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    2012 Tax Preparation and Planning

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    My guest will be Anil Melwani.  Anil is  President of Armel Tax & Accounting Services.  Prior to founding the firm in 2008, Anil saw business from both the inside and out. He served as Vice President at Armel Enterprises Inc., an importer & distributor of home furnishings, where he oversaw the finances and operations of a successful small business for five years. His duties included budgeting, forecasting, and inventory control, meeting with merchandise managers of major retailers, and traveling to Asia to develop and source new products. Prior to that, Anil, a graduate of Babson College, worked for the accounting firms Deloitte & Touche and Weiser LLP. During that time he was an integral part of the audit engagement team for several clients including Forever 21, India Abroad & Rediff.com, LensCrafters, Merrill Lynch, and the Rockefeller Investment Group.

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    ProWMMA NOW! 12

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    Tonights episode will be a full recap of Invicta FC 5 as our host Gina Begley was present for the event.  We will break it down fight for fight while accepting listener call ins for their thoughts and experiences on the show.We will also discuss upcoming events taking place for WMMA with the XFC and UFC. 
    First we will bring on Armel Nunnely to give a preview of his all female amateur event taking place May 18th.  Amateur females will want to hear about Gladiatrix's Rising!
    Part of the ProMMANow.com Radio Network 

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    2012 Tax Preparation and Planning

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    My guest will be Anil Melwani, CPA.  Anil is President of Armel Tax & Accounting Services.  We will be discussing what business owners and individuals need to know in prepartion for the 2012 tax season.

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    2322541Carl Dobkins Wishes Loyal Fan of WV a Happy Birthday

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    Carl Dobkins Wishes  Loyal Fan of WV a Happy Birthday

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    Two Guard Front 2.3: Golden State Warriors

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    The next segment of Two Guard Front with Cyril Armel and Martin Soaries is dedicated to the no.1 team in the NBA, the Golden State Warriors.

    The questions is will this be a 60-win team? They're on pace at 19-2 and on a 14-game win streak. Offensively is where the focus always points to with this team but they're doing things well on both sides of the ball. More topics included their depth, Iguodala's limited but needed role, David Lee's iimminent return from injury, Steve Kerr's system, and what it means looking at this team as a Finals contender long term.


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    Two Guard Front 2.1: Top 5 NBA Point Guards

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    Martin Soaries and Cyril Armel bring you the opening segment of the second episode of Two Guard Front - the toughest back court on podcast. 

    Jumping into the best NBA point guards right now, it's fair to say that Chris Paul and Stephen Curry are at the top, but there's still some sorting out as to who comes directly after... Kyle Lowry? John Wall? Kyrie Irving? Damian Lillard? Mike Conley? Rajon Rondo? Russell Westbrook was respectfully omitted for now since he is just returned and the discussion is about this season.



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    Two Guard Front: Pilot

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    The Two Guard Front podcast featuring hosts Martin Soaries (@marley_mcfly) and Cyril Armel (@cee_armel) kicked off on recording date Tuesday, December 2, 2014. Cee and Martin go into some special NBA topics now just over a month into the season.

    First topic is going back to the popular offseason conversation of who has the best back court in the NBA. We seem to know who it is, or who it should be, but Martin points out one that could now be a threat and Cee points to a more unconventional pairing.

    As guards, Martin and Cee touch on some of the offensive systems in the league they would like to play in. San Antonio, Phoenix, Golden State, and even New York were mentioned.

    Slow starts and pleasant surprises - 

    Cee: Clippers, Nuggets

    Martin: Cavaliers, Hornets, Bucks, Grizzlies

    On the rise

    Cee: Gordon Hayward (Basketball Society sleeper of the month in November)


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    Cyber Mix Tape Show

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    The Cyber Mix Tape Show is a collection of hottness from all over the globe!

    This episode features Kayaro Records artist JhaVoice and Armel The Great from Ancient Coins-A/R-G.O.D Inc.

    JhaVoice talks about her song contest at OUrStage.com and Armel kicks it about the new album he is working on, and his history with the Wu-Tang Clan and GZA, and more!