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    ParaTruth Radio Episode #18: Astral Projection/Out-of-Body Experiences

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    On this episode of ParaTruth Radio, we'll be discussing astral projection and out-of-body experiences.  What happens when someone goes into astral projection?  Is the soul still attatched to the body?  Is it all just a hallucination by the brain as we meditate?  We will discuss all this and more.  But we also want our listeners opinions, specifically on this episode.  So tune in live and call in or be in our chatroom for a very interesting, and somewhat contraversial, topic.

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    Near Death Experiences and their Astral Content + Readings

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    World renowned psychic Neil Baker and host Kristin are featured on this hour long show which deals with the vast, expansive world of psychic phenomenon.  This show delves into the extraordinary mysteries that reside beyond the physical realm of common experience.  Neil and Kristin are your guides and teachers as they establish a stage that is both personal and universal, while callers have the opportunity to connect with Neil for one on one readings.  Listener line: 914.338.0164.  For an in-depth, personal reading, please call Neil at 562.596.7818.

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    Controlled Death Experience: Bilocation ie. Astral Projection

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    The dying process happens when the spirit or metaphysical body leaves the physical body. Bilocation or astral projection is a procedure in which an individual can project his or her spirit-body out of the physical body. Bilocation is a controlled form of the near death experience.

    There are unique individuals out there that can perform this amazing task. This technique goes by many names. On my next show I will talk about the technique known as "Bilocation" or "Astral Projection".

    Don't miss this show. I'm the real deal.

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    What is astral travel and remote viewing?

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    Hi angels,  Tonight we are going to talk about the differences between astral travel and remote viewing.  How can you learn to do either one or both and the benefits of both.

    The show starts at 8:30

    The number to call to listen is 760 890 7143.

    I'm broadcasting live on the air! Listen in at http://tobtr.com/s/6929323. #BlogTalkRadio



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    Astral Projecting into what we call the Astral Plane or Astral World…

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      Wikipedia has said that “Astral plane or astral world as being a plane of existence postulated by classical (particularly neo-Platonic), medieval, oriental and esoteric philosophies and mystery religions. It is the world of the planetary spheres, crossed by the soul in it astral body on the way to being born and after death, and generally said to be populated by angles, spirits, or other immaterial beings.”

    What about astral projecting? Does one need to die to do this, or can it be done while fully conscious, and fully awake? How many ways are there to do this 5, 10, 30, 66, maybe even 100 or more?  How do you it? Join me your host Ozzy the heal this Wednesday on “Let’s get Metaphysical” at 8pm EST. Call in, join in the chat room, and let’s hear and discuss everything we can for our 2 hr show.

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    cont. KMnm Inst. pryrful jrny(Nas-mankind)(Sun.12/21/2014)Safar 29,1436

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    We are continuing our interview with the youth of the KNOW ME no me Institute prayerful journey.  Our minds are influenced by much as we strive to live our lives daily.  We are praising Allah (G-D)(SWT)for all the benefits we receive and we pray that we are able to recognize these benefits.  We are taking a personal stand to accept that " all sons of Adam are created honorable", and are not a cursed description to justify someone's cruel and inhumane treatment.

    Imani Abdu-Shakoor;Isaiah Abdu-Shakoor;Jabril Abdu-Shakoor;Yusuf Abdu-Shakoor;Nathaniel Williams;Shamel Williams Perez;Samuel Williams Perez;Eric Jenkins and a variety of honored adults are what makes up The Know Me / no me Ins-stitute. Martha Nailah Williams, founder and director, all praises are due to Allah alone!

  • The Lisa Lisa Show

    in Entertainment

    Running commentary that's entertaining & educational; based on all types of events & occurrences; various influences, information & what interests me; sometimes story telling or an account of the week.This could B just sit down comedy.

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    Ascension Center Education Call to Action 2015

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    Ascensionecenterorg.com Call to Action 2015! As Spiritual Advisers, Life Coachers, Mediators, Personal Consultants on 7 heavens as Universe, Multiverse, Metaverse, Xenoverse, Omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse. Anomalous cognition, Astral projection, Aura Energy Channeling (mediumistic),Etheric body, Near-death experience, Out-of-body experience, Paranormal phenomena, Parapsychology, Esotericism, Postdiction (retroactive clairvoyance), Precognition, Remote viewing, Third eye Visionary impressions by TJ Morris and Fiends. Janet Lessin, Tommy Hawksblood, Arlene Kahet. ACO Esoterics Club – TheresaJMorris.com, http://tjmorriset.com.~ TJ Morris ACE METAPHYSICAL INSTITUTE~ http://Acenonprofitinc.com, http://eracop.com, Associates, Consultants, Organizers - Life Coaches  Ascension Awakening Conscious Oracles, psychic medium, author, speaker, Minister of Ascension Center Organization. Lightworkers, Truthseekers Community Online Practicing Skills Ascension Spiritual Intentional Communities supporting sustainability. Extraterrestrial Contact experiencers (ECEs) learn Energy school work- Rise in the vibe of the tribe.http://extraterrestrialcontact.ning.com

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    Dez Ratchet Kids.... WHAT TO DO?

    in Entertainment

    These kids cray.... demanding clothes Jordans and GET THEM... WONDER WHY THEY LIKE THAT...

  • Healing4innerpeace Moving forward into 2015 Christmas Show

    in Self Help

    This show is about the collective earth humanity and all forms of life and creation on earth that have through conscious intention, action, and individual and group inner work to co-create our new earth.   Of Divine Love, Peace and Harmony for all creation here on earth.  It is now time to fully be the divine love expressions of Creation each of our souls truly are and share our inner truth,  be our inner truth and to no longer be hindered by the past paradigm influences that have steadily lost their control and power.  More of this will be done over the next few years.  We will be doing more shows on this in 2015.

    I am a conscious walk in and consciously working with our galactic family to support the whole of creation and the earth population in all forms of life.   These are my own show links.  If you feel guided to talk with me send me a Personal message and mention this group.  I am putting together a show idea with a panel of conscious starseeds that are good speakers on air.  Perhaps a few shows. It is time for all of us who have chosen to awaken and be an active part of co-creating the new earth dimensionality and collective ascension of all life and creation on earth to take the next active step together. NOW

  • MLMIA - Doris Wood and Peter Mingils Interview Jeff Meyers on Computer Repairs

    in Business

    "The Professional Association for Network Marketing, Worldwide" 


    Peter Mingils with BuildingFortuneRadio.com will be interviewing Jeff Meyers.  For nearly 30 years MLMIA has been a major force in defining the ethics, legalities and opportunities in Network Marketing. MLMIA has developed, facilitated and nurtured strong relationships between the industry and outside influences that affect its operations, including regulatory agencies, company management, software developers, educators, the press and the general public.

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