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    Country /Pop Singer ASHLIE RAE

    in Music

    Ashlie Rae released her first CD with Lamon Records of Nashville on June 8th, 2010. You can find her music on Itunes, Amazon, & at www.lamonrecords.com.. Ashlie Rae has recorded a newly released single “ A Soldier's Love” and “ Undercover Cowgirl “ both written by: Robert Eaves and produced by Two Shades of country in the summer of 2011.
    Ashlie Rae is also a member of the Georgia Country Music & Gospel Association ,The Tennessee Country Music & Gospel Association and also performs show's with them throughout the year.

    In 2010, while competing in the state competitions, Ashlie Rae won Female Entertainer of the Year and Most Promising Female Vocalist of the Year. Ashlie Rae went on to compete on the National Level in March 2011 where she won 2nd place in both the same categories. In 2011, Ashlie went on to win Female Entertainer of the Year and Most Promising Vocalist for 2011 again and will be competing on the State Level in March 2012.    Her current project “Ashlie Rae and her Southern Boys” was formed within the Fall of 2011, after joining forces with fellow musicians and friends from Northwest Georgia..
    Ashlie Rae and her Southern boy's are currently booking shows and can be found almost anywhere on any given night in northwest Georgia. 

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    Transformed Traveler with Malana Ashlie...discovering vagabond tendencies

    in Lifestyle

    Malana Ashlie was born in a garage in Akron, Ohio. Of her five brothers only the youngest -twins- were born in the same place. Vagabond tendencies are in her blood. Her first book, "Gringos in Paradise: Our Honduras Odyssey" was meant to journal the adventures (and misadventures) of transitioning from sheltered US living into the lesser developed country of Honduras. When the book won a first place award it set a new course for her life.

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    Doing Business Better with Rae Jenkins

    in Lifestyle

    Listen to the 'real-time' concerns of some of the people I have conversations with about their money concerns. In this Q & A segment I'll answer 4 of the most frequent questions asked of me.

    Pt 1- How do I deal with the pressure of not enough money?

    Pt 2- How do I get 'more' money consistently?

    Pt 3- Why do I feel guilty about wanting more money?

    Pt 4- Why do I need more money when I have enough for my needs?

    Connect with Rae Jenkins outside of This Needs To Be Said by going to her site at: http://raejenkins.com/

    Rae takes a holistic approach with money.  Here is what she has to say: "Thru many money lessons I’ve learned  that it’s not hard to get the money you deserve.  Unfortunately we’re conditioned to think it’s hard; without a proper mindset and relationship with money you’ll always work hard for it. You will never attract what you chase . . . a lesson I learned the hard way. I, just like many, bought into the lies about money that kept me living beyond my means, in debt and running the rat race. Until I found out how to make money work for me . . . until I developed a right relationship with money.  It’s my policy to be honest with you, so I have to say, “freedom from a dysfunctional relationship with money requires a commitment!”


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    GODTalk: The New Religion of 'Chrislam' w/ Debra Rae & Audrey Russo

    in Christianity

    What is 'Chrislam'? - today we'll give the unpolitically correct information - as Debra Rae and Audrey Russo join Sharon to discuss the rise of 'Chrislam,' the mixture of Islam and Christianity that is increasing in America. We'll give the who, what, where and how of this subtle movement into some mainstream churches, and acknowledgement of some 'emergent' leaders today; what the concerns are, and the consequences of its acceptance. 

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    How to Be a Money Magnet in 2015, With Morgana Rae

    in Marketing

    Does Money Love You?
    Or is your relationship with money a mess?

    Morgana Rae is here to help you figure that out.

    International wealth coach Morgana Rae walks you through six time-tested steps to turn your personal Money Monster of scarcity into a Money Honey of abundance. “Your financial situation reflects your inner Relationship with Money,” says Rae. “If you don’t like your finances, something has to change in your relationship” and Rae shows how to jumpstart that transformation.

    “When you imagine your money as a real, flesh and blood person, worthy of your deepest admiration, you embark on an amazing, love-at-first-sight affair of the heart. Pennies on the ground are like chocolates on your pillow,” says Rae. “I’ve had people report that within hours of hearing my talk, they’ve received unexpected money – tens of thousands of dollars or more!” (read their stories at www.alchemysuccess.com).


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    Welcome to Damaged Daughters with Rae Lewis-Thornton interviewed by Mary Trinity

    in Women

    Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network

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    CBBN Business Journals


    Emmy Award Winner Aids Activist Ms. Rae Lewis-Thornton on this 4th Episode of Surviving the Biological Bitch with Ms.  Mary Trinity the host and producer of Damaged Daughters.

    Listen to the first segment here on CBBN Business Journals.


    Welcome to Our Damaged Daughters as Mary Trinity interviews Rae Lewis-Thorton, who was the first African-American women to share her story of about living with Aids on the cover of a magazine.  (Essence December 1994 Edition.)

    Prepare to hear her painful story of abuse as a child and growing up as part of a dysfunctional family.

    What about your damaged heart? 

    Maybe damaged mothers produce damaged daughters? 

    Can we fix them?  Can we fix us?

    We encourage you to share your experiences and leave your questions on this page. 

    We guarantee that this broadcast will pull at heart strings you thought long dead. 

    Time to wake up and heal.

    Ms. Sonja Cassandra Perdue

    Executive Producer

    Chicago's Black Business Radio Network.com


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    Relationship Q&A: Intimate Realness with Meka Rae & Renair

    in Relationships

    Welcome to third episode of the year of Intimate Realness with Meka Rae and Renair. This has been a great year so far but not without it's pits falls and challenges when it comes to relationships. Even though Valentines Day was just last month many couples are experiencing issues and concerns that we would love to help with! Even if you are single but have relationship concerns please don't hesitate to seen your questions to us so we may address your concerns.

    You may send your questions to mekanrae@gmail.com and we'll answer your questions on air.

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    Shana Rae (Actress and Scream Queen) & Bob Myers (Film Producer)

    in Film

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Actress and Scream Queen Shana Rae AND Film Producer Bob Myers to the show. 

    Shana Rae www.imdb.com/name/nm3238906
    Bob Myers www.imdb.com/name/nm0616652

    Tonight, Shana Rae and Bob Myers, will be discussing the Business and Art of  Independent Film and their current Projects.

    Tonight's episode is sponsored by Garnet Films

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    NCAA Final Four Preview Show - Duke vs MSU & Kentucky vs Wisconsin

    in Sports

    Finally the Final Four is set with four great programs and legendary coaches: Duke vs. Michigan State and Kentucky vs. Wisconsin. We will look at how these teams won their Elite 8 games. We will then preview the Final Four matchups. Can Kentucky wrap up a magical season and go 40-0? Is there a chance of an all Big Ten title game? Also, who is the best coach: Coach K, Tom Izzo, John Calipai or Bo Ryan? Next we look at the NBA Playoff seeds and who can make it in the East. Who is your MVP Curry, Harden, James or Westbrook? Join us to talk sports at 6PM ET. Call in to the show: 718-664-9098. @RaeAndTayToday www.RaeAndTayToday.com


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    NCAA March Madness - Down to the Elite 8

    in Sports

    Let's hoop it up as the NCAA Men's Tournament is down to the Elite 8.  We have a #7 seed in Michigan State as well as three #1 seeds (Kentucky, Duke and Winsconsin) in the Elite 8.  We will talk busted brackets and who will advance to the Final Four. Will Kentucky cut down the nets with a perfrect 40-0 record? We will also discuss legendary coaches still left in the tournament.  Come join us at 12:00pm ET.  Call in at: 718-664-9098. @RaeAndTayToday  www.RaeAndTayToday.com   

  • FREE PSYCHIC READINGS with Psychicjenniferrae SoulReader

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