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    Artisan Spirits and the California State Assembly

    in Food

    An incredible trend in the Artisan Food movement is the burgeoning market for Craft Distilleries. California is in the midst of a rapidly devloping local food boom, but lacks many of the laws and policies to help these businesses flourish. A group of Artisan Craft Distillers in the State of California has recently banded together to help write legislation on the state level to allow this to happen. We will have an interview with California Artisinal Distillers Guild President, and Napa Valley Distillery Owner Harhur Hartunian who will describe his art, and the "Taste California" Assembly Bill 933 which will allow tasting rooms for these unique products.

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    Easter: Resurrection of the Gospel Artisan w/Daun-Te

    in Spirituality

    Easter is a time of remembrance. It is considered to be the highest of Holy days within Christianity because of the death, burial and resurrection of Christ, When Jesus rose He rose with all power snatching back the keys that man forfeited and the enemy had stolen. One of those keys was music, more succinctly, the psalmist. Music plays a pivotal role in the spirit realm as Ezekiel 28 provides insight regarding the King of Tyre, which describes none other than the fallen angel lucifer. When looking at this scripture we see luicifer created as the first orchestra, but with the ability to dance and sing. He knows the power of words set to music, which is why so many psalmist are under attack. Journey with Tabitha Vnson as she interviews Gospel sensation Daun-Te as he shares his testimony in the Resurrection of the Gospel Artisan. 

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    Peace, Love and Poetry: PLP Radio Edition with Suite Franchon

    in Self Help

    From the stage and page to the radio mic... Artist, Promoter, Entrepreneur Suite Franchon brings light to Master Griot Radio as you and she manifest Peace, Love and Poetry on the radio. Today, the PLP Radio Edition is highlights artpreneur  LaMONT WHEAT as he shares his music, his purpose, the RESTORE PROJECT, and self mastery tips.  PLP Radio Edition focuses on highlighting artists, artisans, and entrepreneurs whose work and artistic expression demonstrates values of love, peace, hope and positivity. CALL IN. Promote your art and business.

    Peace, Love and Poetry, affectionately called PLP, and the PLP Soul Opera Edition, are unique quarterly showcase concerts that have become favorites among the Wilmington, Delaware, Baltimore, and Philadelphia communities and beyond. The PLP production promises an organic and quality experience of live performances featuring the area’s uprising talent.

    The PLP: Soul Opera Edition is a hometown bragging rights favorite that features seasoned professional performers from the tri-state area. Soul Opera is Telling stories of Love and Life through poetry, music and song! Customized universal and unique themes at every show! SuiteFranchon is the Founder, Creative Director, and Host of Peace, Love & Poetry. PLP4Life!




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    Healing: azodicarbonamide , who created ISIS

    in Politics Progressive

    ISIS who created this group? Boko Haram who created this group? The USA war to terror is a money making scheme. 

    Azodicarbonamide is used as a flour bleaching agent and a dough conditioner. It reacts with moist flour as an oxidizing agent. 


    McDonald's: regular bun, bakery style bun, bagel and English muffin, Big Mac bun and sesame seed bun.
    Burger King: specialty buns, artisan-style bun, sesame seed bun, croissant, English muffin, home-style Caesar croutons and French toast sticks.
    Wendy's: bagel, premium toasted bun, sandwich bun and panini bread
    Arby's: croissant, French toast sticks, harvest wheat bun, honey wheat bread, marble rye bread, mini bun, onion bread and sesame seed bun
    Jack in the Box: bakery style bun, jumbo bun, croissant, grilled sourdough bread and regular bun
    Chick-fil-A: chargrilled chicken sandwich, chicken salad sandwich, and chargrilled chicken club sandwich

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    Exposition featuring Jessica Thompson, Graphic Designer Nov 11, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    in Training

    Exposition with hosts Valerie Thomas and Mike Thompson features Jessica Thompson, Graphic Designer

    2:00 pm, Wednesday, November 11, 2015 – Exposition hosts Valerie Thomas and Mike Thompson  Feature Jessica Thompson, a graphic designer that specializes in handheld planners (Midori), font design and greeting cards with attitude.

    Artisan Market/Shoppe/Studio

    838 1st Avenue, Gallipolis, Ohio 45631



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    KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie)

    in Motivation

    Natacha Saunders, founder of Natacha's Wearable Art, is back and in this episode she will share her experience with keeping life simple. This show is geared towards entrepreneurs, aspiring or established, and anyone who wants to revolutionize their life.

    Saunders, who designs artisan jewelry, talks about how she started her wearable artistry business five years ago, and why she'll never take life for granted again.

  • Living ON PURPOSE

    in Motivation

    Natacha Saunders, founder and CEO of Natacha's Wearable Art, discusses her journey to living a purposeful life.

    Saunders, who designs artisan jewelry, talks about how she started her wearable artistry business five years ago, and why she'll never take life for granted again.


  • Oni Lasana - Powerful Poetics

    in Poetry

    Since 1994 Lasana has toured internationally performing and facilitating workshops on the poetry of Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872-1906). Her one woman play set in the 1800's features Dunbar's most beloved dialect poetry which gave voice to a people who had no voice. Dunbar was the first free African man in America to self publish and make a living from presenting his poetry, writing novels, short stories and plays. Lasana considers him the father of the spoken word movement in America. Tune in to find out why.

    Lasana is hailed as "The Voice of Dunbar" by Professor Nikki Giovanni and can be heard "rapping" Dunbar's poetry in the award winning book, 'Hip Hop Speaks To Children." She can be seen in the The Paul Laurence Dunbar Definitive DVD Collection and on You Tube. Oni Lasana is a life member of The National Association of Black Storytellers.  

    Her latest work in progress is to bring to life the poetry of The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey through the voice of his first wife, cultural activist Amy Ashwood Garvey.

    Oni Lasana will discuss and present selected poems of both literary and cultural icons. This poetical journey will  be taken with The Legacy of A Nation host, Bro. Ramisous and historian, storyteller, artisan and cultural rennaissance man, Bro. Isaac Maefield of Philadelphia.

    More on Lasana; www.OniLasana.com 

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    RGCA EXPOSITION features Maria Hampton, Artist and Actor Sept 9, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    in Training

    Radio:  http://tobtr.com/s/7911005

    Live on CHANNEL 17   Rio Cable

    Wednesday 2:00 September 9, 2015   EXPOSITION with Valerie Thomas and Kelsey Spangler feature Maria Hampton, an artist in the visual and performing arts.  She is involved in the Riverby Theatre Guild, associated with the French Art Colony located in Gallipolis, Ohio. She is one of the performing actors.  She is also a visual artist who started her career mostly in primitive art and has evolved into an artist in the fine arts.  She constantly challenges herself to explore experiences she might have one-time shied away, previously.  It has been and continues to be her quest in doing new things and making new discoveries about her abilities and talents.


    Maria Hampton

    Phone:  740-245-2453.


    Valerie Thomas

    Kelsey Spangler

    The Gallia County Artisan Market

    300 Second Ave

    Gallipolis, Ohio

    Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/GalliaCountyArtisanMarket?fref=ts

     (740) 853-2364


  • Momma Joyce Messages of Hope Heavenly Deposit Movie and C & J Craft Launch

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to the show tonight. Call in Number is 1-347-850-1527

    Please tune in tonight as we promote Heavenly Deposit the Movie, and C& J Craft Launch. The first half of  the show will be promoting Heavenly Deposit Movie with George Vincent and Rick Irvin, who are dedicated doing Gods work through an absolutely moving and anointed movie Heavenly Deposit Movie. Please support this awesome endeavor.

    http://ttps://www.indiegogo.com/projects/heavenly-deposit#/story  click on link to support and listen to the trailer!



    C&J Craft is a new launch from 2 wonderful Entrepreneurs Chris and Julia

    Fascinated by the staggering growth in the production of high-quality craft and artisan goods throughout the country and inspired by our truly remarkable partners; c & j craft. was created to be your trusted source for the best artisan products, authentic flavors, and incredible experiences from around the country.




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    Reawaken the Artisan in You

    in Goals

    Today Arthur will share ideas on how you can become the artisan of your life.  You can accomplish great things when you are aware that you have the talent to create and accomplish whatever you set your heart to. If you are not happy with your current circumstances and experiences become the artisan of your own life and give yourself a makeover.  Connect with your true essence, reconnect with your own wisdom, understanding and knowledge.  Be the powerhouse of creative energy which leads to the fulfillment of your dreams.