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    First Date Ideas- Applebees or Onyx

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    DTAD Crew will be discussing first date ideas..we all know AppleBee's is a great first date spot but have you ever thought about Onyx? Call in and let us know what you think. 

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    Vertically Striped Radio 209 - Blatant Black Guy

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    The Avalanche won a game in the final ten seconds, and that oddity bled into the entire episode of VSR. We had Killer Beavers, Cookie Monster attacks, and Zombie Hallucinations causing freeway pileups...and that was just the news.
    Craig and Face then discussed items including Roger Ebert's passing, the Zero TV Generation, the sadness of an Applebees on a Tuesday afternoon, potato chips, and the oddness of mailing a goat's head to the Cubs organization.
    Episode 209 wrapped up with a music recommendation from Cloud Cult of "The Show Starts Now" which was a lovely and ironic way to end the show.

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    Join Christopher & Amanda for a discussion on tipping! In early February, they were disturbed to hear of a Pastor who stiffed an Applebee's server out of a tip instead leaving her another form of "tip." (Read story here.) Your hosts with share how they rate their servers, what they think is acceptable, and if it is every ok to not leave a tip for services provided. 
    Special guest co-host, Don Lucas (a former waiter), will join the show and share his thoughts and experiences on the topic.
    FIRST TEN: New Pope, Joy leaving The View, Boys Scouts, Justin Bieber, and more news and entertainment. 
    If you are interested in sharing your thoughts call in live 11PM EST/8PM PST (718) 766-4652 or find us on Facebook.
    Song of the Week: Preacher by One Republic

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    Ep 31: Oh god it's a Bear d!ck punch!!!

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    Well it's the 8th, and half the assassins crew is in a state with a driving ban, so we have no where to go, lots of beer, and all the time in the world. On episode 31 we talk about why it's not polite to dress up as the joker and harass people at applebees, the good marksman has some surprise topics, and we also look for people with the 16Bit Assassins PSA regarding putting phones up your butts, don't do it people, it's not worth it. Boba, Han, and Yoda are getting their own movies, Activsion makes a lot of money and promises another COD, We get some info on AC4, and find out someone thinks it's a good idea for a Farmville cartoon, all this and more on Episode 31, oh god, it's a bear d!ck punch. Oh, and Kona stops by to say hi!

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    The Harriet Cammock Show- Roll Call

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    In post-election America, we are  finding  CEO's and owners of companies  (who form  the 1%) are refusing to pay healthcare costs for their employees. In one case, the owner of  Papa John's Pizza plan to donate 2 million free pizzas, lives in a 40,000 square foot mansion but says he can't afford his workers' healthcare costs.
    We have determined it's time for a boycott of companies who enagge in predatory hiring practices. We are titling this segment Roll Call as these companies comprise the list of those who choose to live well while profiting on their worker's .

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    Obamas Reelection Layoffs: Papa Johns, Applebees and the Companies Where Obama Reelection Will Get You Fired  JOHN  BOEHER   202-225-6205 WHITE HOUSE   202-456-1111.MITCH  MCCONNELL  202-224-2541.ERIC  CANTOR 202-225-2815  HERRY  REID 202-224-3542  CALL  THEM  ALL  KNOW  MORE  TAX  CUTS  FOR  THE  RICH   IT  OVER   FOR  THE  RICH

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    Conservative T & T- A Salute To Our Veterans!

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    WARNING: Some language and topics may not be suitable for children. This is a late-night show and some topics may be intended for adult audiences only. Listener discretion is advised!!
    Tonight on the show: A salute to our Veterans before we get into the topics for the show!
    Scandal hits the C.I.A. as Petraeus steps down as the head of the agency. This has old-style FBI tactics written all over it, especially when this news comes right after an election. Why did this news break so late? What did the President know and when did he know it? The President's closest men and women are dropping like flies in the past few days, some leaving the country so they are not available to testify about the murders in Libya and some resigning and running away hoping to escape questions. Will the Republicans in Congress allow this Administration to get away with what seems to be a cover-up of the cover-up, or will they dig in and make sure all the questions are answered when the Democrats try to sweep this under the rug?
    Also, an Applebees's franchisee makes news when he says that he may have to let people go because of Obama Care, and the Liberals take to Twitter to demand that people stay away from Applebee's because businesses should take the hit and not pass it on to the consumer or the employee's. What did those on the Left really expect woulod happen from all of this new regulation and taxation?
    All of this and more tonight on Conservative T & T!

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    Let's All Go to Applebees

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    Tonight on the Stage Right Show Breitbart.tv editor Larry O'Connor interviews Lisa Mei Norton and Tania Gale about their upcoming events at CPAC. We'll also discuss Andrew Breitbart's continued success at agitating the left with his roller blade expose' of the Koch Brothers over the weekend and today's released of a video sting of Planned Parenthood.

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    The Sports Cafe Live From Applebees

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    Join James Carter and D Money for a live broadcast special.

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    Ending the Cycle of Domestic Violence

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    Domestic violence is still a sad reality in Canada and around the world with the majority of victims being women and children. In order to help stop domestic abuse it is important to recognize the patterns of behaviour of the abuser. Barbara, Director at Osborne House in Winnipeg discusses the cycle of domestic violence and how we can help stop it. 
    Six percent of Canadians with a current or former spouse reported being physically or sexually victimized by their spouse. In 2009, victims of spousal violence were less likely to report the incident to police than in 2004. Just under one-quarter (22%) of spousal violence victims stated that the incident came to the attention of the police, down slightly from 2004 (28%) [Statistics Canada: Family Violence in Canada, A Statistical Profile].
    Come to the Pancake Breakfast to help Osborne House On Saturday, April 28th at Applebees Grant Park in Winnipeg. Tickets are just $10.00. More information available on the fundraiser's Facebook event page.

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