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    Artisan Spirits and the California State Assembly

    in Food

    An incredible trend in the Artisan Food movement is the burgeoning market for Craft Distilleries. California is in the midst of a rapidly devloping local food boom, but lacks many of the laws and policies to help these businesses flourish. A group of Artisan Craft Distillers in the State of California has recently banded together to help write legislation on the state level to allow this to happen. We will have an interview with California Artisinal Distillers Guild President, and Napa Valley Distillery Owner Harhur Hartunian who will describe his art, and the "Taste California" Assembly Bill 933 which will allow tasting rooms for these unique products.

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    Reawaken the Artisan in You

    in Goals

    Today Arthur will share ideas on how you can become the artisan of your life.  You can accomplish great things when you are aware that you have the talent to create and accomplish whatever you set your heart to. If you are not happy with your current circumstances and experiences become the artisan of your own life and give yourself a makeover.  Connect with your true essence, reconnect with your own wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  Be the powerhouse of creative energy which leads to the fulfillment of your dreams.

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    planet ZOO presents: JIB ARTISAN

    in Radio

    hello planet ZOO radio 

    this thursday july 3rd 7pm pacific 9pm central and 10 pm eastern 

    we go live with unreleased tracks from DAGO'S finest..

    PLUS we have a up close and personal with JIB ARTISAN you wont want to miss!!!

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    Tasha Cox of Village Artisan joins GetRealLive

    in Lifestyle

    GetRealLive is in full support of International Day of the Girl. For weeks we have been sharing #grlpower Turn Up the Volume and today all the conversations, the posts and the combined efforts of many of us come together to talk, to celebrate and to use our voices to proclaim that THIS IS NOT OKAY!   Day 2 and Our guests today are:   Co Founder of the not for profit organisation Village Artisan, Tasha Cox joins Susan & Nicole to not only talk about International Day of the Girl and #grlpower Turn Up the Volume and the work their organisation does in India.   At Village Artisan they believe that it is possible to make a difference. They share an appreciation for the beauty of traditional crafts, yet have a conscience regarding their environment and the people who live in it. The beauty and uniqueness of these products are a result of many handicraft traditions practiced in India and passed down from generation to generation.   Plus we have Jane Kennedy, founder of A Girl and Her World, joining us to host this live conversation. Jane brings so much depth in this arena, not only does she run an amazing organisation, she also works for an Aid and Humanitarian organisation so her world is full of understanding and bringing solutions to the table.  

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    Artisan Studios and Specialty Shopping with Rebecca Bricker

    in Design

    Rebecca Bricker re-joins me on the show to talk about her wonderful Artisan Studios and Specialty Shopping experiences in Florence.

    Rebecca, now a local in Florence, spends her days seeking out the Italian dream of experiences authentic artisan shops and delivering the finest the Florence has to offer.

    Imagine a glass of wine with an authentic sculptor, jewelery maker, paper maker, tassle maker, or art restorer?  

    These tucked away gems come to life with Rebecca and she graces the airwaves with me to share how and why she chose to focus on Artisan Florence.

    Visit http://rebeccabricker.com/travel-with-me/florence

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    The Business Forum Show (TBFS Radio)- with Gary Grimms - Artisan Design Build

    in Business

    Welcome to The Business Forum Show! Join Kevin Hunter, David Ford, and Jeff O’Brien weekdays on Blog Talk Radio, and on www.Live365.com/thebizforumshow.

    We discuss the nuts and bolts of good business systems and help you discover how you can have the mind of a champion in business. We feature guests on the show in 4 ways: in one of our Minneapolis-St. Paul studios, remote Expo events, via Skype connection, or call-in. Have questions or comments? Call The Business Forum Show today at 763-267-7260.

    Our guest on today's show is Gary Grimms from Artisan Design Build Inc. You can find information on Artisan Design Build online at www.artisandbinc.com or call the office at (763) 781-5752.

    Why tune in? The Business Forum Show is business talk radio at its finest! TBFS is on a mission to help more businesses survive in today’s difficult economy. We teach you the attitudes necessary for survival and give you a steady diet of thought provoking and innovative ideas to help bolster your success. 

    Every day we witness the sweat, blood, and tears that owners have invested in their companies. Perhaps more importantly, we’ve seen some of the most unique companies, run by some of the most amazing business owners, many of whom are breaking all the ‘traditional rules’ of business. Do you have any idea what unreasonable limits you might have you placed on your own success? It’s time to find out. Tune in today!

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    DDIJ Live at Jersey Artisan Distilling!

    in Fun

    DDIJ will be live at Jersey Artisan Distilling this Sunday for a party to celebrate a Huge Announcement for the future of DDIJ! Listen in to find out what that announcement is. Also we will have Special Guests..The Huge Return of Pops..Yes he lives!!! Drinking Word of the day..Salute to Andre the Giant..Push-ups for Glory!! and The Gang Bang Chant!!!..So grab your favorite sunday drink..turn your speakers all the way up and lets turn Sunday Funday X-Rated!...Tune in and Drink on!!

  • Feeding Spirit with Brenda Morey

    in Spirituality

    Brenda Morey is a natural born Psychic Medium who is very passionate about her abilities, and is blessed to be able to share them with others. Brenda offers professional psychic, mediumship and tarot card readings. Brenda is also in the process of working towards teaching classes on psychic abilities, runs an online group called Spiritual Entrepreneurs Supporting One Another, is a skilled jewelry artisan, and is also in the beginning stages of writing her first book, "Journey to my Soul."




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    Vavavida and How Jewelry Can Change The World

    in Business

    Vavavida is a line of ethically made fashion jewelry items that give back. We only retail ethically made pieces of gorgeous high-quality hand crafted artisan jewelry from all over the world. But we don’t stop there because 10% of our revenues goes to non-profit organizations such as Project Concern International where our investments go to help empower women around the globe. When you empower a woman, you empower a community.

    Vavavida was founded after a long conversation between Antoine and Dan --two of the co-founders-- seeing eye-to-eye about things that could be done in the world to enrich people’s lives. Vavavida was created to help prevent events like the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza sweatshop from happening again. If Vavavida can be part of the conversation in proving that healthy profits don’t have to come at the expense of the mistreating of other human beings, we will have won our “Fair Fashion Coup.”

    Antoine Didienne is the president of Vavavia.com, an ethical and unique fashion and accessories retailer that focuses on empowering women, fighting poverty and creating change in the fashion industry.

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    Snake Oil Radio/ Michael Teachings Introduction

    in Spirituality

    ost Jim Ventura (professional Navigational consultant - Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, Animal cards etc...) is the author of two metaphysical books, YouTube videos and does local and Skype seminars and classes on many different metaphysical subjects. Snake Oil is Jim's monthly blog column. Snake Oil radio is a forum for discussion of a wide range of metaphysical subjects with a primary focus on how everyone can learn to fine tune their unique intuitive abilities and skills. Callers may call in toward the end of Jim’s show with questions or comments and some shows include 5 minute free mini navigational consultations (today's show will not get to live calls).
    Todays Show: Michael Teachings Introduction.


    * What is your soul age? The soul age of friends and family ?

    * How do past lifetimes influence us in the present ?

    * What does karma feel like, and how does it work ?

    * How does your chief negative feature impact your life, and can it be changed?

    * What is your life goal? Is it dominance, submission, acceptance, discrimination, growth, re-evaluation, or flow?

    *What is your essence, your soul mate’s essence ? Artisan, priest, king, server, sage, warrior or scholar ?

    * What is a soul mate, task companion, heart link ?

    * What do the higher centers feel like?

    What is the Michael teachings?

    Michael teaches us what the components of the personality are so that we can learn to use and see these components in ourselves and in others. In that way we can learn to understand why human beings behave as they do. Michael is composed of 1,050 individual Essences who have lived on the physical plane and now teach from another plane. One of the most basic and important principles of the teaching is that it is not a religion or a belief system. 

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    in Spirituality

    Suzanne Rose Lubkowski is a heart-based energy healer, sage and oracle, transformative coach, change agent and the founder of Empowering Serenity Intuitive Life Coaching. She uses powerful spiritual processes to help her clients gain self-awareness, deep security and achieve greater balance in their lives. One of her clients said, "Suzanne is a true artisan. She has the coaching chops and the intuition to get to the core of what is going on with you. She doesn't settle for superficial, and keeps gently and persistently digging until she hits gold."

    Empowering Serenity, located in the Washington, D.C. area, supports clients worldwide and offers holistic life coaching that allows life-changing shifts and manifests positive outcomes with joy and expectancy. With Empowering Serenity, you can soar like a butterfly, one shift at a time! Suzanne can be a guide for soul mate and twin flame relationship/partnerships as well as connecting to your Higher Self and guides to find your purpose for New Earth community living. It is an expanding, evolving time and Suzanne can be your guide and support along the way. 

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