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  • Let it Ride or Pump Yo Brakes

    in Indie Music

    On today's Episode we will be listening and going over the mixtape Dawn by Spoken hope you enjoy and feel free to call in and let use no

    Let it Ride or Pump yo Brakes 

    This is my first OFFICIAL project that is FREE. The sole plot of the mixtape is to remember how the Dawn of the day can be the most beautiful time of the day and that spiritually God creates us in the middle of it all. Whether we choose to stay or become light or dark, that's the decision we make as believers. 1 Peter 2:9.https://soundcloud.com/spokin/sets/dawn-mixtape

    In a city full of depression and musical inspiration, "Spokin" rose to the occasion. Born JeVo'n Jones, It all started at the age of 7 when he was in his fathers studio. This is where he first played a piano and started to sing. Throughout the years he eventually got his own keyboard that recorded 8 tracks and started to play songs by ear. In his teenage years he grew up in a rough area, only to be pushed back in his mind which caused him to start writing Songs and free-styling all day long. Not knowing Jesus in his gang filled community it was tough, until grace abound at 16. At that age he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Trying to become more productive and involved in Church ministry, the community still was distorting the message of Christ. Being confused for many years, he ventured out into the world doing secular music, becoming a threat to other artists. From diss tracks to battle rap, clubs to parties, Spokin didn't seem to have much life in his walk towards destruction, until grace abounded even more. Losing all of his necessities, the Lord had stripped him of his pride at the age of 22.

  • Let it Ride or Pump Yo Brakes

    in Indie Music

    SysteMatic Young Lyricist Among Dis Other Nonesense

    Born Jerrold Michael McWilliams originally from California now residing in Minnesota has had music a part of his life before birth. S.M.Y.L.A.D.O.N. did not aspire to be a musician, music called to him and he has answered. God, family, you, hip hop, and then himself. His lyrics are raw, truthful, and relevant to all men and women regardless age or race and will remain so as long as people go through. Speaking in a language that people can understand to reach them where ever they are in their walk, and motivating them to keep pressing. He has a way of making the listener actively engage and examine self and the world around them by masterfully blending God, politics, and social issues. Short and sweet, all glory to God for giving and allowing me to use this gift to further his kingdom and minister to the hearts and minds of his children saved or unsaved. "A higher power gave me the skill to rap divine and go hard so if i quit rhyming then i wouldn't be in compliance with God..." (S.M.Y.L.A.D.O.N.)





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    The Only Baby Guide You'll Ever Need: with guest Cheryl Petran of Pump Station

    in Lifestyle

    15 minute interview with Pump Station CEO Cheryl Petran about NEW digital parenting resource with@KidsInTheHouse 

    More links, deals and special events at MomAngeles.com now! Connect with us on Twitter anytime with your comments or questsions for our radio guests! Just hashtag #MommyMonday??


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    The Pump & Dump Show, Musical Comedy Duo

    in Moms and Family

    Comedian/musician Shayna Ferm and her sidekick, MC Doula (aka Tracey Tee), host this highly irreverent, cult-hit show full of comedy, games, prizes, drinking, swearing and parental commiseration. Live musical performances are spread throughout the evening with songs like “Eat Your F-ing Food,” and “When I Die, I Want to Come Back as a Dad.” Audience participation includes “Stump the Breeder” and “The Most F-ed Up Thing Your Kid Did This Week.”  Conceived (pun intended) in Denver, Colorado in 2012, this show will make you laugh your c-section scar open.

    The Expressing Motherhood podcast aims to highlight creative moms. If you are interested in being interviewed please email host/producer/co-creator Lindsay Kavet: lindsay(at)expressingmotherhood.com

  • Daytime after dark welcomes martha byrne from Weight.and as the world turns

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    She played the role of Lily Walsh Snyder on the soap opera As the World Turns from 1985 to 1989, then again from 1993 to 2008; as well as, from 2000 to 2003, Lily's twin sister, Rose D'Angelo. Byrne has also appeared in other stage, television and movie roles,Lily Walsh Snyder on the soap opera As the World Turns from 1985 to 1989, then again from 1993 to 2008; as well as, from 2000 to 2003, Lily's twin sister, Rose D'Angelo. Byrne has also appeared in other stage, television and movie roles,Lily Walsh Snyder on the soap opera As the World Turns from 1985 to 1989, then again from 1993 to 2008; as well as, from 2000 to 2003, Lily's twin sister, Rose D'Angelo. Byrne has also appeared in other stage, television and movie roles, and also GH and her now show the Weight




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    Episode 44: As The Pro Wrestling World Turns

    in Entertainment

    It's Monday night and we have another installment of the HA pod for them ears. Kick back and enjoy as the boys bring to you your weekly eargasm with segments like ANGRY RANTS, MANLY NEWS, Kayfabe NEWS & much more.

    If you have any questions and or comments, please feel free to email them to us at theHApod@gmail.com. Make sure to entitle it MY 2 CENTS or you can call us on Monday night at 347-677-1767 and let your voice be heard.

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    Dump the Pump Thursday

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    Thumb your nose at the petro-chemical industry today. Walk, ride a bike, or take the bus, and have a picnic. It's International Picnic Day! And for you ladies, we have National Splurge Day, plus a whole lot more. Listen in to find out.

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    jrilshow: Something Strange that Turns you on?

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    Welcome to the Wednesday Edition of the jrilshow!!!! Tonight We asking everyone the QOD:  Name something strange that turns you on?  Should be a fun show plus "The ride into to work...Surius Edition", curious, turn into the Listening Lounge TONIGHT on the Wednesday Edition of the jrilshow!!!

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    Tracy King at Lunch with DriveThruHR

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    Tracy King @TracyInspired Director of Education with IHRIM drops by @DriveThruHR to talk about her journey. “From failure we learn. From failures, successes are born.” We don't speak of failure very often at work or on social media but it is from failure that learning and innovation arise. We’ve all made a bad choice or decision in our careers that didn’t turn out as we had planned, but we have all learned and grown from that experience. Daily on DriveThruHR, we explore the themes of failure, learning and success. Join us and our guests as we share these stories of failure that turns into learning and professional growth every day at 12:00 pm Central Time. The radio program is hosted by @williamtincup @Thehrbuddy @TheOneCrystal & @MikeVanDervort -- DriveThruHR is the #1 HR podcast, with amazing HR conversations and follow us on the twitters at @drivethruhr and #dthr


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    Law enforcement in America is the only terrorist group black people care about. Through their brute violence toward the public they have created condition in which the people feel the only option to survive is to attack the predator that's killing their children. Is this why the pink elite is scared of the future? What happens when the tide turns? Who will protect pink emparialism when there is no more plantation just a field of angry ex slaves? There is no tomorrow for the wicked.

  • Harms' Way Ep. 39: What Did You Think Was Going to Happen?

    in News

    It appears to be open season on police officers in America. Kanye West announces 2020 Presidential bid. Join the show to hear Ryan's comments on all of the nonsense from this week. Plus, Ryan turns his political attacks to the Democrats. All this and much, MUCH more!

    Don't forget to stay out of Harms' Way!

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