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    Arson Dogs: State Farm Arson Dog Program & Hero Dog Award Finalists

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    Arson Dogs: The State Farm Arson Dog Program & 2014 Hero Dog Award finalists for the Arson Dog category K-9 Amber and trainer/handler Nicole Dyer. Heather Paul joined State Farm in 2001 and manages the State Farm Arson Dog Program, a program that trains accelerant detection dogs and handlers throughout the U.S. and Canada. Arson dogs are trained to sniff out minute traces of accelerants (gasoline, lighter fluid, etc.) that may have been used to start a fire. An arson dogs’ nose can smell in parts per quintillion – more than 100 times better than a human nose. Arson dogs are trained to sniff out more than 60 different ignitable petroleum based hydrocarbons. 2014 Hero Dog Award finalist for the Arson Dog category; K-9 Amber and her partner will also be on with us to share each of their amazing stories that made them heroes!

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    the new shadow amicusveritas

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS-Edward 7th  King of england friend of Edward Elgar-Paul Robeson--Singer-political activist-Communist dupe-Senator J(ames)William Fulbright(Arkansas) Fulbright Scolarships-Spiro Agnew disgraced Vice President Nixon Administration--Sargent Shriver--Peace Corps(Kennedy Administration)l1972 Vice Presidential Candidate-Heddy Lamar(inventor)actress--Charles De Gaulle(General & President of France)-J  ohn Mitchell Attorney General convicted in the Watergate Scandal(Nixon Administration)

    Coming Shows--The November Generals & an Admiral--More military geniuses born in this month than any other in history

    November 9th Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)


    New broadcast time for the Holiday Season--Thanksgiving through New Years 2016

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    Seattle's Ground Zero Anti Nuclear Movement, Occupy and 1960s Resistance

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    In the 1960s, resistors of the draft had no cell phones, social websites or even broad range fame.  Many were scorned.  How did they organize?  Many were thrown in jail, federal prison and fled the country.  Their resistance permeated civil rights, the Vietnam War, the Farmers United Workers movement (organizing Unions), etc.  Father Lawrence Rosebaugh was a part of all of this.  Tonight, we will take his book and compare experience from his life including him illegally climbing into a Georgia army base and talk about the difference of resistance movement of the 1960s-80s to todays movements of Occupy and Black Lives Matter.

    We will also discuss other movements like Cindy Sheehan's despair over her son, Casey's death.  Code Pink was involved with war resistance.

    In the 1980s Ground Zero established close ties with Nipponzan Myohoji, a pacifist Buddhist order from Japan, who worked with the Ground Zero community to build a peace pagoda. Unfortunately, the peace pagoda was never completed due to repeated denials for a land-use permit from the Kitsap County Board of Commissioners. Members of the greater Kitsap community also voiced their rejection of the proposed building in local newspapers. In May 1982 a temporary geodesic dome, which had been used for the monks' religious ceremonies, was destroyed in an act of arson. A stupa was later erected on the grounds as a memorial.  http://archiveswest.orbiscascade.org

    To Wisdom Through Failure

    A Journey of Compassion, Resistance and Hope

    by Larry Rosebaugh, OMI

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    In The Streets with Beverley Smith: Stay Woke (Episode 45)

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    The cop who killed Christian musician Corey Jones did not have a badge at the time of the shooting. The FBI agrees to investigate Corey Jones' killing. NYPD arrests peaceful protesters, and try out their stunning new anti-protester equipment, at #RiseUpOctober last Saturday. The Justice Dept wants attorneys to stop collecting evidence, as the DOJ prepares to intervene in the Kendrick Johnson investigation. Zella Ziona is the 21st trans woman reported killed this year. Sharmeka Moffitt, a Winnsboro, Louisana woman who was set on fire by the KKK has received very little media attention. At a rally in Miami, Trump supporters resembled a lynch mob. Authorities say that arson fires at 7 black churches in the St. Louis area are linked, but they are "unsure" of whether or not the fires were racially motivated. First Black police chief takes charge in Ft. Worth, Texas. Justice Dept will sue Alabama for its refusal to comply with the Voting Rights Act. Florida anti-gay bill would allow doctors, hospitals, and hospices to refuse medical treatment to homosexuals. A school girl is thrown across the classroom by a cop. FCC officially reduces prison phone call rates. And more. Tuesday, Oct 27, 6pm Pacific.

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    4th & Baker with Host Kiler Davenport: Interview with Richard Goodship

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    Richard Goodship is a former Police Officer and a retired Forensic section (FIS in Canada) gaining experience in explosive ordinance disposal, post blast, arson, blood splatter, firearms reconstruction, fingerprint examination and a host of other disciplines. Richard's last 5 years before retiring were spent working under the Office of the Attorney General as a Forensic Investigator traveling to various scenes for examination.

    Richard's second novel, 'The Camera Guy' is an Occult Murder Thriller as seen through the eyes of Forensic Investigator Bill Walters.

    Richard now spends his time in a small village north of Toronto and with his daughter Eryn. A lover of horses and accomplished trail rider and loves storm chasing and taking pictures of living thigs with his camera.

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    Prison Industrial Complex or New Plantation

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    SACRAMENTO, California — With wildfires blazing throughout the parched Western United States, the state of California has found a novel, though ethically questionable, way to save money on the state’s safety budget: Send state prisoners to work on the frontlines fighting forest fires for $2 per day.

    “More than 100 wildfires are burning across the West — destroying dozens of homes, forcing hundreds of people to flee and stretching firefighting budgets to the breaking point,” wrote Tim Stelloh for NBC News on Monday. For California, he reported, that means some 14,000 firefighters combating 19 forest fires, including the “Jerusalem fire,” which covered over 25,000 acres before being mostly contained as of Saturday. “[T]he blaze — along with six others — was still sending smoke south across the San Francisco Bay Area,” Stelloh wrote.

    About 4,000 low-level felons from California’s state prisons are fighting the fires, operating out of so-called “conservation camps,” according to Julia Lurie, writing on Friday for Mother Jones. “Between 30 and 40 percent of California’s forest firefighters are state prison inmates,” she reported. Inmates who committed certain offenses, like sex crimes or arson, are blocked from entering the firefighting program. Prisoners work in 24-hour shifts during forest fire season, followed by 24 hours off. Prisoners earn $2 a day just by being in the program, plus an additional $2 an hour when they are actively fighting fires.

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  • The Playlist Radio Show & INDIE TOP TEN COUNTDOWN

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    Remember How to Love is the song By Grace Gilliam and she will be stopping by to talk about what inspired the song as well as all the OTHER GREAT things she has going on. BIG BIG SHOUTS to Angel Scott for the link. Of course we will be talking about the Labor Day weekend activities as well as safety. We lose too many people to nonsense during holiday weekends so we are going to start the process to change that. Can't forget our NEW INDIE TOP TEN COUNTDOWN courtesy or Faironeent.com! Arson Ent has really put their signature on it so we will see if that continues. New music from Mad Max, Greenline and more as well! Its the Playlist Ya'll!!

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    The INDIE TOP TEN COUNTDOWN is heating up and ARSON ENT secured THREE SLOTS last week INCLUDING the TOP 2 SPOTS! Crisis and JDS are also holding strong for the 3rd consecutive week. We also have an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW w L24 Prime who drops the DOPER Mixtape on September 1st. NFL opening weekend is right around the corner, the Presidential primaries are heating up as well so know telling where the conversation may go, its The Playlist Ya'll!!!!

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    How to Decrease Paper-Overwhelm Without Resorting to Arson!

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    I'm pretty sure we'll never have a paperless society! Among other reasons, we like printing out articles too much!

    We can take steps to become partially paperless.

    In this episode, Productivity Coach, Janice Russell, discusses concrete steps to eliminate current paper piles and prevent them in the future. Strategies will be applicable to work and personal situations.

    Janice also covers ways to decrease information-overwhelm often associated with the number of electronic documents we can access.

    She mentions a blog post titled Organize Your Paper Deletion which lists documents that must be kept for a specific link of time versus forever.

    You can out more about Janice's productivity services at Minding Your Matters.com. You will find her on the following social media venues: Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+,  Facebook, and Pinterest.