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    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall

    in Christianity

    Join Dr. Leonard Robinson and discove your identity, purpose and divine destiny as you rediscover the Kingdom, at the Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall.

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    The Kingom Church at Cheltenham Mall

    in Christianity

    Become a global member of KVMI and discove your purpose, identity and divine destiny as you rediscover the Kingdom at the Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall.

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    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall

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    Discover your purpose, identity and divine destiny at the Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall as you rediscover the Kingdom according to Matthew 6:33.

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    You will rediscover your purpose, identity and divine destiny at the Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall radio broadcast where you will rediscover the Kingdom and God's original purpose for the creation of mankind.  Without the knowledge of the Kingdom of God it becomes impossible to understand the Bible the way God wants the Word of God to be understood.  This program will give you Biblical clarity of the King, His Kingdom present now and eternal and your purpose in God's grand plan.

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    The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall

    in Christianity

    The only Church in a Mall in the Philadelphia area, The Kingdom Church at Cheltenham Mall is where you will rediscover the Kingdom, your purpose and divine destiny.  This is the Church where you will be challenged to not just live the culture of the Kingdom but to represent the King and His Kingdom by preaching, teaching and demonstrating the Kingdom throughout the nations of the world until the end comes.

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    Terrorists Threaten Attack On Mall Of America

    in News

    On this episode Jim discusses the possibility of terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. Kate Brown becomes the first openly bi-sexual governor, is another 'movement' beginning for the rights of bi-sexuals? Tax refund theft now reaching $5 billion dollars annually, how they are stealing your refund with the help of the IRS. U.S. Government sued for taking taxpayer refunds to settle Social Security overpayments from the 1970's. Google plans to jump into the cell phone market with a $10 monthly plan. When should you start taking your Social Security benefits? and free things you can do at Disney.

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    One MiniKiss Rocking Show on Buffed Up Radio

    in Entertainment

    Minikiss is a high energy rock show made of little people that illuminate Kiss. They play Kiss and other 80′s rock hits. They dress in full gear and make up. Minikiss performs for all venues and will drop by to discuss Mall Cop 2, the current tour, how it all began and favorite stories from the road. Check out more http://minikisses.com/? 

    Plus, we make a second plea to Rosie O'Donnell and release a new "smack yourself in the face like a clown" list. Check out the pseudo movie preview "Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast" 

    Dear Buffy has some new disturbing emails and much, much more. Do not miss this amped up, rocking show. 


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    Totally Driven Radio #117

    in Entertainment

    Show #117........... 

    Our fave Video Vixen Thee one & only Bobbie Jean Brown calls in to catch us up on all things with her, Ex-Wives of Rock? & more !!

    Comedian / Youtube Sensation & star of Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2  Vic Dibitetto? returns to Totally Driven Radio  

    Lead Singer of Bay Area Thrashers Trauma USA? ... Donny Hillier calls into to promote their 1st album in 30 years.... Rapture & Wrath

    Plus Kristyn Burtt will be calling in with her Hollywood Report 

    And, Bay and Nick will be talking anything & everything.

    The phone lines are open, 718-508-9883

    Call in with a topic & win a prize !

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    Singer/Dancer Legynd

    in Entertainment

    Legynd ([lej-uh nd]), born October 28, 1983, Charles Marcus Anthony Jones Jr., In Hollywood, Ca. Legynd later moved to Atlanta , Ga., where he now resides. He is currently working on his Debut Album entitled “L.O.L” Life of Legynd; under R.I.M.M. Global Media Record Label...Legynd was raised in a God fearing home by his loving grandmother Katherine Stewart. She instilled high morals and values in Legynd, which he vows to carry for the rest of his life. Legynd always had a passion for music and the performing arts. At the young age of 5 years old, he began to demonstrate his talents. He started modeling with “Yasha Models of Atlanta", for shows such as "The Annual March of Dimes for Healthier Babies” Fashion Show Extravaganza. He also performed at various fundraisers such as, The Department of Family and Children Services, BellSouth Junior Achievement, Northlake Mall Atlanta Georgia, (special event programs), and many more highly profiled shows.  Legynd was persistence in his quest to emulate every move and every beat of his idol, “Michael Jackson”. 



    Instagram: Legynd

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    Texas Biker Radio #29 - Mall Threat Is It Real?

    in Podcasting

    Texas Biker Radio With Mel Moss and and Mel Robins..

    On Tobights Show; Republicans Cave On Amnesty - Always the same suspects - When Banks starts charging for deposits - Boy vs Man - CIA Big Brother - Internet Regulations "Permits are coming" - O'Keef Strikes again - Immigration "Who's getting in? - ISIS On The Move

    All That BS and more... Tonight 8:30PM 

    SEE YA!



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    Get in Shape w/ The Doctor

    in Religion

    Come and meet us each Saturday at : Southland Mall, Memphis Tn- in front of former Macy store.. at 9:00am to 9:30am as we walk in front of the Mall..   Lets Get in Shape with the Doctor.. 

    The walk is free no charge or donations... contact us at 901) 228-8274 or Email us at : BlessofRehoboth@aol.com 

    Visit the church services each Tuesday at 6:pm for Bible study and each Sunday at 10:30 for Sunday School and 11:30am for Worship Services.. come to 4275 Winchester Rd- Ste 3628 Commerce Cr -Memphis Tn 38118


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