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    Talented Vocalist Melissa Erpen of Atira discusses CD "Butterfly Rockett

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    Since the arrival of debut album “Butterfly Rocket” released in October 2010, Atira have turned heads with their unique sound and have gained airplay in the US while building a solid fan base over 2011. With their songs “Flow” and the summer vibe of “Ayo” people have discovered this group and instantly warmed to their natural sound and honest approach in which makes this group unique. “Butterfly Rocket” was recorded in Sydney at Electric Avenue Studios and produced by Russell Finch. This project also saw them work with sound engineer Paul McKercher and mixing by Matt Marrin.  It was late 2009 when the group was formed in Perth,Western Australia and with their own passion for good pop, soul and RnB the pair penned a string of tracks which evolved into a refreshing and sophisticated sound. Atira went on to develop this flavour by incorporating strong melody lines and catchy hooks. These early demos produced was already proving to show great signs for the pair and Atira were determined to take their music it to the next level. This was to be the start of a great journey for the group and has seen them collaborate with a range of div

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    A Social Enterprise Story: Enterprising Women Making Art

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    As part of our commitment to create awareness for initiatives that enhance the quality of society as a whole we are pleased to bring to you each week an enterprising non-profits Social Enterprise Story.

    This week's segment is titled Enterprising Women Making Art (EWMA).

    EWMA is a program of Atira Women's Resource Society (www.atira.bc.ca). The program encourages women to sell their art and handmade products as an act of personal, community and economic empowerment.

    Blending art, community and social entrepreneurship, EWMA works with emerging women artists and artisans in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside to participate in a democratic and equitable social enterprise that coordinates the pooling of resources to produce and market women's visual art and handmade products.

    To learn more about social enterprise as well as view other enterprising non-profits videos or, participate in forum discussions, visit the ENP Group on the Procurement Insights Blog Portal.

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