet. 

    Läs mer om Elaine här på hennes blogg





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    Att våga lyckas

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    Nina Jansdotter intervjuar Elaine Breske Hirsker, förändringsledare och föreläsare om konsten att våga lyckas. 


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    Konsten att lära sig av sina misstag

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    Nina Jansdotter intervjuar Elaine Breske Hirscher, som är föreläsare och förändringsledare, om konsten att dra lärdomar av de misstag man gjort. 


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    Prophetic Intervention from " Dr. Debra Common " on RHL Ministry Radio

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    RHL Ministry Radio and Apostle Natalie Young  welcomes " Prophetic Intervention from  Dr. Debra Common " Minister Debra A. Common was bestowed the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree (DD) from Elbon Solutions - College of Ministry, Apple Valley, CA, and has studied at the Institute for Christian Works Bible College. She says that we must continue to study the word of God so that we may rightly divide the word of truth to God’s people everywhere. Dr. Debra A. Common is an associate member of Gil Gal Ministries in Evergreen Park, Illinois. Dr. Common has a Prayer Ministry that embarks upon touching the very heart of God by prayer and intercession for the nation and those who have been abused, loss souls and spiritually misguided.   Dr. Common speaks the Word of God and uses her singing ministry with God's anointing to minister to children, youth, women, men, churches, Leaders, shelters, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, hospitals, prisons and the homeless encouraging and urging individuals to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior;  And to return to their First Love, JESUS CHRIST.  In addition, Dr. Debra Prayer Conference Line is available for Intercessory Prayer.

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    Så expanderar du ditt företag

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    Vad ska man ha för mental inställning och vad finns att tänka på rent praktiskt när man vill expandera sitt företag? Sami Sulieman, VD för finansbolaget Prescott Lewis ger tips och råd. Han intervjuas av Nina Jansdotter. 

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    Healing My Grieving Personality

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    Personality Speaking welcomes Grief Counselor Katie Morse to discuss healing our grieving personalities during the holidays.  Some of us find it difficult to deal with the sadness of losing someone we love.  My guest is going to discuss how we handle the holidays, heal from our sadness and reconcile our feelings.  

    Katie Morse is a proud native Washingtonian. She grew up in far northeast Washington in Suburban Gardens, which was once the site of an African American amusement park.  Katie graduated from McKinley Technical High School (Tech) in the days of the famous Circle T Marching band and the mighty Tech Trainers football and basketball teams. After high school, she attended the University of Maryland, College Park and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism.   After a brief stint in radio at WWDC DC101, she settled in for a career at ATT from which she retired in 2008.

    Katie accepted the gift of eternal life from Christ at an early age but rededicated her life to Him in 1994. Since then, she has strengthened her Christian walk with various courses of study and mission work.  She joined First Baptist Church of Glenarden in 2007 and continues to grow spiritually.  In 2007 the passing of her own precious Mother drew her attention to the necessity and benefit of grief support and counseling. Katie has been attending grief support sessions at FBCG since 2007 and, through God’s gentle healing and care, she is now able to co facilitate grief support classes for others seeking to grieve God’s way.

    Katie strongly believes that God gives all of us the tools, character traits, skills, passion and knowledge to do the job he has assigned to each individual. When you line up with His will for your life, doing what He planned for you, you will experience your greatest success and receive blessings you have never imagined. 

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    Så blir du bra på att nätverka och mingla

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    Nina Jansdotter intervjuar Jennifer Lind som ger sina bästa tips på hur man nätverkar och minglar effektivt. 

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    The Ferguson Effect

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    You ever been in serious legal trouble? You ever had the full weight of the legal system weighing down on you, threatening your way of life? Truth is most people really don't know what that feels like. I personally know what that feels like. But what I can tell you is, I'm 100% sure that the death of one of my children would pale in comparison.    Ferguson, Missouri has become one of the most known cities in the nation, and the world over one fatal event. But make no mistake about it, the second tragedy will make in go down in infamy like Pearl Harbor. The decision to not bring an indictment on officer Darren Wilson in the slaying of unarmed teenager Mike Brown was a complete failure of justice and a reminder of deep seeded systematic racism in America. People all over the country and world are angry, hurt and have feelings of betrayal that won't soon, if not ever, go away over this injustice. As with most tragic events though, lessons can be learned from it.   Tonight on #K100RADIO we open up our broadcast as a platform for frank, candid real discussions about Ferguson, the reaction to the injustice, and moving forward on ways to enact change in America. If you would like to be heard join us live on our broadcast from 8-10pmEST. Our switchboard number is (347) 934-0966   We will do our best to let every voice be heard.  Listen live Tunein at http://tun.in/se8P4 on our Android app at http://goo.gl/EhxXNB on our iPhone app att http://goo.gl/Z8n6x5 Or visit our website www.chainlessentertainment.com

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    Så skapar du en aktiv grupp på Facebook

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    Nina Jansdotter intervjuar Anders Sultan som startat gruppen Kolliodalt Silver 2.0 på Facebook. Gruppen har i dagsläget snart 23 000 medlemmar varav många är oerhört aktiva med att debattera, tipsa och inpsirera andra kring hälsa. Anders berättar vilka mekanismer som ligger bakom att skapa så stort engagemang hos medlemmarna. 

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    Konsten att sälja mer genom att sälja mindre

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    Nina Jansdotter intervjuar Sami Sulieman, VD för finansbolaget Prescott Lewis. Sami har varit säljare och företagare sedan många år tillbaka och berättar knepen kring hur man får till bättre affärer och helt enkelt säljer mer genom att man säljer mindre. 


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    UN Arms Trade Treaty: the "Good, Bad & the Ugly. Rush is right to sue...and more

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    Overthe past several days there has been a renewed onslaught of chatter on the internet social media sites concerning the United Nations (UN) Arms Trade Treaty. As expected, there are a rash of alarmists, pacifists, Dingbats (far left extremists) and Wingnuts (far right extremists) out there spreading all kinds of warnings and propaganda.

    Just what does the Arms Trade Treaty actually say? Will the ATT really take our beloved weapons from US citizens? Are John Kerry and President Obama trying to circumvent the 2nd Amendment and using the UN as a masked partner in the effort?

    This morning we will sit down and sift thru the ATT to see if we can determine Facts vs Baloney.

    Rush Limbaugh considering wheter to sue the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for defamation...GOOD FOR HIM! No matter if you think Rush to be an outspoken patriot or a bag of hot wind I encourage him to sue. What is this all about? 

    Yep, a little bit of controversy "In the Pickle Barrel". Really? What would you expect?

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" at 8AM-10AM EST every weekday morning.

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