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    Aquarium News - May 2013

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    This month the show is being broadcast live from the Ocean State Reef Conference in Warwick, Rhode Island.  In addition to getting you up to speed on all the latest developments in the aquarium hobby Bill and Steve will also be joined by several guests from aquarium clubs telling who will be holding events in the near future!

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    Aquarium News - March 2013

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    This month the Aquarium News is broadcast live from the Farmers Frag Market sponsored by the E.O. Smith Coral Project in Storrs, Connecticut.  Bill and Steve will also highlight upcoming events like the Tropical Fish Society of Rhode Island's Spring Auction and the 38th Annual NEC Convention, And the Ocean State Reef Conference.

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    Aquarium News August 2012

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    TheAquarium News features all the latest news about the activities and events of Aquarium Societies and Fish clubs from around the world.   Join your hosts, Bill Gill and Steve Allen for a recap of our recent aquarium related events as well as a preview of upcoming meetings and other events.

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    Aquarium News Decmeber 2012

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    In this month's episode we will the  November activities of the Boston Aquarium Society including the Swap Meet / Auction,  an update on the Tri-State Bowl Show, the lates standings in the BAS bowl show, an update on the BAS Breeders Initiative including the BAS C.A.R.E.S.  program.  We also will be talking about the festivities at the upcoming BAS holiday party on Dec 17th.  We will also be updating everyone on other aquatic activites in the Northeast including exciting news about a new aquatic plant group forming in New England.
    We will also be joined by Dr. Anthony Mazeroll Ph.D. Director of Environmental Studies at Soka University of America.  Dr. Mazeroll will be filling us in on his field research in Cambodia and the Peruvian Amazon.

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    Aquarium News February 2013

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    Entering Ferbruary the Aquarium Hobby is in full swing with reports on several major events coming up in the Northeast.  Bill and Steve will recap various auctions, frag swaps, hobby events and recent store visits attended by the Aquarium news.  We will also talk about the launch of our new website at AquariumNews.net and some of the new features we will be rolling out there.   We will be discussing the details of the  3rd stage of the Tri-State Show in Chicopee, MA. on Feb. 17th.   Rich Peirce from the NEC will join us to discuss plans for the upcoming Tropical Fish Show at the NEC Convention in April. Rich will also be conducting a DIY  workshop at the convention.  The show will also feature an in-depth interview with Jon Swanson, MS. discussion the E.O. Smith Coral Project, an education based conservation project. Jon will also be talking about the project's upcoming Farmers Frag Market, in Storrs CT..  In it's sixth year the Farmers Frag Market has grown to become New England's biggest frag swap.

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    Aquarium News - April 2013 - Part 1

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    Bill and Steve are joined by aquarium hobby legend, Ray "Kingfish" Lucas to kick off live coverage at the 38th NEC Convention in Cromwell, CT.   Aquarium News will be broadcasting several live podcasts throughout the weekend!
    The broadcast also highlights items that were up for auction to raise funds for the James J. White Memorial Conservation Fund.

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    Aquarium News - April 2013 - Part 2

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    We continue our live coverage of the 38th Annual NEC (Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies) Convention.  Bill and Steve were joined by Rit Forcier, Chairmain Emeritus of the of the Amercian Livebearer Association to highlight the upcoming ALA Convention in Michigan.

  • The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show.

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    Sunday September 13th 2015 at Midnight Europe Time. 11 PM UK Time, 6 PM EST, 5 PM CST, 4 PM MST, 3 PM PST Wacko Bob of The Wacko Radio Network is pleased to produce the next episode of The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show. This upcoming episode hosted by Jungle Jim Carmark and Willy "The Beast" Forrest will feature a two part episode. The first episode part Jim Carmark and Willy will discuss freshwater biotopes and the aspect of keeping freshwater biotope aquariums.

    The second part of this episode will feature a discussion with Mr Steve Allen of the Boston Reef Club and The Boston Aquarium Club about Marine Biotopes and the aspect of keeping marine biotope aquariums.

    Photo Credits: Wikipedia

    Tune into all the great programming of the Wacko Radio Network and do not forget that every episode can be heard at anytime as an On Demand Listen on Blogtalkradio.

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    The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show

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    The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show returns to The Wacko Radio Network on Sunday August 30th 2015 at Midnight Europe Time, 11 PM UK Time, 6 PM EST, 5 PM CST, 4 PM MST, 3 PM PST. This episode marks the new radio season on The Wacko Radio Network. The show will be produced by Wacko Bob Guercia the owner of the Wacko Radio Network and with the new season the hosts Jungle Jim Carmark and Willy The Beast Forrest. This show will feature two parts one part talking about freshwater aquarium keeping and the aquarium news from that aspect and then Steve Allen from the Boston Reef Club and The Boston Aquarium Club will join the hosts for the second part of the program to discuss what is happening in the marine aquarium hobby

    Artwork by Neil Myles:

    Tune into the starting program of the new radio season as the hosts return to host The Reefs and Rivers Aquarium Show on The Wacko Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio

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    Aquarium News September 2013

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    All the latest news and information on the aquarium hobby, We will recap allot of the August events we attended like the Ornamental Fish Health Symposium at University of New England in Biddeford, ME, The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies Summer Auction in CT, and the Boston Aquarium Societies tour of the rennovations at the New England Aquarium.  Also get the latest on upcoming auctions, frag swaps, shows, conventions, workshops, lectures, and we will also be joined by Bob Fenner from Wet Web Media!

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    Best of Aquarium News - Aquarium Hobby Legend Alan Fletcher

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    In the inaugural episode of the "Best of Aquarium News" we feature an interview Bill and Steve conducted in October of 2012 with aquarium hobby legend, Alan Fletcher.   Alan recounts how he became involved with Dr. William T. Innes, father of the modern tropical fish hobby in North America. He discusses the laswuit between Innes and Herbert R. Axelrod.  He also instructs us on the proper usage of the terms fish and fishes. Alan also discusses how tropical fish were transported during the hobby prior to world war II and the impact it had on developing the hobby during the 1950s