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    Getting Hot In The Kitchen with Special Guest - The Cocktail Architect

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    Please join us this Monday night, October 26th, 2015 at 9pm for another fun episode of Getting In The Kitchen with Dr. Dave and Venus Quintana.

    We will be interviewing and talking with Yusef and Nandini Austin of The Cocktail Architect. They run a high end cocktail consultancy and training company. They have been on FOX 5 news recently. We will have a fun, informative and entertaining evening. Don't hesitate to call in with questions, comments or stories.

    Yusef Austin, referred to as the man in the know has imaginatively designed specialty cocktails for more events then one can count. From corporate events to private celebrity functions, weddings and soiree's all over the globe Yusef Austin’s cocktail empire can proudly state satisfied clients such as Tom Ford, Colin Cowie, Naeem Khan, Neiman Marcus, Ports 1961, Frapin, Amouage, and Bank of America, just to name a few.

    Hoping that you get to tune in!

    Dr. Dave and Venus

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    Jason Tapia - Architect

    in Business

    Jason Tapia AIA, LEED AP, NCARB, CDT is a registered architect in the states of Florida and New York. Jason earned a Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University in 1997 and a Master of Science in Architecture Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2010. He has been practicing architecture for eighteen years and is a Principal at Building Center No. 3, a design firm that offers services in the disciplines of architecture, landscape and interiors. His areas of expertise include the design of buildings using life cycle assessment tools, building performance modeling and passive design strategies. 

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    Interior Architect, Aishah Coleman

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    Interior Architect, Aishah Coleman

    Growing up in the Bronx in the 1970’s, Aishah Coleman was always struck by the amount of abandoned buildings around the borough. Even at a young age, Aishah began to dream of studying Architecture to help rebuild her neighborhood. By the time she grew up and got her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture however, the Bronx had beaten her to the punch and rebuilt itself without her! Inspired, rather than defeated, by the rebirth of her neighborhood, Aishah simply cast a wider net, dedicating her career to working with companies that specialized in residential design and community development.

    With over 22 years of experience in Design & Construction, Aishah has worked in both the private and public sector, managing projects ranging from $5 million to $75 million. In 2006, Aishah opened her own part-time interior design business while she still worked full time on other projects.

    As much as she loved working on the larger development projects, Aishah discovered that her true passion was working directly with people to bring the dreams they have for their homes to life. So in 2009, with her Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Diploma in Interior Decorating, she decided to take her interior design business full time. Her goal is to be a one stop for her clients to service all of their interior design needs. For Aishah, it’s all about seeing her clients react when they see she has made their dream home a reality. “This is the most gratifying experience that you cannot put a price on.”

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    Battlebards and The Architect of AEONS Episode

    in Hobbies

    Dungeon Crawlers Radio is excited to bring you another double interview for tonights show.  We will start the show off with once again with Battlebards talking about their new Fantasy Audio for Tabletop Gamers system and the changes they have made for their Kickstarter.

    Battlebards is Spotify meets Tabletop RPGs -- Battlebards is the most expansive Tabletop Audio Library and Tools ever assembled to make your campaigns simply epic. And, everything is accessible straight through your browser.  

    Tailor-made background music inspired by fantasy races, voiceover scripts written to bring life to everyday NPC interactions, and a colossal array of bone crushing, spell fire blasting sound effects... this is immersive gaming at its best for the Player and the GM.

    Then we will wrap the show up with an interview with John C Wright talking about his new book, The Architect of AEONS


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    the architect

    in Sports

    the architect continued

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    Speech Designer and Idea Architect Dr Michelle Mazur on Women of Wisdom

    in Motivation

    On Women of Wisdom today, Best-Selling Author, Win Kelly Charles welcomes Speech Designer and Idea Architect, Dr. Michelle Mazur! Dr. Michelle believes that every presentation should be an experience and that the only thing that stands between you and success is giving your ideas a voice. She is the CEO of Communication Rebel and will be sharing her encouraging energy with everyone on the program today.  Visit her website www.drmichellemazur.com for more information and to get your copy of her powerful tool: The Audience Journey. www.wincharles.com is Win’s website where you can find out more about your host. FOLLOW this program www.blogtalkradio.com/wcawomanwithcp and on the Fan Page www.facebook.com/wcawomanwithcp 

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    CUTV News Radio spotlights business performance architect Joanne Eckton

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    Lebanon, TN – There’s a terrible statistic that states that 95 percent of people go home from work unhappy, unsatisfied and unfulfilled. We all know someone who can’t wait to quit their job and do something fun. They want to start their own business or retire. They’re always looking forward to the day they can leave. You’re not going to get productivity out of that person in that position.

    If you’re a business that’s looking to achieve better results, the best place to start is with your people. Far more than traditional incentives like bonuses and raises, what people really want out of their job is a vision they can believe in. They want to be part of something bigger than themselves and do something worthwhile. So how can we help our employees align with a vision they can believe in?

    Joanne Eckton is a business performance architect specializing in helping organizations to improve team performance, retain top talent and virtually eliminate morale problems. Joanne is a widely recognized expert in aligning teams to perform with purpose. She brings the knowledge and skills that help business owners implement simple but time-tested strategies to get results faster and more efficiently.

    “I help business leaders change their work environment so people are actually happy to be a part of a team instead of looking for that escape route,” says Joanne. “I help design a workplace where people are happy to be in their jobs. By helping business understand the simple changes they can make to improve team performance, my clients will not only improve their business results but also impact the lives of many.”

    For more information on Joanne Eckton, visit www.joanneeckton.com


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    The Renovation Report: Dave Wilber Talks to Golf Architect Jeff Mingay

    in Golf

    Join Dave Wilber and Golf Course Architect Jeff Mingay for a discussion centered around distance.

    Canada's Jeff Mingay has studied golf course architecture from every angle. This time we look at the concept of distance and the effect it has on renovations and restorations. Jeff isn't short of opinions and this will be a lively discussion.

    Brought to you by Jacobsen and Golf Preservations.

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    TONIGHT, APRIL 23, 2015…10:30p C/ 11:30 p E…Call/Chat/Listen ~ 347-637-3074

     Today the senate confirmed Loretta Lynching as U. S. Atty. Gen.

    L. Lynching saved the BIG BANKS from failing & being prosecuted for their crimes and has approved the continued systematic killings of Black & Brown people. Is this why Obama selected her?

    The NAACP, AL “ Alice Cahrlatan” Sharpton, & other Niggah  preachers supported her and encouraged uninformed Black folks to support her nomination.

    Call in to share your thoughts

    Join in the lively discussions that always take place at THE LOTUS PLACE!               







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    NABWIC TALKS with: Lolalisa D. King of Architect for Life

    in Women

    Lolalisa D. King is one of the first one hundred African-American women in the entire United States licensed to practice architecture. She serves as President of a green consulting and sustainability corporation providing full-service holistic deliverables with projects in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana and Texas. She recently received reciprocity in Colorado and Massachusetts with a newly formed Denver address. She has served on various boards including the AIA, YWCA, Assisted Living, Christian Message through Art and more. She served as Board Chair of the Orlando Technical Community College downtown campus. Her dynamic negotiation skills have proven successful throughout the different environments and venues. At the one-time largest architectural-engineering firm in the southeast United States, approximately 1600 employees, she made her mark by establishing a benchmark for dealing with clients and contractors. She used her technical expertise and business savvy to negotiate the best deals and conduct the most productive meetings. She had a gift for calming the most irate contractor or the most difficult client. Some of the buildings for which she was a major contributor include Emerald Point Water Park, Sears Customer Service Center, Airport Business Park, the Greensboro Municipal Building Conference Room, the third floor addition to FourSeasons Town Center, the Molecular Biology and Glaxo Research Laboratories at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,plus numerous aviation, office, educational, commercial, industrial, medical and manufacturing facilities throughout the state of North Carolina.

    www.architectforlife.com or lking@architectforlife.com

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    Automated Marketing Architect, Ely Delaney

    in Marketing

    Today on Video Marketing Madness it’s Automated Marketing Architect,Ely Delaney. He’s going to talk about how to use video as a follow up tool with people you network with to build lasting relationships. We also had news of the week and Ray's tip of the week.

    Ely's website with all kinds of great resources on growing your business is YourMarketingUniversity.com. Listen to his podcast at DrivingYourMarketing.com.

    Today's show made possible by Vidneos. It's a great way to automate your video marketing tasks. RaysBonuses.com/Vidneos

    Ray's tip of the week is using Facebook Voice Messaging. Here's Ray's video on how to do that.

    Be sure to "Like" the Video Marketing Madness Facebook page to get the plenty of useful tips and the news of the week: Facebook.com/VideoMarketingMadness

    And Ray's MasterMind group is at: Facebook.com/Groups/OnlineVideoMarketers