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    Git To The Chopper, Now!

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    Update: Aug. 24
    The Expandables 2 review and Pt. 1 of our wrap up of our favorite macho movies of all time< Director Tony Scott and other news, Hunger Games BR review, other surprises.
    Note: Next show will be Predictions of the fall movies and summing up the best and worst of summer 2012. Plus other surprises.

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    VLE Special Edition: Yo, Adrian!

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    Update: 8/18: Please fast forward 10 minutes into the blog for the actual start of the show due to that tech problem. Thanks.
    Update 8/17: We had a technical problem at the beginning of the show which will be edited to fit normal programming. We like to thank our listerners and the guests in our chatroom for stopping by as I couldn't see the chatroom because of this tech problem. So I was not ignoring anybody, this was out of my hands. And due to this schedule problem KJ couldn't been on this show and I went solo. But I did cover alot in this 1 hour special.
    Mano O Mano movies, old school and new school. Our tribute to Sly Stallone and the Expendables and mano a mano movies.

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