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  • 01:16

    Radio: PI 1/20/16 with Daniel Friedman

    in Hockey

    As the NHL conteners and pretenders begin to separate themselves, Mike Asti is here to discuss how this new era of Penguins hockey under Head Coach Mike Sullivan could look for a playoff run.

    Mike will be joined by Daniel Friedman, of WFAN/CBS in New York, to get a credentialed outsider perspective on Sullivan's Penguins in comparison to the rest of the league.

    The NHL caved and John Scott will be an All-Star after all. What was the root of this mess? Was the National Hockey League defeated by trolls?

    Pittsburgh Penguin hockey talk on the Pens Initiative airwaves and the Radio: PI Podcast Network.

  • 03:00

    January 14: A Hollywood Exodus

    in Sports

    You wnat entertainment and deep analysis? Look no further than Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo.

    After years of meetings and planning, the NFL's journey back to Los Angeles has been completed. The St. Louis Rams are the LA Rams once again. Even though all signs pointed to Rans owner Stan Kroenke bringing the best plan to get NFL football back in Hollywood, was there a shady method to his madness? Does St. Louis have a legitimate reason to be upset? Losing two franchises since 1988, will and should the NFL ever return to St. Louis?

    On the other end of this, what does this mean for the futures of the Chargers and Raiders? With the Chargers having the first carck at deciding to join the Rams in LA, did the historic Raiders get screwed over? Mike delivers (rants) his State of the Raiders address.

    A great season for the Cincinnati Bengals was trased by a lack of discipline and a series of self inflicted wounds. Who is the most to blame for the "Bungle" like meltdown against the Steelers? Is this second chapter of Russell Wilson vs Cam Newton in the playoffs going to become the next "Peyton Manning vs Tom Brady" like quarterback rivalry for the next decade plus?

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

  • 01:56

    Radio: PI 1/13/16 with Neal Coolong

    in Hockey

    On the heels of one of the most asinine games in NFL history, Mike Asti is here to guide you through another Pittsburgh Steelers playoff week. The Steelers managed to get past the Bengals (thanks to some help from the Bengals) and now are headed to Denver. 

    Joined by Neal Coolong, of USA Today Sports' Steelers Wire, Mike will recap all that was the Cincinnati drama, then preview the Divisional Round matchup with the Broncos. 

    How productive can fans expect several of the Steeles injured key stars to be? 

    Gold quality Pittsburgh Steelers talk is on the Pittsburgh Sports Initaitive airwaves and the Radio: PI Podcast Network. 

  • 02:58

    December 30: Asinine News Never Stops

    in Sports

    It's been another asinine year in sports! Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo recap the most asinine sports stories of the year, while keeping an eye on current news hitting the headlines. 

    Before 2015 could close, there was still some drama left to digest. The asinine news never stops! Peyton Manning took HGH?! Well, that's at least what one report says. How much credibility should be given to this report linking Peyton Manning and other notable star athletes to performance enhancing drugs? Does this story actually boil down to Peyton's wife? Mike and George unravel all the layers to this semi-confusing tale. 

    In another development to take away from the actual games on the field, Chip Kelly was fired by the Eagles prior to week 17. What triggered this firing to happen now? Is Chip Kelly getting too much criticism for his time in Philadelphia? Where will he end up? 

    As for the games, how will the final playoff picture finish? Did the Steelers blow their postseason hopes? Who are the true AFC favorites? Much to Mike's chagrin, George connects this Redskins division championship to their 2012 title with RGIII. Has Arizona emerged as the best in the NFC over Carolina? 

    Also included: a brief college football playoff preview. 

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one YEAR at a time.... 

  • 01:57

    Radio: PI 12/29/15 with Neal Coolong

    in Hockey

    In the last show of 2015, Mike Asti graces the Pittsburgh Sports Initiative (the new branch of Pens Initiative) airwaves. Mike is joined by Neal Coolong, of USA Today Sports' The Steelers Wire, to talk all things Pittsburgh Steelers and all things asinine to close another NFL season. 

    No longer holding their own destiny in their hands, who would be most to blame for missing out on the playoffs? Mike and Neal cover Tomlin, Big Ben, and even some off the field news. 

    It's the final 2015 chapter of Radio: PI on the Radio: PI Podcast Network. 

  • 01:28

    Radio: PI 12/16/15 with Josh Yohe

    in Hockey

    When the Pittsburgh Penguins hit their (current) peak of drama for the season, there's no one better to discuss it all than the Ayatollah of Asinine himself, Mike Asti. 

    Mike speaks with THE Josh Yohe, of DKPittsburghSports.com, to get the inside info on Mike Johnston's firing, Pascal Dupuis's retirement, and the trade of the always popular Rob Scuderi. 

    It's radio gold Pittsburgh Penguins talk on the Radio: PI Podcast Network. 

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    December 15: Heavy Is The Head That Wears The Crown

    in Sports

    The sports world is rarely butterflies, rainbows, and unicorns. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo bring you the best sports talk blended with asinine entertainment. 

    Major League Baseball has decided to uphold their ban on Pete Rose. Has Pete Rose suffered long enough? Should he welcomed back to baseball? Can their be a seperate argument for allowing Pete Rose in the Baseball Hall Of Fame, yet continuing his ban with MLB? Has the Pete Rose issue become too much about morals? Is there a connection between Pete Rose and steroid users? What is the future for Pete Rose? 

    Are the Carolina Panthers being disrespected, despite a run at history? Will even completing a 19-0 be enough to rank this Panthers team among the greatest teams in NFL history? 

    A favorite HBS topic of the past has returned to the show. The Dwightware is back! Dwight Howard is unhappy in Houston and wants a trade. Could the Miami Heat be a realistic trade partner? 

    Rajon Rondo goes too far with a ref and the Cubs and Giants battle for the National League offseason championship. 

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time.... 

  • 02:26

    December 5: U92 Alumni Marathon - "The Closers"

    in Sports

    Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti returned to his college radio home at West Virginia University, U92 (WWVU-FM). Kelen "BHyphen" Conley joined Mike to cap off an alumni marathon. 

    It was a sports talk/hip-hop tune filled edition of radio gold on the U92 airwaves. 

    Just call them The Closers, as they shocked the world, one day, at a time.... 

  • 01:15

    Radio: PI 12/10/15 with James Santelli

    in Baseball

    Even though the Penguins and Steelers are both currently in season, it's the Pirates making headlines. Mike Asti brings you a MLB hot-stove edition of more radio gold on the Pittsburgh Initiative airwaves.

    James Santelli, of WKBN Youngstown, joins Mike to discuss the recent moves around baseball, most notably the Pirates trading Pittsburgh kid Neil Walker to the Mets.

    Mike and James give their thoughts on the departure of one of the most beloved Pittsburgh sports figures, keeping in mind he's from here (eye roll).

    Pittsburgh Pirates talk on the Radio: PI Podcast Network.

  • 02:59

    December 9: Let The Headlines Burn

    in Sports

    Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo are always in full vigor mode and ready to wax poetic on all that's asinine.

    The MLB hot-stove has been really heating up lately. Are the Diamondbacks the new west favorites? Should the Dodgers have done more to keep Greinke? What are the Nationals doing? How much did the Cubs improve? Your favorite sports genius' look at Pittsburgh life after Neil Walker and if the Pirates franchise is acting in the best interest of winning.

    With the college football playoff field set, does Stanford have an argument for being left out? Who is the favorite to win the National Championship? Who is the dark horse pick?

    Both the NBA and NHL are enjoying impressive streaks. When (and will) Golden State lose? Is the 96' Bulls 72 wins record almost guaranteed to be broken? Does the wins record make the 2015-2016 Warriors the best NBA single season team ever?

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

  • 01:25

    Radio: PI 12/2/15 with Steel Dad

    in Football

    To unify PensInitiative.com with PittsburghSportsInitiative.com, Mike Asti welcomes an old podcast friend, Steel Dad, of SteelCityBlitz.com, on the airwaves.

    It's been a wild Steelers season to date. And with some recent drama over Big Ben's concussion and Mike Tomlin's inability to manage a clock, it's only going to keep getting more asinine as the playoff push continues.

    Tune in for some radio gold Pittsburgh Steelers talk on the Radio: PI Podcast Network.

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