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    Business with Braathe - Killing Arrogance, Ignorance & Unconstructive Criticism

    in Business

    Robert Braathe will talk about a quote he saw in 2000 that still resonates today, and how to remove arrogance, ignorance and unconstructive criticism from your workplace.

    Braathe Enterprises designs and delivers customized training and project management for you and your business.

    Visit http://www.braatheenterprises.com for more information on Braathe Enterprises, or schedule a call at http://meetme.so/RobertBraathe


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    Reflections Conquer Arrogance

    in Religion

    Arrogance is one of the greatest sicknesses within many organizations, and communities. There is nothing wrong with having pride with yourself, your accomplishments and so forth but when this pride becomes arrogance then you open yourself and those around you to a new set of trama that no one needs to deal with.



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    Has The Arrogance Of The Clinton's Finally Their Undoing?

    in Moms and Family

    E-Mails, E-mails, E-mails! If its not the IRS loosing theirs its Hillary Clinton keeping goverment classified info on her personal server! When does it all end? Who would have the position of Secretary Of State and be so bold and arrogant to circumvent goverment security protocal and have their own server to store information? Who else but the Clintons? Now with all the communication between the Secretary Of State and the President Of the United States he or his staff didin't notice this breach???

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    Hindrances To Holy Living: BITTER PRIDE AND ARROGANCE

    in Christianity

    As we study the HINDRANCES TO LIVING HOLY series we will use Scripture to examine our hearts for godly integrity, seeking to remove every contrary character. Welcome to FMSM GOSPEL NETWORK airing daily at 8 am with Prayer, Praise and a Prophetic Word from Prophet Mary Washington. Her messages are often unorthodox and always go straight to the core of bible principles. Your life will change with every message! Also join her at 6:30 am daily for Morning Devotion at Pure Word for Everyday Christians and visit us online at www.fmsmgospelnetwork.org to check us out! Evangelism and Partnership? Feed My Sheep Ministries is bible based ministry. Our funds come from the loving gifts of those who find this ministry to be a blessing to them.  If this ministry is a blessing to you please consider supporting us in the Lord's work; we thank you for your loving support. God bless you.

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    The Arrogance of Pride, Beware, a Lesson from a Knucklehead to the Wise!

    in Christianity

    I have an epicly charmed life, transformed radically by Jesus. I am so thankful, last night I was at the lowest point emotionally I felt crushed and nothing seemed to bring me out of the tail spin od deep sorrow and grief over a pain so severe I didnt know what to do. I cried out to the Lord and passed out after crying and awoke this morning with answers, I hope to bless you so you might avoid the pitfall I fell into.

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    CR Live 11/5:Taking America Back, Hagan Lost, Left-Wing Angst, Obama's Arrogance

    in Politics Conservative

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!

    Tonight's topics include:

    Game-Change: A Red Wave in America and a Win for Liberty in the USA
    Eureka: Scientists Discover Conservatives are Far More Easily Disgusted Than Liberals
    Federal Judge Overrides Obama Forcing Election Eve Dump of "Fast and Furious" Documents
    Cruz, Lee Threaten 'Procedural' War on Senate Floor to Stop 'Lawless Amnesty'
    Narcissist Obama an 'Unhappy Camper' with 'Depressing' National Security and 'Ebola Confabs'
    Matthews: Obama Surrounded By ‘Sycophants’ Who Say ‘You’re Always Right’ [VIDEO]
    41st Richest in Congress: NC Sen. Kay Hagan the Wealthiest Democrat US Senator Running in 2014
    Signs: Rising Number of Muslims and Other Faiths Reporting Christ's Appearance In Dreams
    Obama Rejects Election Results, Promises More Of The Same
    Five monitored for possible Ebola symptoms in Alamance County - WTVD
    Obama Exasperated with Question About Working with GOP


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    in Religion

    To the reasoning mind, it is evident a multitude of contradictions are not resultant of steadfast adherence to the truth.   Nevertheless, many have rather trusted in men rather than recognize mutual obligation to seek the foundation for exceeding truth for mutual good of all!   Where is no true sense of divine conscience, there is no justice nor salvation.   Foolish man forgets that the only real justice is what in all things is true to the Name of Him who made all things.   All else is inconsiderate inequity.   Only one Law is lawFUL; the LAW of YAH our MAKER!   All else is lawLESS injustice

    Isa 45:9 Woe to him who strives against his MAKER!  An earthen vessel striving against Him who made it from the earth is only potsherds striving against potsherds!   Does the clay say to the potter, What are you making? Or I am not the work of your hands?  10 Woe to him who says to his father, "What are you begetting?  Or to his mother, What have you conceived?  (Does the creation discern balance true to purpose better than the Creator?)   11 Thus says the Most High Holy One of Israel, and his Maker, the LORD of hosts is MY NAME!  ASK of ME of things to come as it concerns MY children!  Concerning the work of MY hands, dare ye presume to command ME???   12   I have made the EARTH and created MAN upon it; I, .. MY HANDS, have measured out the HEAVENS, and all their HOST, it is I who COMMANDED.



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    NPLFA #96 "The Arrogance of Control and The Law" W/ Co Host Pete Murtha

    in Politics

    Co Host Orlando Activist Pete Murtha and Host Dave Bourne will discuss how people being critical and judgemental of others can lead to an arrogance of them thinking they know what is best for people and trying to push this upon them via the law.

    The show promotes and discusses the ideas of true freedom and liberty for all people without the partisan politics. Exposing the government for what it is, a mafia that rules only by the threat of force without concent. The show supports peaceful consentual voluntary relationships.Where the people are not robbed, oppressed, controlled and abused under the threat of force and in many cases actual force is used to force compliance.

    Governments and it's rulers have no place in the world. I don't want someone else to represent me and make decisions about how I should live my life, when I know what's best for me and can represent myself. I am not a republican, I am not a democrat. I'm not a liberal, I'm not a conservative. I will not allow you to define me, or force me to join one of your gangs. I am an individual and I believe in freedom and liberty for all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation as all human beings have a right to freedom and liberty. I will stand up to government oppression and do what I can to educate the public on the illusion and or lack of true freedom in America.

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/nonpartisanlibertyforall

    Twitter: @NPLibertyForAll

    email: nonpartisanlibertyforall@gmail.com

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/nonpartisanliberty

    Google Plus: Dave Bourne/Non Partisan Liberty for All

    Listen to the archives on ITunes!!

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    Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People for Monday, April 13, 2015

    in Politics Progressive

    On Monday, April 13, 2015 joining Tony on The Voice of the People is:

    Don’t forget we now have an App for the show.  Just visit Igluradio.com and download it today.

     Joe DiSano is back live this week with his thoughts on Hillary’s announcement, the aging of the Michigan population, and much more!
    David Hecker, President of the American Federation of Teachers, Michigan is back this week as we explore the GOP agenda AGAINST Public Education.  It just never stops.
    Barb Lesecki-Webb and her wife Kristin have been through a lot the last year.  Barb lost her job teaching at Marian High School because she had a “non-traditional” family, they had a baby girl and they have become unexpected activists.  It’s quite a story.
    Bob Wood has been teaching for over twenty-five years and he has finally had enough!  Listen to find out why he believes Michigan Public Schools are now, well, disgusting and how we actually have a way to change it.  What and how?  Listen to find out.
    Open Lines…Ayn Rand, who wrote the manifesto for the current day Republican mantra of selfishness and arrogance, visited with Johnny Carson in 1967 and what she said then juxtaposed with where we are at now is remarkable.  Listen to the first of two parts of the interview and hear what she had to say.  It’s all too real.
    Chris Savage with Eclectablog .com has a huge menu of topics today including our Attorney General wasting more taxpayer dollars and a pizza shop who welcomes all and is raising money to help defend their right to serve all.

    You are always welcome to join us on-air by calling 855-381-8795. Find us on Facebook by searching for Tony Trupiano: The Voice of the People and AUNAmerica, and on Twitter @tonytrupiano and @aunamerica.


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    Letting Go Of The Known To Discover What 'IS'. An IC4TS chat with Jacob Rebien

    in Spirituality

    This week Mark chats with Jacob Rebien. While at university Jacob studied The History & Science of Relgions and he did it from a very cynical arrogant perspective, believing followers of such 'paths' were simply deluded people, who more or less believed in fairy tales. Now a decade or so later Jacob laughs at the fact that in many ways he now sees things from a completely different perspective. He is not necessarily religeous as such but can see how his arrogance made him overlook look many important pointings that have now changed his life radically. Jacob's influences have been the 3 principles, Non Dual teachings, the work of Ramesh Balsekar, Anthony Di Mello and Eckhart Tolle. Join Jacob and Mark for an interesting chat into the nature of life and 'ourselves'..

    Find below the link to the interesting You tube clip which Mark refers to within the conversation 'Science meets spirituality'


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