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    Hydra Radio - Naomi Skinner of Gulf Coast Reef and Aquaculture

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    Guest will be Naomi Skinner of Gulf Coast Reef and Aquaculture.

    Topics include aquaculture and breeding of saltwater fish

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    Education for Aquaculture Industry Wholesaler

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    On Saturday July 7th at 10 pm est,9 pm cst and 7 pm pst,Kathy Deutsch former employee of Beldts Aquarium will be having a discussion about wholesaling tropical fish and plants.

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    Aquaculture in Ohio

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    Aquaculture in Ohio

    See our 1 minute promotion http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qrd66Ddnn3Q

    Producing domestic aquaculture products fills the growing demand for safe, sustainable, and locally produced food as well as providing economic opportunity in rural areas.

    Join Jason Winters, Director of the MBA Small Business Entrepreneurship Program at the University of Rio Grande, an MBA Student, and Patrick Dengel, Business Development Specialist with The Ohio State University in Piketon on March 24 from 4:00 to 430 in the afternoon. We will be featuring Dr. Laura Tiu, Aquaculture Specialist and Senior Research Associate with the Ohio State University South Centers in Piketon.

    We will be discussing:
    - The current status of Aquaculture in Ohio.
    - The Ohio Center for Aquaculture Research and Development.
    - Fresh Water Shrimp – one of many recent successes.
    - How to get help with training and business applications.
    - An international aquaculture program at the South Centers.
    - Genetic research on fish species in Ohio.

    Again join Dr. Laura, Tiu on Thursday, March 24 from 4:00 to 4:30 pm on blog-talk radio. You will find Laura highly knowledge and informative about how The Ohio Center for Aquaculture Research and Development has been instrumental in the growth of the aquaculture industry in Ohio.

    GO TO http://sbdc.osu.edu/pdonline/ to see a listing of all POD CASTS on Blog-Talk Radio

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    Education for Aquaculture Industry - Veterinarian

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      Dr. Allen Riggs - Veternarian - ATOLL Program   On Friday July 20th 2012, at 10 PM EST, 9 PM CST, 7 PM PST and 4 PM HST
    The Under the Sea Radio Show is pleased to have scheduled Dr. Allen Riggs for a discussion about the ATOLL water quality and maintaining proper aquaculture systems with a concern for biosecurity.
    Mr. Ray Owczarzak a professional aquarist that has worked for the Shedd Aquarium and the National Aquarium in Baltimore will be part of a panel for this discussion about the importance of aquaculturists and aquarists to know about biosecurity in aquariums and aquaculature systems.
    Aquarists should also know about proper quarantining methods and systems and this discussion will be interesting for the Under The Sea Radio Show listeners!

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    THE DIGITAL DRUMMER: Jim Neusom with Urban Tech Fair Official Radio Broadcast

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    Protecting Innocence Campaign and Shekinah Ranch Foundation Founder PASTOR DONOVAN LARKINS beats the drum sharing the tech of agriculture, aquaculture, and renewable enegry! Call In (646) 716-7994 or join the conversation in the chat.

    As the official radio broadcast of the Urban Tech Fair, from blog to radio, Jim Neusom brings to conversation some of the awesome, interesting, historical, and down right technical digital information he shares online...From Blacks and people of color in Technology to S.T.E.M., latest tech trends and strategies that empower us and our communities.

    For Urban Tech Fair updates subscribe to The Urban Tech Fair at www.urbantechfair.org and LIKE us at http://facebook.com/UrbanTechFair.

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    Nano Reef Hour - - Jellyfish Art - Moon JellyFish

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    On Sunday October 12th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, Join Joe and Albert as they welcome J.R. Corvison,Operating Partner, from Jellyfish Art as they discuss the beautiful Moon Jellyfish. Other topics they will touch on include :

    Sustainable aquaculture of jellyfish for use in our aquariums.
    Recent improvements to the original Jellyfish Art Desktop Jellyfish Tank since we acquired the company
    The new Jellyflap aquarium that we recently made available
    Just spreading the word about jellyfish as pets in general. So please tune in for a really great discussion.






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    Nano Reef Hour - Mike Noce - Fritz Industries

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    On Sunday October 5th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pst,  we will discuss the importance of bacteria in the saltwater aquarium

    Mike has been with Fritz Industries for over 12 years and is currently sales manager for the Fritz Specialty Division.  The Specialty Division develops, manufactures and distributes biological and chemical products for several industries including pet (aquarium), pond and water garden, aquaculture and professional facilities (zoos and aquariums).

    Mike has been a hobbyist since he was 8, when he had his first freshwater aquarium.  Since then he has worked in several jobs in the aquarium industry and kept/bred many freshwater and saltwater species.



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    The Fine Art of Paleontology - Fossils and Limestones

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    On Monday October 13th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst,  join New Mexico Museum of Natural History's field paleontologist Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman as they discuss limes...tone, how it forms and the fossils found in it. Ken McKeighen has studied the limestones of the Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Mississippian and Pennsylvanian from the Midwest to the southwest. This will be an interesting and informative discussion for fossil hunters and rockhounds. Also tune in for a huge announcement regarding new things on the Under The Sea Radio Show !






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    Thursday Night Gospel Florala Alabama. PACERS Work Day @ Florala High School

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    PACERS Club @http://floralalockhartpacers.wordpress.com Florala/Lockhart PACERS Chapter

    PACERS assists communities and schools to offer its nationally-recognized programs in science, entrepreneurship, writing, visual arts, community history, music, drama, and publishing.

    Aquaculture Students Present…Aquaculture

    Students are involved in growing tilapia, catfish, Koi, goldfish, and rainbow trout. They are responsible for feeding the fish, flushing filters, and testing water quality. In the spring, students spawn goldfish and Koi. Each year the tilapia fingerlings are collected to replenish our quantity. The tilapia are cooked at the yearly fish fry.

    The fish waste from the filters is used as fertilizer on our garden next to the fishery. Students raise plants in hydroponic beds inside and outside the fishery.

    Take a tour of the fishery by clicking here.

    We are very proud of our aquaculture program. It is one of the few programs of this caliber in the state.Project Coordinator: Jeannie Ward Community Chapter Volunteer: Teresa Jackson

    Florala/Lockhart Community PACERS Chapter

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    Aquaculture to Save Our Reefs - Dr.Shai Shafir

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    On Friday June 22nd at 10 pm est,9 pm cst and 7 pm pst,Dr. Shai ShafRi  from ATOLL,( University of Hawaii) has been scheduled to be on the Under The Sea Radio Show.
    Dr.Shafir,from Israel, is an expert in the field of Aquaculture and Reef Conservation.
    The show will be primarily focused on his teachings for the ATOLL project.

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    Carnivorous Plants - Pitcher Plants

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    On Friday October 10th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, Join Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman as they discuss the carnivorous pitcher plants of North America. These fascinating plants catch and feed on insects to get the nitrogen they need to survive in the boggy areas they are found.Pitcher plants are several different carnivorous plants that have evolved modified leaves known as a pitfall trap – a prey-trapping mechanism featuring a deep cavity filled with liquid. Tune in for another exciting show !






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