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    Jenny G. Perry Author of Sexpot with Stretch Marks with host, April Reynolds!

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    She the silly-sassy-spiritual-sexpot and her book "Sexpot with Stretch Marks" comes out January 8th 2015. Listen to Jenny G. Perry, wife and mother of 5 chilren, talk about not competing with other women, owning your shit, rocking your body exactly the way it is and her sassy trip to self-love! Join, Host, April Reynolds, Amazon Best-Selling Author and Book Coach & Editor, and founder of Dazzle Publishing.net - for a 30 minute chat about emPOWERing women through self-love with the ever-provocative, red-headed firecracker Jenny G. Perry! http://www.JennyGPerry.com 

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    April Rough Trade 2015

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    Do you want to come play in my sandbox?

    I'll be finalizing my plans for my April projects so if you want to play a long and write your own version of my idea -- tonight's the night to listen up. So far, I've talked Ladyholder and Cinna Minion into playing with me ;-)

    Discussion Topics:

    Arguing with TROLLS
    Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock BBC
    Harry Potter


    Me, You and Steve:

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    Monique Honaman: Teaching Leaders How to Effectively Coach Their Team

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    Dan's co-host, Monique Honaman of ISHR Group, discusses how leaders can become effective coaches for their team members by using the GUIDE Coaching model.

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    The April Reynolds Radio Show - Becoming Highly Attractive!

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    Learn how you can BECOME HIGHLY ATTRACTIVE using the Law of Attraction and how YOU can become a Published Author in 2015 by adding your chapter to this new book, coming in March 2015! Listen to the April Reynolds Radio Show, today and every Wednesday at Noon pacific time (3pm eastern).

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    "Empowered to be... The Solution!" w/Nicole Monique

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    In alignment with our mission to stir a sense of urgency and teach the importance of the people of God and the Body of Christ preparing themselves for the King's return; starting with developing and increasing in relationship with the Holy Spirit, taking possession of the earth as Christ commanded, occupying that territory until His return, and allowing the person of the Holy Spirit to guide you and empower you as His representative in doing so, today on the broadcast, we continue to encourage you and sound the alarm of the shofar as we listen to and talk with my special guest Nicole Monique of Woman of Destiny. She shares her new message "Empowered to Be...The Solution!", taken from Matthew 28:18 of Christ's message to His disciples stating that all authority has been given to Him, and Nicole shares that Christ passed the baton of that authority to us so that we can now do our part...and that part is being "Empowered to be the Solution!" Come and hear this dynamic and timely word as Nicole ministers five keys to being "Empowered to be... The Solution!" As she says, "You've got to get dirty when it comes to Destiny!  Your Victory is in the dirt!" Are you ready to get dirty in fulfillment of your destiny? Come and see!



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    Rodney Perry Live #188 Princess Monique & Stacey J

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    This week on Rodney Perry Live, we are talking to two of Atlanta's finest, Princess Monique and Stacey J. These women's names are synonymous with respect, success and inspiration. Tune in on Monday, November 17, 2014 to listen or join the conversation. 


    Rodney Perry Live is a show consisting of all arts and entertainment. Everything from comedy and politics to music and acting. Rodney covers it all with a comedic slant.

    Tune in each and every Monday at 2pm EST www.blogtalkradio.com/rodneyperrylive to check out "Rodney Perry Live" on internet radio: Call in number: (718) 305-6383.

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    A Chat in the Garden

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    Tune in Tuesday, Dec. 16th 11:30 am  est when our guest on Chat in the Garden with Monique A. J. Smith will be Washington, DC Public Schools Athletic Director, Stephanie Evans.  Evans heads a department that oversees athletics in 111 schools in grades 4 through 12; the total 2011-12 DCPS enrollment is approximately 46,000 students, according to a DCPS spokesman.

    A 1990 graduate of Potomac (Md.) High School, Evans served for the past year as director of player development for the Holy Cross basketball team and later as an assistant athletic director at the Kensington private school. A former Bowie State player, Evans was a head women’s basketball coach at UDC, Virginia State and, most recently, Kentucky State.

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    KNOW ME THE CREATOR by MY ATTRIBUTES and get to know your soul's attributes

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    This is yaum al jumah, Safar 27, 1436 on the Hijrah Calendar.  The hijrah calendar is based on the lunar( moon ) cycle.  The moon has been followed in its travels for the human being's deThisvelopment starting from birth and even before that.  The female's menstrual cycle is calculated on the moon.The gregorian calendar has its attributes which reminds the human being of gods that were worshipped throughout our human history.  Throughout the hijrah calendar developmental processes occur for the human being and reminds the human being of its connection with THE CREATOR( The ONE GI-D), of heaven and earth and all between.

    heaven and earth and all between.  We have given credence to them by placing value upon their existence and positon of rulership over others.  The months connote the power of man as greater( ex. July -Julius Ceaser and August-  Augustus; Ceaser ). The examples of so called gods months are January,pertaining to god of gates/opening doors - Janus; February- pertaining to purification - Februa; March - pertaining to god of war; April for goddess Aphrodite - goddess of love /beauty;  May or Maia, the great one-goddess of spring;  June  for Juno - goddess of marriage/well being. The original calendar had ten months prior to Julius Caeser, therefore the next months are Septem for seven, Octo for eight, Novem for nine and Decem for ten.  Turn your self to the original house established for all of humanity upon the practice of Prophet Ibrahim, worship none but The One G-D!

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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: Florida Researcher Pat Rance

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    Gearing down for the Christmas holidays, Nite Callers bring you the last show of the year. Continuing the series of the North American Sasquatch Researcher, we welcome good friend and veteren Bigfoot researcher Pat Rance.

    What started out as an elusive hobby for Pat Rance has virtually turned into an obsession to hunt the elusive Bigfoot that has been sighted in the Green Swamp of Florida at least 10 or more times in the last several years. Pat Rance actually came face to face with the creature in a dramatic night time encounter in Sumter County. In April 2006, along with three other researchers, Pat set up camp in the swamp southwest of Clermont. Having seen foot prints in the area as large as 18 inches long and 9 inches wide, they baited the campsite with a box of pancakes covered in syrup. When they later found more tracks and the pancakes were eaten, they knew they were in the right spot. " It was nighttime and I was returning to the main camp with a friend." Pat recalls. " We heard sudden movement in the trail immediately in front of us and I looked up to see a large creature jump off to the side of the trail.It was about 30 feet away and with my flashlight shining on it I could see this round head and massive shoulders above the tops of the palmettos. I went to raise my night vision glasses to my eyes and the creature jumped back onto the trail and quickly ran ahead of us and disappeared into the night. As we passed the spot where he'd been standing, I could smell maple syrup. I was totally awestruck. It happened soi fast I really didn't have time to be scared. I was surprised and elated at the same time. It was so satifying to finally see the creature I had been hearing about and hunting." To hear this story and  other experiences from Pat Rance, be sure to tune in tonight for a celebration of Christmas and some really amazing stories.


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    Philmchology w/Brenda B: Pieces of April (2003)

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    Watch the Trailer for: Pieces of April (2003)

    Join us for a discussion of Thanksgiving and all the little and large thngs that can go...completely awry!  Whether you are cooking the dinner, preparing for the dinner, or forced (sometimes it seems) to attend the dinner, the holidays can often be a "trying" time.

    Holidays are full of traditions and people we know, don't know, and sometimes are a surprise, but the energy is prime for emotional upheavals and offhand remarks.  You might hear things like: "Oh don't be so sensitive!" or "I was only joking" and the ever popular "Do you think you should be eating that, or having another, or Haven't you had enough?"  Yes it's the prime time of people releasing all their "judgemental" skills that may not be appreciated.  Still---we all are grateful deep down that we are connected to someone even if they are far away.  Thanksgiving is just that: Giving thanks for what's brought us to where we are or are going! 

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    Episode 21: Matt / Since April 2014

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    Jeff and Chris welcome (back) their long-time friend from a stint in the wild. In Matt's story relapse is indeed a part of recovery.

    Legal drugs / How powerful synthetic drugs will upend drug markets globally / Washington Post

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    Hindenburg crashing / 1937 / Associate Press / public domain via Wikimedia

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