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    Arty Water. The Power of ARTICHOKES!

    in Health

    Welcome to the Revolution of Health! Marquette Falbo is pleased to have Howard Ketelson, PhD, the founder and CEO of ARTY™ Water on the show today. 

    ARTY™ Water is a multi-functional, plant-based beverage containing antioxidants, electrolytes, Vitamins A, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, and B9 and vital minerals Sodium, Potassium, Calcium and Iron. The combination of nutrients found in ARTY™ Water may help reduce increased levels of oxidative stress biomarkers after exercise. Artichoke-derived bioflavonoids are known for their excellent anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce joint pain and muscle soreness. Made with love right here in America! ...That's California Love. 


    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @artywater


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    Doom and Bloom Hour:Head Trauma,Altitude Sickness,Artichokes - Dec 22,2012

    in Health

    Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, as expected on December 21,2012, are still here to bring you an hour full of some post Newtown changes, whats happening in our garden, and our busy schedule for 2013. Dr. Bones will explain traumatic head injuries and altitude sickness. Nurse Amy brings you her medicinal plant of the week: Globe Artichokes. Happy End Of The World Day...LOL!!

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    5-13-15 - Dr. Hildy: EMOTIONS - Flowers and Their Essential Oils

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    Wednesday, May 13, 2015
    1:00-3:00PM Pacific
    (2-4pm Mountain; 3-5pm Central,4-6pm Eastern)

    While most of the time we think of flowers as decorative items, a way to win over the heart of a female, or a way to show sympathy or congratulations, they have many other uses. In fact, we often eat flowers in our daily meals, as saffron, dill, sage, and even artichokes are technically flowers. But what other uses do flowers have - especially when distilled down to their essence?

    This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes Dawn Wood of doTerra Wellness Advocate for a discussion on flowers, their essential oils, and the uses they might have beyond that of health the therapeutic.

    Studies have found there is a strong correlation between flowers and emotional health. As mentioned before, flowers can evoke positive reactions from people who receive them or encounter them. While their natural beauty is pleasing to the eye, their essence can still have benefits. The doTerra product line offers many essential oils to help with a variety of things. For instance, their essential oil of geranium offers outstanding benefits for soothing skin and is a common ingredient in many skin care products. MORE >>>>>>>>

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    Doom and Bloom Hour:Head Trauma,Altitude Sickness,Artichokes - Dec 22,2012 - Dec 23,2012

    in Prepping

    Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, as expected on December 21,2012, are still here to bring you an hour full of some post Newtown changes, whats happening in our garden, and our busy schedule for 2013. Dr. Bones will explain traumatic head injuries and altitude sickness. Nurse Amy brings you her medicinal plant of the week: Globe Artichokes. 

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    Mark Sutton - Vegan Pizza; Musician, Lisa Marshall; YOUvolution; & Back on Track

    in Self Help

    We LOVE pizza!!  

    Mark Sutton is the author of the 1st ever Vegan Pizza Cookbook, "Heart Healthy Pizza," with a forward written by one of our previous guests, Howard Lyman, The Mad Cowboy.  Mark has been employed as the Visualizations Coordinator for two NASA Earth Satellite Missions, a freelance interactive multimedia computer consultant, an organic farmer, and head photographer.  Mark has produced work for two Nobel Prize winners (on global climate change) and helped create UN Peace Medal Award-winning high school curriculum.  He's currently the editor of the Mad Cowboy e-newsletter.

    Mark Sutton will join us to talk about his book, which contains over 100 plant-based recipes for making pizza. Through the imaginative use of grains (oats, quinoa, millet, and others) as well as legumes (such as chickpeas, black eyed peas, white beans, dal), sometimes nuts, and various vegetables (artichokes, carrots, corn, etc.), Mark has created 60 unique "cheese-like" sauce recipes that range in taste texture from a delicate velvety to a custard firmness. Most are gluten-free!  With recipes for pizza crusts (including gluten-free versions), "bottom sauces" & total pizza concepts, this book will help anyone create the most healthy pizza possible.  Yum!!  

    We'll be joined in the studio by Ben Gibson, founder of YOUvolution whose "mission is to bring hope to the hopeless and empower the hopeful!"  We'll talk about following your dreams.

     And we'll be talking with Lisa Marshall and the muisc that she has been making in the Austin scned the last few months.

    And Part II of getting back on track with tips for riding life's ups and downs.

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    Curtis Harwell & Richard Neal Discuss Recipes and Antioxidants and Food

    in Fitness

    USDA scientists analyzed antioxidant levels in more than 100 different foods, including fruits and vegetables. Each food was measured for antioxidant concentration as well as antioxidant capacity per serving size. Cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries ranked highest among the fruits studied. Beans, artichokes, and Russet potatoes were tops among the vegetables. Pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts ranked highest in the nut category.

    USDA chemist Ronald L. Prior says the total antioxidant capacity of the foods does not necessarily reflect their health benefit. Benefits depend on how the food's antioxidants are absorbed and utilized in the body. Still, this chart should help consumers trying to add more antioxidants to their daily diet.

    How Antioxidants Help Prevent Oxidation

    As oxygen interacts with cells of any type - an apple slice or, in your body, the cells lining your lungs or in a cut on your skin -- oxidation occurs. This produces some type of change in those cells. They may die, such as with rotting fruit. In the case of cut skin, dead cells are replaced in time by fresh, new cells, resulting in a healed cut.

    This birth and death of cells in the body goes on continuously, 24 hours a day. It is a process that is necessary to keep the body healthy. "Oxidation is a very natural process that happens during normal cellular functions," researcher Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, professor of nutrition at Tufts University in Boston, tells WebMD.

    Yet there is a downside. "While the body metabolizes oxygen very efficiently, 1% or 2% of cells will get damaged in the process and turn into free radicals," he says.

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    Tips for Choosing and Preparing Greens

    in Health

    Join Dr. Ronda today as she talks about how to navigate the produce department and choose the freshest green produce. Learn the quick test for determining if your leafy vegetables will hold up longer in the refrigerator, a fun tip for selecting the best artichokes and a little-know secret about carrots. A quick, fun, and educational show, Dr. Ronda makes using and cooking with veggies a bit more interesting!

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    Serve, Taste or Trash! Food Game #2

    in Health

    Mr. Divabetic hosts the new hilarious culinary podcast, Serve, Taste or Trash! Game. A delicious combination of crazy food challenges and fresh perspectives on the latest food trends.Tonight Mr. Divabetic discusses easy ways to go from ‘Farm To Fabulous’ with co-founders, Debra Moser and Mitchell Berliner of Central Farm Markets and one of the market’s featured vendors.Our Serve, Taste or Trash! Game challenge features jerusalem artichokes, kale and oranges. One lucky contestant must decide which choice they'd serve, which choice they'd taste and which one they'd trash. But will they regret their decision after hearing our guest culinary wizard’s mouthwatering recipes for each choice? Can low-sodium foods rate high in taste? Stay tuned.Special guests include Wellness and Diabetes Coach, Ginger Vieira, the author of "Your Diabetes Science Experiment" and "Emotional Eating with Diabetes," Co-founders of Central Farm Markets, Debra Moser and MeatCrafters owner, Mitchell Berliner, Chef Robert Lewis aka ‘The Happy Diabetic', the ‘Queen of the Green’ Miss Aida Romaine and Laura from Chattanooga, TN who is living with diabetes.This program aims to encourage kids of all ages to become more open-minded eaters.Get inspired to eat more fruits and vegetables. Check out Mr. Divabetic’s Serve, Taste or Trash! videos on Mr. Divabetic YouTube channel and join Divabetic’s Facebook page. GLAM MORE FEAR LESS.

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    Incredible, Edible, Field Greens of Lazio

    in Travel

    The Italian kitchen is often a kitchen of necessity turning often overlooked items into a rich delicacy.  Field greens are no exception.
    Sarah May of Antiqua Tours and I discuss how the locals throughout Lazio forage for cuisine that grows wild near their homes for dishes that are tantalizing, delicious, and brings out the forager in all of us.
    Sarah is now offering foraging tours where she leads a group out into the field to be educated on picking the right field greens, preparing them, cooking them, and finally enjoying them with local cooking styles and wine.
    We talk about wild asparagus, artichokes, nettles, and a delicate local mint used to bring life to otherwise run-of-the-mill "weeds" and turn them into Italian magic on your plate.

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    The Doom and Bloom Hour!

    in Health

    The Doom and Bloom Hour Sunday *7:00pm/Est *6:00pm/Ct *5:00pm/Mt *4:00pm/Pt Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/ Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, as expected, are still here to bring you an hour full of some post Newtown changes, what’s happening in our garden, and our busy schedule for 2013. Dr. Bones will explain traumatic head injuries and altitude sickness.  Nurse Amy brings you her medicinal plant of the week: Globe Artichokes. Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones have been podcasting as the Doom and Bloom Hour for over two years. Their shows are focused on medical preparedness including strategies for medical issues without access to modern medical help, herbal medicine, survival gardening, recent world issues and topics affecting those who are trying to become more prepared for times of trouble. Join them on a journey to preparedness, don’t forget the “band-aids” and laugh along with two hosts who know how to make learning fun! Tags: Doom and Bloom, Alternative Medicine, Prepare, Self Reliance, Prepper Broadcasting Network

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    The Gathering of the Light Family

    in Spirituality

    Come joins us on The Gathering of the Light Family as Jeanne and Noor dance with Siany Morgan from the UK this week.  It's such a delight to hear them discuss the teachings of Almine, yoga, artichokes (huh?) and being naked.  Tune in 5-6 PM (PST) Saturday or listen to the archives. You may email us at gathering@almine.net.