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    What is Happening in #Elsipogtog? With APTN Journalist Ossie Michelin

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    What is happening in #Elsipogtog? Tonight we will be hearing from Ossie Michelin, the on location APTN Reporter who has witnessed the events of the anti-fracking protests in #Elsipogtog since June of this year.  Michelin is of mixed inuit heritage from Labrador in North Eastern Canada. He is a journalist with the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network covering Atlantic Canada and has been following the province of New Brunswick's Mi'maq (mig-maw) lead fight against shale gas development for the last few months.

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    APTN Discussion On First Nations Graves & Kevin Annett

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    APTN ( Aborginal peoples Television Network)released an investigation speaking  to the children's graves that attended Residential Schools in Canada, Kevin Annett and the fact he lied about finding the child's bones and that Mohawk Elder spoke to what really happened when Annett was at six nations. Links to confirm in this broadcast.United church of BChttp://www.bc.united-church.ca/content/formal-hearing-panel-decisionhttp://www.united-church.ca/aboriginal/schools/statements/annettCircle of Justicehttp://sisis.nativeweb.org/resschool/sep2898coj.htmlOnce a black robe always a black robehttp://liberatedyet.blogspot.no/2008/04/once-black-robe-always-black-robe.htmlGerald Johnston - Disruption of Church Serviceshttp://www.newswire.ca/en/story/349145/re-gerald-johnston-disruption-of-church-servicesBC Supreme Court Decision Gerald Jonstone aka Captain Capilano.http://www.scribd.com/doc/100128166/Www-courts-gov-Bc-ca-Jdb-Txt-SC-08-00-2008BCSC0054err1Elder Hariett Nahanee & Others statementhttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/sovernspeakout/message/11336Mohawk Elders Declaration Of postion- Annetthttp://youtu.be/XOYWEi6lXCI

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    Chantelle Ducharme - APTN TV Host on Native Trailblazers!

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    Tonight The Native Trailblazers Radio Show Host Vincent Schilling welcomes Chantelle Ducharme the Aboriginal People's Television Network host of Friday Night Flick and APTN Upload.  Her latest hosting gig was for APTN's Aboriginal Day Live 2011 - Webstage Pass Host.
    Chantelle - a Métis from a small town in southwestern Manitoba was surrounded by a large presence of traditional Métis music and has carried her passion into the world of broadcasting on Canada's largest Aboriginal television network.
    Tonight, Chantelle will tell us about her successful career and how she will continue to blaze a trail for indigenous people - hopefully, we will hear from her furry cohost of Friday Night Flicks - Kernel the dog!
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    Consensus Of The People- Idle No More

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    The General thoughts of the Idle No More & Chief Theresa Spence Supporters
    Today APTN reported that Stephen Harper finally broke his sullen and stubborn silence and set down a date to meet with the First Nations Chiefs. Tonight Peoples Voices will discuss just that Peoples Voices and thoughts on Chief Spences Hunger Strike, along with Elders Emil Bell and Elder Raymond Robinson's Hunger Strike.
    Their thoughts On Stephen Harper and the upcoming Jan 11, 2013 meeting wiht the Chiefs. Be here people or be square. Chief Spence and Elder Bell are on their 25th day of hunger strike. Elder Robinson on his 23rd day of hunger strike. all in if you can lend your voice, ,come into the chat room. Chief Theresa Spence's Hunger Strike Letters Of Support https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chief-Theresa-Spence-Hunger-Strike-Letters-Of-Support/122241324605948

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    News Across The Wire - Debut

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    International News Across The Wire Test show.

    In this debut episode:

    1. Audio From Native Pride Warriors- Defend Our Coast BC Pipeline.

    2. Terminally ill Native Women Niko Black update. Judge orders Wells Fargo To Appear & Explain Why Court Orders Were defied.


    3.  Leonard Peltier Statement Regarding The Passing Of Russell Means.


    4. Terry Nelson APTN Inteview excerpt - Full Interview can be seen on APTN video.


    5. Aboriginal Affairs Minister John Duncan runs through our taxpaying dollars at the grand total of -$512,389.10.

    6. Austrailia Royal Commission into child abuse.

    7. Irish Referendum ( Children's rights) Nov 6

    8. The Hypocritisy of the GOP in terms of embassy casualities.

    9. Causes- Save The Wolves

    Non Profit Organization Emergency Relief Center For Turtle Island: For Pine Ridge, Rose Bud, Cheyenne Reservations
    in need of help with propane, blankets trailer.

    Go To Link.


    10. Child Abuse 61 year old can expect to go to jail for forcing bleach in child's mouth then stuffing dirty rag, told child would kill her.

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    Don Amero on Native Trailblazers - "Heart on My Sleeve"

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    In 2007, Award Winning Artist (to include Male Artist of the Year) Don Amero (Metis and Acadian) walked off his day job as a hardwood flooring installer. In the years since walking off his job, he has walked into the hearts of fans internationally as a headliner for concerts, symphonies and television.
    Tonight join Native Trailblazers as Don Amero talks about his latest album "Heart on My Sleeve" and about his upcoming in-house performance that will be televised live on APTN.  Check him out on www.donamero.com
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    Native Comedian, Brian Majore a.k.a. "The Bloody Savage"

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    Brian Majore a.k.a. "The Bloody Savage" is a Native comedian with intelligent and racially-charged humor.  Brian has been featured on APTN's "First Talk with Tamara Bull", "The New Canoe", CBC Radio and both SPIRIT and SAY magazines. Brian currently resides in Vancouver, B.C. and is a regular at Vancouver comedy venues, including Yuk Yuks. Brian has also appeared on BC CTV's First Story, "Jesters of the Rez" with Don Burnstick. Check out his site at http://bloodysavage0.tripod.com
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    Unknown Paranormal Radio: Bill Connelly

    in Paranormal

    Join Host Kevin Weddle, Founder of Unknown Paranormal, along with Co-Host Jeff Stirl and Co-Host Martin Bravo as they discuss with guests topics of paranormal, spiritual, and the unknown and unexlained.  Bill Connelly comes to CON-TACT with over 16 years of Paranormal Research experience, but you can say he has a lifetime of experience. Bill grew up in a funeral home in Edmonton, Alberta Canada. He always has been very sensitive, being able to pick up energies and read people unusually well. He had his first paranormal experience when he was 8 years old, when he saw a spirit standing over it’s own body in a casket. Today, Bill is in search for proof and evidence of the afterlife. He works very closely with paranormal research technology innovators such as Gary Galka. Bill serves as lead investigator and researcher, as well as producer for CON-TACT, bringing his experience, expertise and knowledge to the team, as well as many laughs to lighten up some of the most intense situations imaginable on investigations.  Bill Currently is Filming CON-TACT, A new series “The Other SIde” out in 2013 (APTN TV) & included in various other projects including Travel Chanel, Discovery Chanel and others.  Join us LIVE!!!

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    RPM Podcast #002: “Winnipeg”

    in Music

    In this episode, we connect with some of Winnipeg’s rising stars, including  Métis singer-songwriter Don Amero, Cree/Dene R&B singer IsKwé, Uptown Magazine’s 2011 best new solo artist, Anishinaabe hip-hop artist Lorenzo, the hyper-connected and highly influential Aboriginal music promoter and events producer Alan Greyeyes, and APTN anchor Dana Foster, who recently relocated to Winnipeg from the west coast.

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    Jace Martin - Mohawk Singer on Native Trailblazers

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    Jace Martin is a 3-Time CAMA Award winning singer, writer and producer. He has performed with The Wolfpack, The Backroads Blues Band and TruRez Crew. His recently released Self-Titled Debut Solo Album was nominated for 2 CAMA Awards for "Best Blues Album" & "Best Male Artist" and was nominated for "Best Blues Album" at the 2008 APCMAS in Winnipeg, Ontario which was aired live on APTN.
    Jace Martin recently had the #3 song on the NA Top 30 Countdown - In his career, Jace has shared the stage with Grammy Nominee, Salome Bey, R&B Sensation, Deborah Cox, RAP Star, Maestro, Tom Jackson, Susan Aglukark, Derek Miller, CMT Star, Crystal Shawanda plus many others. Check out www.jacemartin.ca 
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    Interview with Colleen Rae

    in Country Music

    Alberta Country artist Colleen Rae has many reasons to be proud of her debut CD What You Need Is Me. It has earned her nominations from the Western Canadian Music Awards (WCMA), Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA), and Toronto Independent Music Awards (TIMA). Over the last decade, Colleen has toured as part of the band Cornerstone throughout Western Canada. They've shared the stage with artists such as Corb Lund, Adam Gregory, Charlie Major - and even Comedy legend Dan Aykroyd. Colleen has performed the hits of Country star Connie Smith in a tribute show. Her writing partners include hitmakers Byron Hill, Rob Heath, Tim Taylor, and Wood Newton. Recently, she took part in the filming of the APTN series Blackstone as an extra in 6 different scenes. Tune in to learn all about this talented Canadian Country artist - and hear some of her songs. You can comment on this show by e-mail at inthecountry@mail.com.