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  • 01:15

    Radio: PI 11/18/15 with Andrew WK #PartyHard

    in Hockey

    It's time to party! Mike Asti, Nick Case and Paul Clemente are joined by Andrew WK on the PensInitiative airwaves. Andrew WK knows how to party, something the Pittsburgh Penguins realized by incorporating his classic "Party Hard" as a goal song during games at Consol.

    Let the partying rage on and be asinine on the Radio: PI Podcast Network!

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    November 18: Name Recognition

    in Sports

    Another week equals more craziness in college football. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo soak up all the asinine chaos better than anyone.

    Clemson remains at the top, but can will they even stay in the top four with a loss? Is Ohio State destined to lose a game? Does Oklahoma have an advantage no other Big 12 team has had in two years of the college football playoff rankings? Think. It's in their name (wink). How can Florida climb the standings? Mike continues to bang the Notre Dame drum.

    In somewhat shocking NBA news, the Rockets fired Kevin McHale as coach. Was this firing fair or foul? What is the Hall Of Famers future in the league? What could have triggered this abrupt move so early in the season? Do the Golden State Warriors have a legit shot at the 95-96 Chicago Bulls 72 wins record?

    While the season is about at its halfway point, there are still some teams waiting to get fully healthy. The Dallas Cowboys will finally see Tony Romo return. At 2-7, has the season already been lost or can Dallas benefit from a mediocre NFC East? Romo returns, as Manning exits. Could this injury mean the beginning of the end for the illustrious career of Peyton Manning? If Denver wins in Manning's absence, should the Broncos keep their declining all-time great on the bench?

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

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    Radio: PI 11/12/15 with Jon Rudder

    in Hockey

    Mike Asti does a personal throwback Thursday broadcast of sorts, welcoming one of his WVU colleagues. Jon Rudder, now of WEWS News Channel 5 in Cleveland, joins Mike for another edition of radio gold on the Pens Initiative airwaves.

    As always, asinine entertainment and analysis is promised.

    Jon Rudder also serves as a contributor with The Hockey Writers and is a former Pens Radio Network intern.

    Radio: PI on the Radio: PI Podcast Network.

  • 02:51

    November 12: The Power Of Solidarity

    in Sports

    When sports and social issues collide, things can surely get asinine. That's where Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo come in handy.

    On the campus of the University of Missouri racial tension sparked a hunger strike and protests by the football team. This was all fueled by wanting the school president to resign. In light of the protesting, now former Missouri President Tim Wolfe did decide to resign. Could this create a dangerous "slippery slope" effect? What does this say about the power of college athletes, especially football players? Is there more controversy ready to erupt with this story? A connection between recent social issues in the NFL is made.

    From drama for one college football team off the field, to drama on it. It's another edition of the college football playoff rankings. Did LSU drop too far after a loss to Alabama? Does Notre Dame deserve to be among the top four? Will the Big 12 be destined to be left out again? How should Iowa be properly viewed? Mike goes off on the hypocrisy of the committee.

    George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins continue their battle of immaturity and Kristaps Porzingis proves the critics wrong.

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

  • 01:30

    Radio: PI 10/30/15 with Rob Rossi

    in Hockey

    You may love him. You may hate him. You react to him. He's Rob Rossi, of Trib Total Media, 937 The Fan, and WPXI. 

    Mike Asti welcomes the fellow media heel to the PensInitiative airwaves for a main event of radio gold. 

    Radio: PI on the Radio Podcast Network via PensInitiative.com. 

  • 01:03

    Radio: PI 10/28/15

    in Hockey

    A Penguins victory over the Capitals deserves a post-game show. Mike Asti graces the PensInitiative airwaves for analysis and asinine entertainment. 

    Radio: PI via PensInitiative.com on the Radio: PI Podcast Network. 

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    October 27: Back To The Present

    in Sports

    Saying when the headlines are the most asinine, Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo are at their best is an understatement for the ages.

    Louisville's college basketball program has been in the news lately for an apparent prostitution ring at an on-campus dorm for recruits and players. How big of a deal is this exactly in context? Was Rick Pitino aware? If Pitino didn't know, should he have known?

    A new NBA season is here. Will LeBron James finish the job and break Cleveland's cursed title drought? Can Golden State repeat? Who are the true contenders in the stacked Western Conference? The Cavs or the field in the East? Could his former Heat team be LeBron's biggest threat to preventing the Cavs from returning to the NBA Finals?

    Back To The Future II's prediction did not come true, but we still have a World Series to play. What do we expect from the Royals and Mets? What type of history has already been made?

    Greg Hardy flipped out during another Cowboys loss while Big Ben is set to come back to the Steelers.

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

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    Radio: PI 10/20/15 with Josh Yohe

    in Hockey

    Wipe those tears away. Radio: PI is back for another entertaining (and asinine) season of broadcast gold! The Penguins season is young, but it's been a bumpy ride so far.

    Mike Asti drops the mic on episode 1 of the 2015-2016 edition of Pittsburgh Penguins hockey talk on the PensInitiative airwaves with familiar voice, Josh Yohe, of DKPittsburghSports.com.

    Radio: PI on the Radio: PI Podcast Network.

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    October 14: A War On Change

    in Sports

    It's one of "those" weeks. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo go wall to wall with everything asinine in the sports world.

    First, several coaches are out in college football. Steve Sarkisian was fired a day after being put on a leave of absence for conduct stemming from alcoholism. Where does USC go from here? How much blame should Athletic Director Pat Haden receive? What information about Sarkisian's past has now been uncovered? Mike compares to current state of USC Trojan football to where it was immediately following Pete Carroll's departure?

    It's also an end of an era at the other USC, South Carolina. Steve Spurrier has decided to resign in the middle of the season. Is this "quitting" or the right move for the program? What is Steve Spurrier's legacy? Will South Carolina ever be what it was under Spurrier again?

    Everyone had Charlie Strong fired at Texas last week. Did a big victory over rival Oklahoma save his job?

    Mike and George detail the Lamar Odom story. Stop the Lamar Odom "of the Kardashian Show" please. Lamar Odom, former NBA player and champion.

    Baseball's boring? You haven't been watching the 2015 MLB Postseason. In reference to the incredibly bizarre 7th inning of the ALDS between the Blue Jays and Rangers, are you not entertained?! Are the Royals the favorite to claim the AL pennant over Toronto? Will the Cubs curse strike or is this FINALLY the year? Was the Chase Utley situation handled properly? Who is a bigger threat, Dodgers or Mets?

    The Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

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    October 8: The Wild Card

    in Sports

    This episode of the Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show is a wild card, to say the least. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo take you on a wild podcast ride. 

    Major League Baseball's Wild Card Round has continued to spark heated debates. Does baseball need to readress the playoff format? Is it an issue when 98 and 97 win teams are playing each other in one game while teams with fewer wins are sitting at home already in the next round? What possible "fixes" are even realistic? Mike, in typical heel fashion, explains why making the Wild Card Game into a best of three series would actually put the division winners at a disadvantage. Why have the road teams had so much success? 

    Regardless of the Wild Card issue, the MLB postseason has moved to the division series. Can Jake Arrieta "pull a Bumgarner" and help break a century plus curse? Are the Cubs the new favorite to win the NL pennant? Will the Dodgers finally play to their potential, instead of constantly disappointing in October? Who is the favorite in the American League? Do the Astros and Rangers have a shot at disrupting the assumed AL colission course of an ALCS between Toronto and Kansas City? 

    We've already seen the coaching axe drop in the NFL. Miami has fired Joe Philbin. While this move was onvious and long overdue, where do the Dolphins go from here? Can Ndamukong Suh live up to his contract? Has Chip Kelly also put himself on the hotseat with the Eagles struggles? How does Chip Kelly's tenure in Philadelphia tie into a premiere college football program (cough, Texas)? 

    A new NHL season is here. Will the Patrick Kane drama and the loss of some key pieces point to the end of the Blackhawks dynasty? Phil Kessel is in Pittsburgh. Mike Babcock is in Toronto. It's only day two of another asinine season. 

    The HBS, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....

  • 02:59

    September 30: Falling To Drama

    in Sports

    Fall is here and an increase in sports drama is coming with the arrival of the new season on the calendar. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo turn the page to October. 

    As another Major League Baseball season comes to a close, the focus should be on the playoff positioning, right? Well don't ever underestimate something very asinine surpassing taking over the headlines. The Washington Nationals were supposed to be preparing for a run at a World Series. Instead, the Nats completed one of the most disappointing years in baseball history with one player choking another in the dugout. Jonathan Papelbon put both hands around the neck of the face of the franchise, Bryce Harper. What may triggered this asinine outburst from the superstar closer? Mike rants on the people somehow finding a way to blame Harper for this incident. Are the Nationals in store for a bumpy offseason? 

    Going into the postseason, it's now about winning baseball over asinine baseball. Angels, Astros, Rangers, or Twins, who will be left out? Is it the Blue Jays AL pennant to lose? How dangerous are the Astros? Should Royal fans be worried about coasting through the season? The Pirates had one of the best records in baseball, but are once again in the Wild Card Game. Does this speak to needing a change in the format? 

    Another week, another major injury in the NFL. Which star quarterback being out will hurt his team the most? Will an abundane of mostly averages teams allow teams dealing with key injuries to still win? Look at the New England Patriots schedule and find the loss. 

    Boom goes the Howitzer and Buzz-saw Show, conquering sports radio, one day, at a time....