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    Most Bizzare Apps Ever!

    in Comedy

    Our final show sees us looking at the most bizzare apps of all time

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    Organizing Educational Apps

    in Homeschooling

    Do you have tons of educational apps for your kids? Amy from Thrive Homeschooling shares simple ways to keep your apps organized AND make sure your child actually uses them!

    Register for free updates at www.thrivehomeschooling.com and join the Thriving Homeschoolers Facebook group!

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    Apps! What Unique Apps are Sales People Using to be Productive

    in Business

    In this episode, Nancy and Allison will discuss what types of apps sales people and trainers are using to be more productive.

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    Mobile Apps for the Caregiver - from AARP??

    in Technology

    When you think of AARP, do mobile apps come to mind? AARP is known to provide discounts to is members, provide branded insurance products, and lobby on behalf of Social Security and Medicare. Recently, this same non-profit has released two mobile apps - targeting the Caregiver community.

    A caregiver is a term for anyone who helps or provides care to another individual, often a parent or spouse, in handling their daily activities. The caregiver can be paid, such as a nurse, but is more often an unpaid relative. And the person receiving care is often suffering an impairment, and/or dealing with health issues.

    These two apps released by AARP (for iOS and Android) provide features designed to help in providing care. For instance, the apps help manage medications, keep a schedule of doctor's appointments and other medical needs, and create and maintain notes you want to share with the doctor. But will this work? Does this actually help someone take care of a loved one? Are these features unique? Are they really the features that a Caregiver needs?

    On May 28th, at a special 11am EST/8am Pacific time, we will be joined by Trisha San Diego of AARP, who is the driving force behind the creation and release of these Apps, and we'll ask her these questions.

    We'll talk about these apps and ask if there is a sign of things to come from AARP?  

    Tune in Live at 11am EST, Thursday, May 28th!

    And Call In to be a part of the show at 929-477-2187, or reach us by text at 240-731-0756, on Twitter at @techtodayradio, or on Facebook.

    Join us!

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    Ep 4- Desert Island Apps

    in Entertainment

    DailyAppShow.Com provides video iPhone, iPad, Mac and Android App Reviews to help you discover new apps and make better app purchase decisions. Whether you are looking for iPhone App Reviews, iPad App Reviews, Android App Reviews or Mac App Reviews. We have you covered. Update! We are now posting Android Tablet App Reviews and Windows Phone App Reviews.




    The boys discuss what apps they would take with them to a desert island.

    Also, they discuss why Dylan thinks his Dad should get a car.

    Topics include:

    Organizational Apps

    Gaming Apps

    Time Management 


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    Ep 3- The Best New Apps Reviewed

    in Entertainment

    Our best show yet.

    We shoot our best picks out to you hot and fast.

    In addition you get to hear why you should not smoke weed or use a crappy headset when doing a podcast.

    Tonight Dylan and Kyle review 4 apps. Some new. Some old. Some great apps. Some crapps. Join us

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    Mom and her Apps

    in Family

    welcome we will be discussing a few apps that we have reviewed that will make your life easier

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    FDA Regulation of Mobile Apps

    in Health

    Nathan Cortez, JD co-wrote an article on FDA regulation of mobile apps published in the July 24, 2014 issue of NEJM. Luckily, we snagged an opportunity to interview him - you can listen here.

    We covered a wide variety of topics including:

    Why regulate mHealth anyway?
    The new FDA guidance — what needs to be regulated and what does not?
    How does the FDA handle at continual updates of mobile health products – so different from the pharmaceuticals that they regulate?  How do they decide whether an update constitutes a major change, requiring re-review and one that is minor and does not?
    What is “substantially equivalence” and how is it being used in mHealth
    How does the FDA handle mHealth products that provide consumer decision support (CDS)?  What is the difference between low risk and high risk CDS?
    Does the FDA have the right people/processes in place to provide oversight of mHealth?

    Professor Cortez teaches and writes in the areas of health law, administrative law, and FDA law.  His research focuses on emerging markets in health care and biotechnology. Prof. Cortez has become one of the world’s leading legal scholars on medical tourism, patient mobility, and cross-border health insurance, and has published several articles and book chapters on the legal and ethical implications of these phenomena. His research also addresses mobile health technologies, how to regulate innovations that disrupt static regulatory regimes, the First Amendment restraints on FDA regulation (including FDA's graphic tobacco warnings), immigration federalism, and alternative modes of regulation.

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    Award-winning columns and a 'dirty dozen' journalism apps

    in Podcasting

    Join us for the next broadcast of Studio SPJ when our guests will be Patricia Calhoun, editor of Denver's alt-weekly Westword and former SPJ President Kevin Smith, deputy director of the Kiplinger Progrom for Public Affairs Journalism at Ohio State University.

    Calhoun will talk about her columns on Colorado history and politics, which recently took first place in the 2014 SDX awards.

    Smith will talk about a "dirty dozen" journalism apps that he presented at SPJ's recent JournCamp in New York City.

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    Google Apps - A simpler way to work with technology - "Work the way you Live"

    in Business

    This episode will focus on how one customer transformed his organization from old school technology to the new school of technology with Google Apps.  Today, he says it is true, a person can work they way they live.

    One of my engineers at DCS Netlink (Dynamic Cloud Solutions) told me that one of our customers are so used to upgrading from one technology to another that they automatically want to bring the old ways of doing things with them when they move to Google's Cloud Platform with Google Apps.  We have to explain to the customer that life is more than just trying to figure out how to do what they use to do with new technology.  There really is a new way of living technology that is relaxing, confident, and simple.  No need to drag the old into the new.  That is Google's mission with Google Apps - "Work the Way You Live."  

    Find out how you can work the way you live by joining us and learning from a customer who now works the way he lives.  You can visit us on the web at DCS and find us at Google Apps Reseller.

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    NLPI Radio USA with Kurt and Moe Present are ghost apps useless

    in Paranormal

    Welcome to the 21st Century and our drive to explore the paranormal using tools that are so high tech we as users have a hard time using them. The Real questions need to be answered are they just BS or do they work? Now if you can't  manipulate the app now how is going to be possible to manipulate it when your dead? Welcome to Our investigation behind the real truths of the use of ghost apps. Feel free to call you at 619-924-0960 or you can skype in also cheers Kurt and Mo