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    RTWE feat. Beautiful SeeAsia - Breast Cancer Awareness

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    October is Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence awareness month. According to the American Cancer Society, Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women. It's estimated that about 1 in 8 (12%) women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. About 226,870 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in women. About 39,510 women will die from breast cancer.

    A Queen By All Means (AQBAM) is holistically committed to arming women during the month of October as we fight in two campaigns against breast cancer & domestic violence in our immediate homes and communities. This is a call for sisters who are serious about upgrading their lifestyles through diet, health, selective partnerships and sisterhood. Connect with like minds and raise the consciousness of others!

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    AQBAM UNIVERSITY: Meet the Masters of the Universe

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    Four PROFOUND guests are on A Queen By All Means Radio tonight for a powerful show!
    There's no way you can claim to be a man or woman of the universe without understanding its pertinence to humanity, nature and the events that take place.
    RaAkhu - Cozmophysician, Astrologer
    SiStar Myrah - Astrologer, Metaphysician
    Ever Reese - Life Coach & Astrologer
    Noble Anpu - Astrologer, Lecturer

    You'll learn what astrology is, why it's used, how it's used, how it applies to life today, who uses and who doesn't, what monumental events show that astrology was used, etc.

    Listen In Number (347) 994-3789, 9PM EST

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    The Crown Chakra: Wearing Bliss Well

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    We’ve built up and finally made it to the 7th major Chakra on AQBAM radio’s Saturday morning Wisdom Smoothie: Reiki 101. Join I Quintessential Earth at 9:00 am as she guides us higher in the grounding to the Crown Chakra. Learn how to connect to, and interact with, our energy fields’ umbilical cord to our Higher Self as well as learn more of the telepathic bond that we have with each other through the vibrating light that affects our auras. Experiencing depression, scattered feelings, need that reconnection to self and others on your journey … this one is for you. Call in on (347) 994-3789 or follow the blogtalk link. ~ Love, Peace & Perpetual Happiness ~

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    Discussion on domestic violence with Beautyful SeeAsia

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    Hip hop is a culture right? Is this issue an ill in our culture? Better believe it. We all know about Big Pun but more than that as a society as a whole how many of us know/knew someone in a dangerous relationship and didn't intervene at all? This issue goes both ways but for the most part in hip hop how much are we defending our women if we CONSTANTLY calling them out their name and disrespecting them in song? Do you think the views expressed of women in hip hop influence how many hip hop males and females conduct themselves in relationships? So in conjunction with Domestic Violence Awareness month, we will be geting down to the nitty gritty of the subject on this show and will be discussing the signs, what we can do better as partners in relationships as well as have many people calling in to share their experiences and more. Issus such as rape, molestation and sexual harassment will be covered as well. It's only right that we have a female presence on this show to share their perspective so we will be joined in the second hour by the spearhead of A Queen by All Means, Beautyful SeeAsia. 

    This show is dedicated in loving memory to a friend of numerous supporters of TSR in BlackGirl Da Queen who's body would be laid to rest a few hours before the broadcasting of this show

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    This is a special TSR show in conjuction with A Queen By All Means which will be an ode to all Underground Hip Hop Legends who are gone but not forgotten.

    Too many times in Hip Hop, artists have passed on without fulfilling their dream. Thousands spend their days and nights, writing, making beats, arranging music to share their experiences, exchange their dreams and inspire others. Until fatal moments prematurely usher out our urban choir boys and girls before their time.

    Tonight, special guest host Beautiful SeeAsia of A Queen By All Means (AQBAM), TSR and the GOD HOP CONFEDERATION pays homage to one of our legends and a comrade to Beautiful SeeAsia, brother Half-A-Mill (down with 1997's "The Firm" with Nas, Foxy Brown, Nature, Cormega, produced by Dr. Dre). His wife Shaquanna and children are our guests for the celebration of his life and music. Also his former managers Amiyn AKA Ezact & Kareem are special invited guests. We'll also talk in our first hour about other lives that have passed on before their time, that remain noted and discuss how in Hip Hop frequent murders and deaths since it's inception have been on the rise.

    Second hour GOD HOP CONFEDERATION founder Kalik Scientific along with other special guests will speak on their uplifting campaign that resurrects our art form and highlights the positive music that's currently not being supported and continues the legacy of the pioneers that precede them.


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    Hands down, A Queen By All Means brought women together to join alliances outside of the friends that they've made for themselves at home. Technically for over a year AQBAM's founder, Beautiful SeeAsia conjoined women together under one banner of sisterhood. A retreat was held on the weekend of June 18, 2010 during a Summer Solstice adventure in Maryland where over 20 women connected and it's been divine lessons of sisterhood ever since.
    Today, ten women represent the Core of AQBAM with thousands of supporters over the year. We have inspired relationships to exist, women to evolve, build sisterhoods, hell even take their children's fathers off of child support. The movement has inspired growth for our personal selves and everyone who comes in contact, men and women. The sisters are on Saturday together. Come through and support.

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    Been Single So Long, Feels Like I'm Waiting on a Mystery God

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    Precise Wisdom hosts AQBAM's Wisdom Smoothie, The Science of Love; Mathematics of Relationships. Just how long should I 'wait' for that special one? Am I waiting on some mystery man/woman to fulfill the void of mutual love? Will I EVER connect to my 'soulmate'? What am I doing wrong? We're doing the knowledge on all of the above..and bringing solutions. Tune in to A Queen By All Means Blog Talk Radio tomorrow morning at 9:00 A.M. for this one!

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    In light of those who observe the upcoming Father's Day this Sunday and as a prelude to Queen Afua being a guest on A Queen By All Means, Tuesday, June 14th, we on AQBAM Radio would like to take the morning to honor the women who have honored their personal fathers with forgiveness and who have been supportive of the development of their children's father, whether he's been present or not. 
    In a society constantly projecting images of women going against fathers through the courts, parental restriction, abandonment and outright dependency on external forces, we want to acknowledge the women who have attempted to maintain peace from the inception of a man's specific relevance as a father to them or their child/ren. Willfully this show will encourage peace between all parties and celebrate the fathers of their children's lives, despite the circumstances.
    Hosted by Beautiful SeeAsia at 9AM EASTERN TIME (347) 994-3789

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    Yasheeka our divine new hostess is bringing you the building on "Supporting Single Queens." We know we're single and its for a reason; back up off us! 
      This show is not about problems and solutions show nor how to get a king in 30 days show. Even though we know that there is a problem in the overall "black community" between our men and women what about us "conscious" Queens/Earths/Goddess/Sis-stars that are not in divine partnerships at this time and still handling business and keeping it moving within the movement? It gets hard out here for us no doubt but we excel and prevail also. So this show is for US.. Salute to the Single Queens.    9AM EASTERN TIME (347) 994-3789 is the Call/Listen In Number. Again hosted by the lovely Yasheeka, give her a warm welcome to the AQBAM airwaves.

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    Bdddaaaattttt! Gunfire continues!
    We buried the Negro Seductress last week on AQBAM Radio, but now we're on the scene killing the unhealthy ego of men, because its murdering our communities. For years men have been allowed to run this world, guided by the unhealthy ego. Nations upon nations fall at the mercy of stubborn, claiming to know everything, ruled by fear, arrogant men & tonight, we're taking the shotgun at close range & killing it. No more will a world be ran by the white man (aka Ego). The true understanding of what the devil is will be discussed. Get humble brothers, it's your turn to die (the poor part of you).

    9PM EASTERN TIME - hosted by Beautiful SeeAsia

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    OPERATION KENTE CLOTH: Psych Warfare in the Conscious Community

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    Aseer The Duke of Tiers aka Super Heru is our special guest tomorrow night on AQBAM Radio in our series of ascension radio. Bringing that fire to the masses about what's really good from the political playing field, American grounds, religious battlefields, spiritual warfare, psychological programming on all levels from every angle in a very serious hour show. The hostess Beautiful SeeAsia will be in class along with her listeners. Hold tight, fasten your seatbelts as we are in 2 hours with another intellectual legend. 9PM EASTERN TIME (347) 994-3789

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