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    Liquido de cigarrillo electronico dano mortal en los ninos-comentarios y mas

    in Health

    Bienvenidos a Conexión Contigo el primer programa de radio completamente por Internet y en español en el Estado de Washington, este programa es Unico, Diferente, Educativo, Informativo,Divertido y Dinámico.

    Lunes,Martes y Miercoles  a partir de las 7:30 de la noche.

    - Efemérides

    -  Llena tu corazon de cosas buenas- reflexion del libro "El arte de Vivir" del Padre Eduardo Gonzalez

    - El daño mortal en los ninos con la nicotina liquida de los cigarrillos electronicos, que debemos hacer.

    - Comentarios y mas.

    Gracias por su sintonia, cada vez somos mas los que nos escuchamos !

    Lupita Zamora

    Productora y Conductora



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    Cultural Ambassador's Jennifer Porras Opens the Door to Art and Activism

    in Visual Arts

     Jennifer Andrea “YAYA” Porras- Holds a B.A. in Theater/Dance Arts from CSU- Sacramento. During her studies, she was a cultural ambassador, arts educator and performing artist, in China, Mexico, Africa, and Cuba and throughout the American South West. A multi-talented artist who has received Fellowships from Teatro Campesino, the National Association of Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC), was a youth mentor and video documenter for the Center for African Peace Conflict Resolution;

    Porras has long been inspiring thoughtfulness around civil justice through dance, song, theater and education. She shared stories from a life of activism, which she has passed on to her young son. Porras is the art center manager for the Taller Arte del Nuevo Amanecer in Woodland.

    On Nov. 19, four artists from Northern California and beyond presented their work and stories of activism at the Crocker Art Museum’s second Art Beyond Fear panel discussion. The artists who took to the stage represented diverse backgrounds ethnically and professionally, showing how activist art can be woven into our society’s most important conversations through various channels. Dance, education, spoken word, theater, public political actions and painting were the avenues these artists have used to unite communities in hopes of a better future.

    Art and Activism " TACTICAL  URBANISM"- projects that engage the public.

    Tactical urbanism is an umbrella term used to describe a collection of low-cost, temporary changes to the built environment, usually in cities, intended to improve local neighbourhoods and city gathering places. Join us while YAYA talks about projects that she has been involved of the past decade.



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    Arte al Sole - A Camp in Italy for Kids with Shannon Kenny

    in Travel

    I am joined by the Founder and President of Arte al Sole, Shannon Kenny.  We talk about her camp, Arte al Sole for children in six locations throughout Italy and how the camps allow children to embrace, food, art, culture, natural history, and history.  We talk about Shannon’s awesome background in Medieval and Renaissance History and what motivates her, and more importantly, the children at Arte al Sole.

    Visit their site at www.artealsole.com for a profile of each of her programs and to catch up on the details of each location.  There are six to choose from.

    Arte al Sole is a summer day camp for international children offering week-long sessions based on the art, culture, and natural science of Italy with locations in Panicale, Umbria; Lucca, Montepulciano, and Florence in Tuscany; Rome; and Puglia. Children ages 6-12 will explore the artistic and natural wonders of these inspiring environments through exciting and engaging activities in art history, fine arts principles, nature walks, sketching and painting, collage, architecture, sculpture, craftsmanship, and science. Each session includes a cooking lesson preparing regional dishes and a fieldtrip to local museums and architectural sites. The program is entirely in English, offering an optimal language immersion experience for children of all ages and languages. A teen leadership program is also offered for students ages 13-17.

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    Get an A+ in Country, a better President with Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton

    in Elections

    I am about better, I am about being better, doing better and having better, I don’t know how many of you, America, can say that about any of the Political, Busines, Celebrity Presidential candidates. They are all about themselves. They are about your money going into their pockets so they can travel on your dollar and get them onto a cushy guarantee echelon status from which they will be protected and catered to. What a gig, and you arte the gag. Your voice is being gagged because all is not being sais that you want to be said. Did you hear Congress yesterday: no restriction on gun ownership by people with terror dust whirling around them; no gun control by background check at gun something. Is this our voice, our wish, If you are deep NRA, what will make you fear guns on the bad hands of bad people – Nothing, Right – you dope. Yes, don’t be afraid and have me be afraid to call you out – well I’m not afraid to tell you off and I have been doing it for 8 yrs and you, America, don’t like it – because I am the instructor, the leader, the teacher and you are absent from school, absent minded and AWOL. Makes you sick doesn’t it, rooting for politicians. Even our Police forces and government agencies don’t know how to attend to terror and manage a scene of carnage. I do. They don’t. Now where do you learn this stuff. Their personnel go thru training. I don’t. They can’t handle it. I can. So why do you still subscribe to Politics, Government Politics and anyone walking to the Presidency as a Democrat or Republican. Get with it. Get it through your head before your headaches increase exponentially to migraines.  I am the best chance for us in the White House. I hope you discover that fact, that sensation, before election day 2016. bwell, hava fine wknd   c2it   Curtis Clinton

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    Conversa ku Alex Evora

    in Culture

    IlhaCast programa é producido pa Lenira Querido & AlphaKiko e ta comensa às 17:00 horário de Boston US com uma conversa de um hora Ku o Sr. Alex Evora.

    Ka Bu Fadja!

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    El arte de besar

    in Spirituality

    Besar es un arte, pero no todo el mundo besa bien o no ha desarrolllado ese talento innato. Todos tenemos la capacidad de besar como asi podemos bailar.....

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    Tips Garantizados Para Manifestar La Buena Suerte Económica En Tu Vida

    in Spirituality

    Tips Garantizados Para Manifestar La Buena Suerte Economica En Tu Vida; Hoy hablamos sobre como puedes cambiar la buena suerte en tu vida. La mayoria de las personas piensan en la buena suerte desde la perspectiva de hollywood. Llega la hada madrina y te concede un deseo, haces un conjuro, palabreo y como por arte magica llega la suerte. Personalmente creo en las obras de fe, creo que con la intencion todo se puede - pero tenemos que tomar pasos adicionales para manifestar una suerte duradera. Conoce los poderosos secretos para manifestar dinero y buena suerte en tu vida hoy. 

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    026. Malín Falú: Entrevista Exclusiva para Creando Futuro

    in Women

    Entrevista a la comunicadora estrella de New York, Malín Falú en su apartamento de Manhattan.  Nos cuenta de su vida como profesional de Radio y Televisión, de sus conocimientos acerca del Reiki y de sus gustos por la poesía y el arte.

    En su apartamento de Manhattan, Malín Falú nos recibió con los brazos abiertos para pasar con ella una tarde inolvidable de recuerdos de familia y su trayectoria profesional como comunicadora por más de 40 años en New York.

    Malín Falú : 212-749-5336


    Jorge Gallego : 720-400-9355

    Angélica Salomón : 201-681-4363


    Creando Futuro

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    Transformed Traveler features Stephen Olsson of Global Spirit

    in Lifestyle

    Stephen Olsson is the creator, producer and director of Global Spirit, and a number of original television series and documentary films.  His work has received television’s three highest honors:  the National Emmy Award for Outstanding Director, the du-Pont Columbia Award for excellence in broadcast journalism, and the George Foster Peabody Award. His films and series have addressed issues such as war, race relations, global development, immigration, human consciousness and other topics, and have been broadcast on the BBC, CBS, NBC, National Geographic, PBS,  CBC, Canal+, Arte, TV Asahi, TV Globo and others.    


    Stephen was a co-founder of the national satellite channel, Link TV, where he served for nine years as VP of Original Programming, and created, produced and directed a number of television series, including the Peabody Award-winning "Mosaic: World News from the Middle East",  "Spotlight", "Bridge to Iran",  "Lunch with Bokara”,  and "The Active Opposition", featuring guests including: Walter Cronkite, Willy Nelson, Sean Penn,  Noam Chomsky, Harry Belafonte, H.H. the Dalai Lama,  John Cleese and others.  Along with producing the Global Spirit series,  

    he is also producing a film and website (www.OneThroughLove.org) on the life, poetry and teachings Persian poet Jalaluddin Rumi.  He holds graduate degrees in Anthropology and Communications, and has worked and studied the cultures and spiritual traditions in India, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia, Bolivia, Thailand and other countries. 

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    in Paranormal

    Messages arte given by The SPIRIT to you Personally!

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    Jason Hayes: Drama Teacher & Coach

    in Entertainment

    Jason Hayes joins the show tonight to talk about their GoFundMe campaign to help raise funds to take students in their program to the UK this summer to perform!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask questions or join in the fun!

    Jason is the Director of Theatre and Lead Teacher for Arts, Media and Entertainment at James Monroe High School in North Hills, a suburb of Los Angeles. With productions that include, Oedipus the King, Wiley and the Hairy Man, Zombie Prom and School House Rock Live! along with on campus festivals that include Comedia Del Arte, Shakespeare and traditional Folkloric dance, his students have been selected by the American High School Theatre Festival as one of only 40 schools from North America to perform at the Edinburgh Fringe in Scotland this August, 2015. While his students are severely economically disadvantaged and labeled "at risk" for a myriad of reasons, they have honed their energies into theatre arts and created for themselves the opportunity of a lifetime in their performance of Romeo y Julieta at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. 

    Romeo y Julieta is a bi-lingual Romeo and Juliet translated by the students. Using Shakespeare's language and spoken in Original, Elizabethan Pronunciation along with colloquial Spanish, Monroe Theatre tells the story of "star crossed lovers" from rival Hispanic families living in San Fernando, CA.

    This is not West Side Story. Romeo y Julieta touches on the, very real, inner-racial tension within the Hispanic community my students deal with daily.