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    Yonkers Insider Online Radio Show.

    in Politics

    Guest will be: Jeffrey Deskovic, Criminal Justice Advocate and Exoneree, head of the Jeffrey Deskovic Foundation for Justice.
    www.jeffreydeskovicspeaks.org   http://www.thejeffreydeskovicfoundationforjustice.org/   The Yonkers Insider Online Radio Show with The Yonkers Insider and co host Michael Sheehan at 11:30 A.M..
    The Call In Number is: 347-237-4297.
    Yonkers Insider:
    Michael Sheehan:

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    Channelings From the Divine

    in Spirituality

    Join Kili Amma every Wednesday @ 2pm central for a live channel from the Divine Mother Archangel Michael St. Germaine and/or other Ascended Masters and Angels. 
    Kili Amma is a messenger and a clear channel. While opening her consiousness and anchoring into the Divine, Kili Amma can receive information and channel Divine Light energies to assist others on their path.
    Through these messages we bring forth information and vibrational shifts, through energy transmissions, for the new earth and the new You.
    For more information on Kili Amma please visit http://www.kiliamma.com
    email~ kiliamma@yahoo.com

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    in Spirituality

    This show features Dr. Likey's SOUL ORACLE CARDStm in action! Call in 1-310-742-1923, tweet, and/or use our chat-board with your question for Dr. Likey. To learn more about the cards: www.souloraclecards.com
    Rev. Dr. Michael Likey discusses an inspiring and transformative topic of a self-help/personal-growth nature based on his book "The Science of the Soul". A Higher-Consciousness Meditation is featured each time as well. Dr. Likey is an International Author, Spiritual Teacher and Therapist. Learn more here: www.michaellikey.com   Original music available on iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/misty-moors-ancient-wisdom/id373487748

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    Kagol Talk Ep. 19

    in Jobs

    We are Back from Break!
    Talking about Health Care Managment and joining us is special guest Michael Z.

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    Too Late To Be The Morning

    in Entertainment

    Cazador Radio presents "Too Late To Be The Morning" hosted by Dan "Dice" Narciso, Michael Flores and Ed Vanderlee.

    These three are working into the wee hours of the night/morning and sleep deprived. Join them as the rant, rave  and just shoot the shit. What chaos will ensue?

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    The Michael Cutler Hour

    in Politics Conservative

    Retired 30 Year INS Officer Michael Cutler covers the headlines

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    Portia Goddess of Opportunity and Archangel Raphael - I AM!

    in Spirituality

    We are back live today! It feels good to be back at home after traveling with the ascended Masters direction to new experiences with souls of light and God direction.
    The Ascended Masters are alive and well and therefore All is Well where I AM! Join us today for another entering sesion heart to heart with the Beings of the Great Whtie Cloud of the Brotherhood of All Light! 
    I AM Grateful for you and your Hearts of Light!
    Goddess of Opportunity and Justice as well as beloved Twin Flame of Saint Germain and our Mother of Aquarius and member of the Great Karmic Board along Archangel Raphael come to give resonation with us today. In this resonation Portia and Saint Germain bring baptisim of fire to those who are daily entering in in the giving of daily decrees and then being present for the resonation(s). This was seen by me as they were giving this baptisim as the same impetus that was place upon Jesus when he was baptized by water by John The Baptist. And the Living Word of God came forth and those in the presence of this Word and this Light witnessed..." This is my beloved Son in whom I AM well pleased!" And today it was spoken that these are my beloved Ones in whol I AM grateful and I AM proud!" So through this resonation we also find ourselves in the stead of our elder brother Jesus as we walk the same path he also trode. And we find ourselves Maitreya's own....
    We will spend durations of sacred space raising each other to higher dimensions of Being through resonation heart to heart. Have you traversed the fields of love that empower you to the illumination within? Have you set your course for the stars and come to realize that you're the ultimate destiny? Do you find that there is a unique aspect of you, that you long to share? Have you always been a mystic at heart? Then come and share the hearth fires of the heart where God rises as the flaming phoenix within all as One.

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    Zarayana Radio

    in Spirituality

    Join Host Evan Pas as we explore the world of Myth and the role that it plays in our lives!
    Producer Daniel Michael will be there as well and in the later parts of the show we will open up the Lines for free Tarot /Oracle readings.

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    FPA Radio presents - Red vs Blue High Stakes Radio - Week 6

    in Sports

    show time: 11pm est http://tobtr.com/s/3750157
    THE WALKING DEAD RETURNS SUNDAY NIGHT 9PM EST! Since we'll be watching the game, be sure to SET YOUR DVR!!! --- ZOMBIES RULE !!!! 
    Join Scott Atkins & Michael Trent as they look forward to Week 6 in the National Football League!
    Special Guests: 
    Craig Mastro - High Stakes Player tells us WHO TO START and WHO TO SIT at each position for Week 6. 
    Justin LaLonde - Weekly Game siteVP of FantasyFeud.com  DO YOU MISS THE DRAFT EXPERIENCE? WE DO TOO!
    We'll be drafting LIVE to check it out at 11:15 EST! Space is limited. Entry Fee is $11.00. Let's give it a spin!
    Sign up in advance at www.fantasyfeud.com - Use the Special REFERRAL Code - FPA or click the link below. 
    This link will give you a 50% deposit bonus!
    Once you're signed up, go to the LOBBY and click SINGLE EVENTS. I've created a league called Red vs Blue - The password is FPA. We'll be drafting at 11:15 EST. 
    What makes this site different from all the others? You actually RE-DRAFT against your oppponents, SNAKE draft style in leagues of any size 2+ teams. Takes minutes to draft!
    Can't wait to try out the College Football draft on Saturday!

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    DeVanity with Michael Caruso

    in Entertainment

    ♥Join us as we talk with creator, writer, director and actor Michael Caruso about his web series, DeVanity.  It has been nominated for Best Drama, Best Ensamble, Best Cinemotgraphy.  This show is a throw back to the days of Dynasty- a family who has built an empire selling high-end jewelry, but there are issues a plenty within the high-profile clan.  ♥We'll talk to Michael about his experiences and what he thinks of the direction the soap genre is going...you won't want to miss it!

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    Poetry Corner

    in Writing

    Author Christina Leigh Pritchard will be sharing a song from Jessica Bell (in honor of her new book) as well as updating everyone on some things...All relating to prose! 
    We'll also hear from Sam and Maddy--two CASTING CALL WINNERS for the future C I N Books!
    As a treat, a song from Jason Sweet, (Yes that was done on purpose!) will be played since he is a man of prose himself--writing and preparing all of his music! His music has been played on hit shows and by other bands, too. 

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    The Night He Came Home...again...and again!

    in Movies

    Michael Myers refuses to die, each and every time you think the "boogeyman" has laid his head down to rest - he keeps coming back in sequel after sequel. Join us tonight as we go over each film in the HALLOWEEN series, including Rob Zombie's remake and a detailed comparison of the infamous Producer's Cut of part 6! 

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