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    Day 4 of Astoria Radio

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    Musical guest Jamie Stellini of The Daily Song

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    Day 1 of Astoria Radio

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    The debut show of WLA Radio. Today's guest, TJ Moss.

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    Day 2 of Astoria Radio

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    Lets just see if we get past day 1!

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    Learn what makes The Waldorf Astoria such a prestigious hotel when director of sales & marketing Matt Zolbe joins Travel Itch Radio Nov.7 at 8p EST on iTunes and BlogTalkRadio.com.

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    Sandra Kaye

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    Sandra Kaye was born on November 4,  in Dallas, Texas. The only daughter of a minister, she grew up singing gospel music and was often featured in church socials as a young girl with various choirs and girl groups. 

    Sandra started her professional career by winning an amateur contest at the West End Cabaret Dallas, in 1987. She established herself as the consummate artist. She attributes her success to having a good rapport with great musicians, many hours of practice, countless gigs and frequent visits to open mic nights of local night spots and other American cities.

    Her first experience of big band was with the Shelley Carroll Big Band and she has been featured with the Curtis Bradshaw's First Reunion Orchestra, The Dallas Jazz Orchestra, The Galen Jeter Orchestra and the Vecho Vecencio Group.

    Presently, Sandra Kaye is on a 3-month hiatus from her 4-year contract at the Long Bar at the Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai, China, where she returns on October 1, 2015.




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    75 - Goonie Adventure Tales from Japan and Beyond with Gus and Adam

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    "Hey You Guys!!"

    We're sharing our travel tales and adventures because we've traveled and adventured!

    Gus and Adam are Danimator's work pals from Storm8 and they hit Japan recently ... but for the second time (possibly more). 
    What happened? Where did they go? Did they see any giant robots? 
    "It's a Gundam!"

    Biff had an awesome family camping adventure and that always sparks campfire conversations. 
    Danimator may have advice on how to build a better camp fire ... because YouTube. But Biff has knives, so ... maybe not?
    "Chh-ch-ch-ch! Hha-ha-ha-ha!"

    Danimator drove to Seattle for a wedding and he hit Astoria on the way home ... and since it's been 30 years since The Goonies hit theaters ... so ... there's that. 
    "Hit Puree!!"

    In other words, we're doing what we do best. Ramble on about awesome geeky stuff with friends! 
    "It's out time! It's OUR TIME down HERE!!"

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    A Conversation with Charlie Thomas

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    ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAMER (1988) Charlie Thomas was born in Lynchburg, Virginia on April 7, 1937. He was a member of a group known as the Five Crowns in 1958 along with Ben Earl Nelson (later known as Ben E. King), who were managed by Lover Patterson who sacrificed mightily to get the group exposed.

    While the The Five Crowns met with little commercial success, they enjoyed local popularity and that is why they were on the bill at the Apollo Theater in New York City in 1958 when George Treadwell fired his original group, The Drifters, and offered the fellows in The Five Crowns the opportunity to take their place. It was Charlie Thomas' voice that Treadwell heard and got him focused on recruiting a new group of Drifters.

    Lover Patterson once said that Charlie Thomas' voice was one that the world would enjoy forever, and he was right!  The new Drifters first release in 1959 was a song called "There Goes My Baby". This was the beginning of what is generally acknowledged as the Golden Years of the Drifters which led to, in 1988, Charlie Thomas, along with other original members, Doc Green, Ben E. King and Elsbery Hobbs being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. 

    Songs that featured Charlie Thomas in the lead are:  When My Little Girl Is Smiling, Save The Last Dance For Me. Up On The Roof, This Magic Moment, Under The Boardwalk, Sweets For My Sweet, Saturday Night At The Movies, On Broadway, There Goes My Baby, Dance With Me, I Don't Want To Go On, Roomful Of Tears

    We’re gonna have a great discussion with Charlie Thomas.

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1111

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    Tonight's special guest is Georgina Capetillo from Astoria Queens, New York, a survivor of child abuse who's Hoping to become a resource for adult survivors who have been (or in some cases, are) abused by their stepparent. Georgina founder of Adult Survivors of Step-family Abuse (ASSA) a support network for people who have been abused by step-family during their childhood. As Howard University alumni, she was awarded a B.A in Philosophy and Political Science. Georgina completed her graduate studies at University of Massachusetts in 2013 with a concentration on Conflict Resolution. She is also the founder and president of Secular Common Ground, a dispute resolution think tank for secular issues. Her specialties include gender equality, humanist ethics, human rights, mental health, secularism, immigration, feminism and civil justice. StepNet seeks to reconcile issues regarding stepchildren. The goals are to support survivors of stepfamily abuse and offer conflict resolution education to stepfamilies and support for adult survivors of stepfamily abuse and hardship. StepNet covers many bases. "This organization aims to support mainly adult survivors of stepparent abuse or hardship," writes Georgina. "It is a problem we all have heard of, but it is seldom addressed. I aim to create a community of people with similar experiences and welcome supporters to join the cause. As of now StepNet offers resources that address mental health issues due to abuse / hardship and a discussion forum. StepNet is in it's beginning stage but our future goals are provide a hotline, conduct research on stepfamily abuse/hardship and become a strong support group."

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    Travel Today - Waldorf Astoria Orlando

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    Join Peter Greenberg this week from the Waldorf Astoria Orlando. Guests include Florida travel journalist Bob Jenkins, Francis Metais, food and beverage director at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando and Ultra runner Norma Bastidas.

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    Check Out My Interview With Actor Gerard Cordero- 5/28 @ 6pm CST

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    Gerard Cordero was born on September 23, 1974 in San Jose, California. He currently resides in Astoria, New York.

    Gerard pursued acting in the late 90's for a short period of time in where he landed small roles in television and films.

    Returning in 2012 Gerard was cast in a lead role for a short action film. The film "Nostrae Realitate" won multiple awards in the Urban Action Showcase held in NYC at the HBO Headquarters in 2013. Gerard was awarded "Best Action Actor" and was commended for his performance by a panel of celebrity judges which included martial artists/actors Michael Jai White and Kelly Hu.