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    Klaus Dona: Out of Place Artifacts From Earth's Ancient Past

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    Klaus Dona comes from the art world. As Art Exhibition Curator for the Habsburg Haus of Austria, Klaus has organized exhibitions world wide. With this background his approach to archeology is unconventional. He has traveled the world in search of unique and unexplained findings. Intrepid and unrelenting, he is on a mission to bring to the eye of the public such finds as giant bones, crystal skulls, carvings and sculptures in forms that do not fit into the contemporary view of our timeline.

    Being a specialist in culture and art exhibitions, Klaus' attention was automatically drawn to a phenomenon called 'Ooparts' - out of place artifacts. These are artifacts that should not exist according to current science. After a ten year preparation, he decided to set up an exhibition of 470 of these (Ooparts) pieces, which he called ''Unsolved Mysteries''. this includedpieces from places such as Colombia, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and many other countries. Museums usually bury these in their basements to avoid raising uncomfortable questions & a large portion of the pieces are scattered around the world and held in secret private collections. Klaus Dona has been able to research more than 3500 pieces, all of which have no logical explanation ….until now.www.klausdonachronicles.com

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    Dec. 2, 2015, 10pm (PST) - Artifacts of the Unknown with Larry Cekander

    in Paranormal

    Larry Cekander is a long time paranormal investigator and UFOlogist and collector of the unknown for almost 20 years. He was Bob Whites partner in the Museum of the Unexplained located in Reeds Spring, Missouri. The Museum was opened to try and find the origins of the UFO Artifact recovered by Bob White in 1985 in the high desert of Colorado.

    Basic testing had been done prior to the opening of the Museum showing some interesting anomalies in the object not normal in aluminum alloy metals of that time.

    This lead to more intense testing which is on going today in Ct in a high end lab who has joined the UFO HARD EVIDENCE TEAM in soil sample testing from the landing site. There testing has shown the landing area of the artifact is still hot. The artifact has also tested hot or above normal back ground levels in multpul tests done. Scientists have stated on record the object recovered by Mr. White matches nothing known or produced on this planet now or in 1985 when it was recovered.

    Larry has used his skills as a master mechanic and in metal fabrication, welding and casting used in racing motors. He was involved in outboard motor racing for many years and high end precision machine work.


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    The Lost Artifacts of the Bible... where are they now?

    in Christianity

    We've all heard of the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail, thanks to the Indiana Jones series... But how many of us are familiar with The Garment of Adam? Or the Spear of Destiny? Or the Ring of Solomon?

    In this episode of The Pursuit of Truth, we will dig the archeological history revealed in the Scriptures and other writings. Each of these artifacts were attributed special purpose by God and, in some circles, are believed to still hold special powers for any who would find them. So the questions we need to ask are: Do they really exist? And, if so, where are they today?

    Join me, as we delve into biblical past and try to unearth the truth concerning those artifacts. Because if we do not dare to pursue the truth no matter where it leads and let it be heard... the stones will cry out! 


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    LIVE! with Cathi---The Titanic of the Ancient World

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    The Titanic of the Ancient World!

    History's most impressive hoard of ancient Greek artifacts include numerous terra-cotta lamps, glass vessesl, coins, jewelry and statues.  Oh, if only these artifacts could talk!

    Scientist search the wine-dark sea for a ship that sank 2,000 years ago.  They believed that this ship carried what is believed to be the World's first computer!

    Foley, an archaeologist fought brutual storms but he was driven.  Beneath a cliff under 180 ft of churning water, are the remains of a ship smashed against rocks 2,000 years ago.


    Finding ships gave birth to the field of marine archaeology...etc.

    Many of the ships treasures...etc.

    Sponge divers find...etc.

    The discovery of a breathtaking machine...etc.

    Decoding the first computer...etc.

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    JP Apocalyptic Radio - Historical Artifacts ....The Weird and Unusual Facts

    in Entertainment

    JP Apocalyptic show tonight will be about historical artifacts and the weird or unusual facts about them. Join hosts Dan Norvell and Russ Wells as they speak in depth about what they have heard and learned about these relics both religious and historical. It will be a great show and if you are interested and know anything on these subjects the guys would enjoy you calling in to tell what you know to 347-934-052

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    Allegheny Iroquois and the Brown Indian

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    This week’s podcast will feature an interview with Stephen Cocca, a St. Bonaventure alumnus who writes about and researches Native Americans. Cocca will discuss how archaeological artifacts found on the banks of the Allegheny River west of Allegany, New York, are helping to dispel warrior-themed sports mascot image mythology. Student journalists Ryan Horan and Jacob McCollum will interview Cocca during the morning's podcast. 

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    The Gettin It In Show: What are they hiding from us. Treasures, artifacts

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    The Gettin It In Show: What are they hiding from us. Treasures, artifacts. Things hidden in European Museums.

    What are they hiding from us? Why are there so many secrets hidden from the world? What is the story behind the Pirates of the Carribeans and what did they steal from Africa? What is the Roman Catholic Church hiding? Who built the Pyramids? They have stolen so much from us then they hide it, why? Did they hide who God truly us from us if so why? Are there artifacts that they are still hiding from us. Tune in to find out

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    Michael Westmore Star of Syfy's 'Face Off'

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Michael Westmore Star of Syfy's 'Face Off'.

    Star Trek will be celebrating its 50th year anniversary this year and Michael worked on the make-up for Star Trek for 18 years.

    Twelve artists arrive at ancient ruins where they are greeted by McKenzie and professional conlanger, David Peterson. McKenzie reveals to the artists that hidden in the ruins are ancient artifacts that have corresponding long lost languages that David has created specifically for this Spotlight Challenge.  She explains that they’ll work in teams and use these objects to inspire a member of an ancient race.  It all culminates with a unique reveal on the Face Off stage during which the characters speak their lost languages.


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    Intuitive Beauty, Dating and Healing Show

    in Spirituality

    Goldylocks Productions Presents the Intuitive Beauty, Dating and Healing Show with Cheryl Domino.

    Cheryl is a Reiki Practitioner and a licensed Esthetician for over 16 years. In the salon, she gives clients a combination of a facial, healing, and reading. She also a medical intuitive that cannot only see issues you may have with your health, but any blocks in your chakras.



    Special Guest: Zen the Shaman

    Zen The Shaman is a natural-born psychic.  He has been doing spiritual readings since he was 7 years old.  Growing up in a small rural Georgia town allowed him to commune extensively with nature and the ancestral spirits, which further enhanced his psychic skills.  He works in all realms of the metaphysical, such as past lives, clairvoyance, mediumship, channeling and life readings. He restores the hearts and minds, removing emotional blockages and performing energy healings by revealing everything and delivering true reality.

    Zen works in partnership with his wife Phara who is a wisdom advocate and life coach.  She helps people who are stuck in emotional trauma walk in supernatural deliverance, regaining strength and restoring confidence in their divine power.  They have inspired both individuals and businesses through their healing works and counseling.

    Zen’s healing work finds expression and transmutes healing energy through his hand-made jewelry and artifacts.  He conducts both in-person and remote healing sessions.

    To schedule a reading or healing session with Zen call:  404-734-4452 or email zentheshaman@gmail.com


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    LIVE! with Cathi---The Vanishing Woman

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    THE VANISHING WOMAN...nearly 80 years ago after she disappeared, the search heats up for the World's most famous female pilot, Amelia Earhart.

    Women, she said, "get more glory" but more notoriety when 'they crash.'

    Amelia has hope to circle the globe in her Lockheed Electra.  A piece of aluminum found on a Pacific Island may have come from her plane-or not.

    A sheet of aluminum...18 X 24 inches was found on a tiny remote island.  If this is true, then it could be one of the great historical artifacts of the 20th century.


    1937, Earhart was one of the...etc.

    Friend of first Lady...etc.

    Born in Kansas...etc.

    Love for flying...etc.

    The Plane, yet to be found...etc.

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    Jeffrey Boyd Jr. is a researcher, chemist, metalurgist and his heritage is of Cherokee. Jeff currently resides on Poverty Point, an area where, hundreds of years ago, the Cherokee and native people had an expansive settlement that was a hub of trade in the area. With an avid, hands on experience with various sites around America, and his knowledge of science and industry, Jeffrey sees patterns all over the world, at all the sacred ancient sites, repeating the same patterns. That our ancestors, at one time, had a higher level of advancement that what is written in the history books. 

    He comes on Aquarian Radio to share the information about the patterns, the artifacts and stories that create an overarching narrative showing an interconnectivity with the past and present, the surface world and the underworld, the Earth and True Space.