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    CAFE ENCOURAGEMENT-An Artistic Quickie

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    Tune in to this artistic quickie from Author, poet, founder of Cafe Encouragement, Blog Talk Radio Host of Cafe Encouragement Radio, and Founder of Encouragement Is Key, James W. Falcon.

    Celebrate the strength of African-American Women in this fitting Black History Month tribute as James performs his latest poem entitled, "Out Of Her Name, Out Of Her Mind."


    For more information on Cafe Encouragement, Cafe Encouragement Radio, Encouragement Is Key or James W. Falcon, visit James at: http://encouragementiskey.blospot.com/

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    LaTara Thompkins - Founder and Artistic Director of N.I.A. Kids Center

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    LaTara Thompkins is the Founder and Artistic Director of N.I.A. Kids Center for the Performing Arts.   LaTara founded this organization to address the concern and need to provide productive activities for youth in the community to help transform their free time from a threat to their safety and security into opportunities to participate in enriching, life-changing programs. 


    LaTara is the product of a family of singers, musicians, and performers.  As with many singers, LaTara got her start in performing by singing with the church choir.  Her involvement as a youth and young singer allowed opportunities that developed her as a leader and songstress.  Her vocal training has allowed her opportunities to perform as a lead soloist and performer.  She has recorded with local gospel artists and is a founding member of the local gospel group, “Devotion.”  She continues to use her vocal talent to train and develop young singers.


    As the Founder of N.I.A. Kids, LaTara continues to use her creativity to implement programs and opportunities for youth to get formal training in a variety of artistic disciplines.  She oversees a strong, artistic team and has successfully produced several outstanding theatrical productions.  Through the programs of N.I.A. Kids, LaTara continues to use her gifts to Nurture Inspire and Affirm all of the children that are blessed to cross her path.


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    You are NOT Special - ARTISTIC WARFARE

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    We get the notion growing up that there’s something special about us. That our uniqueness is special and that somehow we’re better than we are. The fact is that this way of thinking stops your betterment. In this episode we discuss how we should stop thinking and relying we’re special and instead focus on working hard. Here’s the episode and don’t forget to subscribe:
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    Understanding Women’s Emotion - ARTISTIC WARFARE

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    If you think you understand women’s emotions, you’re absolutely wrong. The complexity of the female mind and her expanding connection to her ever-changing feelings will make it nearly impossible to predict, let alone understand. In this episode I discuss a bit of how to try to understand a woman’s emotion. This a follow-up to my earlier article, How to Deal with Women’s Feelings and Emotions. These aren’t fool-proof tips, but merely an attempt to living in peace with the feminine sex. Here’s the episode and make sure you subscribe on iTunes for more.
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    A Moment with Christopher Dean Sullivan of Artistic Resolutions To Education

    in Education

    Christopher Dean Sullivan is the Program Director of A.R.T.E. (Artistic Resolutions To Education).  A.R.T.E. conducts artistic activities for 2nd through 8th grades and adult programs. 

    Module I  - Psychology of Sound and Vibrations

    Understanding how behavior is affected through the Psychology of Sound and Vibration. We will be discussing how this has, and continues to impact the youth, parents and teachers, as well as the general public. Come to understand how various stimuli affect the thought process that brings about particular behavior during the growth and learning cycle, and how it develops into the subliminal attributes into adulthood.

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    I Need to Get Back in Shape - ARTISTIC WARFARE

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    I’ve been kicking it hard the last few years with bare minimum exercise and eating whatever I want, when I want. In my mind I want to change, but my actions say different. In this The Keu Reyes Project Podcast episode I reveal my plan regarding getting back in shape. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast in iTunes.
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    Is Kasinova Lying About Tupac? - ARTISTIC WARFARE

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    Recently I was able to interview Kasinova Tha Don, you can listen to that interview here. Here in this podcast episode I breakdown what I thought of that interview. Don’t forget to subscribe to this podcast in iTunes.
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    How to Deal With Disappointment - ARTISTIC WARFARE

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    Dealing with disappointment is part of life. It’s important to not take the “I’m a victim” route, and instead look for the opportunity in life’s setbacks. In this episode we talk a bit about how to get this done. Listen to the episode here and make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.
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    Walk the Walk with Confidence - ARTISTIC WARFARE

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    Walking with a confident demeanor actually makes you feel more confident. Walking with a purpose will change your mood and you’ll make powerful impressions. When you walk with your head up and you emanate confident energy, people have no choice but to get out of your way. In this episode we talk about how to walk that confident walk. Listen to the episode here and make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes:
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    Becoming Focused in 2015 - ARTISTIC WARFARE

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    Life is full of distractions. Becoming focused on one thing is one of the hardest things to do, but if you can master it, you’ll be on your way to success. Procrastination takes over sometimes and if you have too many plans, then you can say goodbye to your goals. New year’s resolutions hardly work. It’s better to have a daily resolution to accomplish your goals. Check the podcast:
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    How to Find Inspiration - ARTISTIC WARFARE

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    Inspiration is all around us, but there are times that are hard to find it. The difference between finding inspiration and being creative, or just thinking the opposite is all in your own personal routine. In this episode we talk about how to find inspiration when you need it. Listen to the episode here:
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