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    Gecko Crazy with Tom Favazza

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    Some folks in the Herp world display a natural aptitude for the species they chose to work with, and yet somehow manage to stay well under the radar. Gecko guru Tom Favazza is one such individual. Despite his proficiency in keeping and breeding many different species of arboreal geckos, Mr. Favazza is hardly a household name to most folks in the world lizard keeping community. Until now that is ! Join your host CK as Reptile Radio welcomes  Tom and his diverse cast of sticky toed characters to our studio for the first time. Whether your crestie is your bestie, or you've got a hankerin' for some henkeli, there's gonna be somethin' for everyone who loves these fascinating wall-climbing critters in this episode.

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    Eric and Owen tonight

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    In this episode we will be talking about our trip to the ICAS.
    The International Collective Arboreal Symposium

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    LIVE from ICAS

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    We will be broadcasting live from the ICAS.
    This is the must attend event for all morelia lovers. We will be giving you a blow by blow of what is happening at the show. We will have some special guests stopping by and talking with us.

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    Buddy Buscemi and Barry Manson talk about the ICAS

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    In this episode we will be joined by Buddy Buscemi and Barry Manson and we will be talking about the upcoming 
    ICAS-  International Collective Arboreal Symposium. This is a must attend event for all of you morelia enthuisists. 
    Check out the site and make your resorvation today.
    We will also be talking with them about chondros and tanimbar scrubs.

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    Marc Spataro is back

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    In this episode we will be talking to Marc Spataro.  Marc had success last year breeding his boelens pythons and we will talk about it and see how this years season is going for him so far.
    Also, we will be talking about his chondros and his thoughts on keeping them.
    And finally we will hit on the must attend event for anyone that is into morelia. the ICAS
    International Collective Arboreal Symposium 

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    Let's talk about pokies!

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    Because...  why not!?

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    Buddy Buscemi talks about the ICAS

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    On this episode of MPR we will be talking to Buddy Buscemi about the ICAS.
     August 3rd, 4th & 5th 2013- The 1st Annual International Collective Arboreal Symposium in Hunt Valley, Maryland.   We will also be talking about chondros and how to find an enrty level chondro. Buddy is also breeding tanimbar scrub pythons. We will discuss how the expierence is going so far. Buddy will also do his best to try to convince Owen to finally break down and get a chondro. http://gtpkeeper.com/

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    Greg Stephens talks chondros

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    We are talking chondros tonight with one of the best guys in the biz. Greg Stephens.   His setup alone would make any herper drool.   If your into chondros or are thinking about taking the plunge we are bringing it to you and giving all the info you will need to be sucsessful with this fabulous group of snakes.   Check out Greg's site Arboreal Specialities    http://www.arborealspecialties.com/Home.html

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    Ron Rundo from Insert works joins us.

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    Tonight we are paid a visit from Ron Rundo joins us to talk about  his unique approach to interior habitat design.
    He  specializes in custom made, hand sculpted
      inserts for arboreal snakes. We are glad to finally be able to talk to Ron about his approach to habitat design.   Check out Insert works http://www.insertswork.com/

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    Ron Rundo from Insert works and David Means join us

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    Tonight we have a couple of guests.
    First up, Our good friend David Means is dropping by and letting us know about The Dangerous Animal Initiative will hold a public meeting in mid-late October. It is very important that anyone in Virginia that owns a reptile and wishes to continue owning any reptile be at that meeting. The workgroup is looking at what factors may make exotic/wild animals "dangerous", and not just to humans, but to Virginia. They will be looking at how these animals can harm humans directly (bite, crush, constrict, other) but also indirectly (disease, parasites, other). They will also be looking at how these animals can harm the ecosystem and agriculture in Virginia directly (invasive, other) and indirectly (disease, parasites, other). What will this mean to reptile keepers? All reptiles will be considered, not just venomous and large constrictors. What will this mean to other exotic/wild animal keepers?
    If you would like to help, need more information, or want email updates, please email me at: virginiaexoticban@gmail.com 
    Then we are taking a look into the craftmanship of Ron Rundo of Insert works.
    He specializes in custom made, hand sculpted inserts for arboreal snakes.These specially made inserts are available for reptiles and amphibians.