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    LaTara Thompkins - Founder and Artistic Director of N.I.A. Kids Center

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    LaTara Thompkins is the Founder and Artistic Director of N.I.A. Kids Center for the Performing Arts.   LaTara founded this organization to address the concern and need to provide productive activities for youth in the community to help transform their free time from a threat to their safety and security into opportunities to participate in enriching, life-changing programs. 


    LaTara is the product of a family of singers, musicians, and performers.  As with many singers, LaTara got her start in performing by singing with the church choir.  Her involvement as a youth and young singer allowed opportunities that developed her as a leader and songstress.  Her vocal training has allowed her opportunities to perform as a lead soloist and performer.  She has recorded with local gospel artists and is a founding member of the local gospel group, “Devotion.”  She continues to use her vocal talent to train and develop young singers.


    As the Founder of N.I.A. Kids, LaTara continues to use her creativity to implement programs and opportunities for youth to get formal training in a variety of artistic disciplines.  She oversees a strong, artistic team and has successfully produced several outstanding theatrical productions.  Through the programs of N.I.A. Kids, LaTara continues to use her gifts to Nurture Inspire and Affirm all of the children that are blessed to cross her path.


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    Conscious Youth Global Network: Artistic Expression

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    Listen in to Conscious Youth Global Network Radio as we discuss, "Artistic Expression: Why is it important ? ", along with CYGN Youth Council Member and guest host Nayali Lopez-Spears, we explore the perspectives of two incredible artists of Mixed-Media and Hip-Hop. Energy Ausar and Image (aka Ryan) gives us a bold and introspective view into how society contributes to the inspiration behind the art. 

    Image R. Bolton is a mixed media artist who has spent over 7 years sharing his gifts by teaching art to children in urban schools across Los Angeles, utilizing “upcycled” materials actively in the curriculum. Currently, Image is attending Otis School of Art and Design to expand his craft, while creating art, growing his business, and experiencing more life. His business is Perpetual Design Labs, which a creative contracting company also known as a design house.

    NnerG Asar is a 'self-styled hood dignitary. The Tall graceful brother is a Tutsi descendant who grew up here in America. He is a independent scholar, teacher, community activist, author, musician and dedicated husband and father. NnerG (pronounced Energy) currently runs the "House of Annu" Research Center and Society for the Remembrance of the Legacy of the Earths first Civilizers...Anu. He is also a charted formal International Member of the AKF (Afrakan Kingdoms Federation head by Her Imperial Majesty Queen of Sheba II) He can be contacted at: 310-988-3659 or thehouseofannu@yahoo.com. 

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    Exploring South Africa's artistic side

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    World Footprints revisits South Africa to explore the country that Nelson Mandela built. Our journey will take us through the world of fine art and will focus on the transformative power of art with Martin Britz, President and Founder of Soweto Fine Art, will join us from Johannesburg to talk about his personal journey from an Afrikaner military officer to a champion for black South African artists. Martin will share some unique insights into the people, culture, and South African society today; and he’ll talk about his quest to promote and empower the diverse people on the African continent and expose its art treasures to the world. Then we’ll travel back to Maryland for a visit to Galerie Myrtis to chat with several prominent art collectors who gathered to discuss the topics of cultural preservation through art collecting, connoisseurship and philanthropy. Based in Baltimore, Galerie Myrtis features works by African, African-American and emerging artists with a mission to utilize the visual arts to raise awareness for artists who deserve recognition for their contributions in artistically portraying our historic and cultural landscape; and recognize art movements that paved the way for freedom of artistic expression.

  • "Selma." History, Artistic License, The Struggle Today & The Absence of Artists

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    We in Luqman Nation saw and enjoyed the movie "Selma."  We've been watching the response to the movie in socila media, and we're interested in the dichotomy of the reactions.  On the one hand, you have folks who take issue with the innacurately portrayed releationship between MLK and LBJ.  On the other hand you hvae folks who take issue with the innacurately perceived "passivity" of the Movement itself.  And in the middle you have an amazing movie that does take some artistic license here and there, but stays true to the significance of Selma.

    We'll try to talk about some of the socia issues faced during the time of Selma that we are STILL facing today.

    And we'll talk about how popular artists aren't weighing in on the discussion.  What's up with that?

    Come join us tonight in Luqman Nation!

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    Interview with Zakiya Alta Lee Owner/artistic director of Z Pro Prep

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    I will be joined about the beautiful, spirit-led and talented Zakiya Alta Lee as she talks about her brand new venture Z Pro Prep. And along with that she'll be talking about how Z Pro Prep is aligned with her calling, what were some challenges she faced and what motivated her to keeping going. It is going to be amazing make sure you tune in

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    Mother of 2 artistic children to be praised!

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    Shewanda Hayes was born in Columbia, Lousiana, she is the wife of Pastor Kent Hayes and mother to Christopher, cameron and Cayden, She has a Bachelor of Arts and Science Degree in Christian Ministry and Education. She is an educator and advocator for all special needs persons, especially those affected by Austism. She is the Elect lady of Highest Praise Church of Irving  and a friend to all she meets. Being the mother of two artistic children of her own she knows the ends and outs of the daily routine that many parents experience. Let her be the one to offer that special caring hand to you and you children. She is  currently in the early staged of writing her book regarding her life and experience as a mother of autistic son's and developing an after school program for children with special needs. 

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    Men Weave

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    Welcome to Beauty Chat Radio 

    Men Wearing Weaves

    This evening we will discuss ""Men wearing weave" with Michael A. Wray. As you guys know I love serfing Social Network for talents. Well when I saw the creation of Men wearing weave by, Michael it instantly gave me a feeling of passion for hairstyling again, I having done hair in almost 2 years. Please join us to learn about this exciting opportunity for hair professional.


    About Michael A. Wray:

    Michael A. Wray II realized early in life his artistic talent. Being the grandson of two beautician grandmothers, Michael Wray, as people affectionately call him by both his first and last names, seemingly has it in his genetic composition to be a hairstylist. Practicing his raw talent throughout his youth, after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Communication Studies, Michael Wray finally decided to professionally follow his passion and received training for cosmetology through Paul Mitchell the School.  His artistic ability has provided great opportunities for him such as working with L’Oreal, lending his unique ethnic hair care and styling expertise to the brand of Softsheen Carson, as a Style Squad member, educator, and presenter.  Wray’s skill to style hair to reflect his client’s persona, ideal, or imagination has made him sought after and appreciated by celebrities and notorieties. Michael A. Wray II gives new unique definition to his exquisite hair artistry; it’s called “Wraydiant.”



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    142-Scrounge & or Assemblage is an artistic process

    in Art

    Annette Coleman & Suzanne Frazier host & Claudia Rouiler & Maureen Hearty cohost: 

    Scrounge & or Assemblage is an artistic process. In the visual arts-t consists of making three-dimensional or two-dimensional artistic compositions by putting together found objects.  

    Join us as we talk about the process unique to assemblage artists.


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    An Artist Speaks Season 4 Episode 4 with Guest Shannon Celia

    in Art

    Hear this exclusive interview with artist Shannon Celia and host Michael Harris as they discuss her art, motivation and her artistic techniques.  

    Shannon has been painting professionally for about 8 years in oil and lately, she’s been concentrating on her favorite theme of seascapes and boats. Since she’s been doing this, Shannon has won four awards since January, which confirms her belief that we should follow our passions when creating. Shannon lives in the Conejo Valley of Southern California and is a member of various local art associations such as the juried Thousand Oaks Art Association, The Buenaventura Art Association and the Westlake Village Art Guild.

    “My passion is painting contemporary seascapes created in oil, using palette knives with a focus on color, mood, texture and light. I believe that seeing the world through an artist's lens is a gift, so I celebrate by observing, contemplating and painting the subtle details!”

    To read the CAGO Newsletter, visit www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com and click on the CAGO Media tab. On this page you will find our radio shows, videos and newsletters.

    Contemporary Art Gallery Online continues each month with their monthly art competitions and exhibitions.  Go to www.ContemporaryArtGalleryOnline.com, and Click on the Art Competition tab for details.

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    Saturday Tea w/Hip Hop Entrepreneur Andre Rainey of Noo Moves Entertainment

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    Displaying an artistic maturity beyond his 31 years, Andre Rainey – better known as Noodle Noo – is leaving his mark on the music industry, sparking a much-needed resurrection for positive and inspirational Hip Hop. Born in New York but having travelled from a young age, Noodle has been greatly inspired by the cultural and artistic diversity that has always surrounded him..., which in turn is reflected in his unique brand of music.
    Living proof that we are not defined by the obstacles we face but rather how we overcome them, Noodle was determined not to let difficulties (personal or professional) stand between him and the dream he’s worked so tirelessly to pursue. Displaying his characteristic drive, passion and ambition, the talented emcee’s popularity with promoters, fellow artists and d. j.’s alike is only tribute to his outstanding work ethic. This extremely hard-working nature has allowed Noodle to perfect his craft, most notably his versatile rhyming style.

    The leader, motivation, entrepreneur and more is here to improve the world with a better balance of positivity and inspiration. Creating a lane of his own, he’s preparing to drop his sophomore album ‘Live-N-Learn’ early 2015.




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    Trina Parks: Consummate Triple Threat Entertainer /1st Black James Bond Girl

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    How does Trina Parks achieve Greatness?

    Join us for An Interview with Trina Parks: 

    Trina Parks:  Consummate Triple Threat Entertainer / 1st Black James Bond Girl  

    Trina Parks:  Consummate Entertainer, Creative writer, Director, Artistic director, Choreographer and Stage director / The 1st Black James Bond 007 Girl,

    Trina Parks first made Black History in 1972 as the 1st Black James Bond Girl in the movie ‘Diamonds Are Forever, basically saving the James Bond Franchise which saw loses from the two prior movies. Diamonds are Forever made $116,000,000 dollars worldwide in 1972.

    Today,Trina Parks continues to be more than a Triple Threat as the Consummate Entertainer…

    Trina Parks is the Artistic director, creator, writer, choreographer, stage director of the Original production Black and Brown Anthology  first performed in 2012

    Trina is also the Founder and Choreographer of  PUSH’ET formally known as the Palm Spring’s Historical Dance Theater.

    Manager Robert Walker: 404.254.7539

    Listen. Talk. Learn. Act.  Call in 347.855.8603.  You may also join us in the chat room.

    Phyllis Austin:  www.phyllisaustin.com
    The National Parent Education Center:  www.TNPEC.org
    Household DNA Parenting Pyramid:   www.householddnaparentingpyramid.com
    Household DNA:  www.householddna.com

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