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    Pharmacy Podcast Episode 125 New Year, New Strategies - Interview with Apothecary by Design

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    About Apothecary by Design - Combo Pharmacy Services, a design to Succeed 
    At Apothecary by Design, our priority is your health, and nothing else.

    Our mission is to help people get – and stay healthy by coordinating care between health care providers, patients, and our pharmacists; advocating on our patients behalf; and by integrating conventional and alternative pharmacy services supported by our dedicated and highly trained clinical team.

    We’re a locally owned, independent pharmacy offering a range of integrated pharmacy services that include retail prescription services, disease management, pharmaceutical compounding, and nutritional health and wellbeing.

    We’re changing the face of pharmacy and from your first experience with Apothecary by Design, you’ll see the difference.

    Experienced staff members with advanced training in specialty areas such as women’s health and nutrition
    A private consultation room where

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    Holly Bellebuono - auther of Women Healers of the World

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    Holly Bellebuono directs the award-winning apothecary Vineyard Herbs Teas & Apothecary on Martha’s Vineyard and also The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine, where she trains and certifies community herbalists. She lectures around the country to audiences about natural health, herbal medicine, and women’s empowerment. This is Bellebuono’s third book. Her first, The Essential Herbal for Natural Health, was published by Shambhala Publishers/Roost Books in 2012. Her second, The Authentic Herbal Healer, was published by Balboa Press in 2012. Women Healers of the World is listed as a Main Selection of the national One Spirit Book Club, and can be purchased at www.VineyardHerbs.com.

    Intimate and inspiring, Women Healers of the World celebrates 16 different healing traditions: conventional medicine, pharmacology, ethnobotany, herbalism, homeopathy, flower essence practitioners, shamanism, nursing, midwifery, conservation, and more. The book culminates with a chapter on Handcrafting Traditions, offering hands-on recipes for remedies inspired by the women in the book.


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    Wealth thru Health - What are you doing for you?

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    This week we will continue our topic "What are you doing for you.  We will be talking with Nancy Garlick of Beauty Bliss Skin Care & Body Apothecary. She is a SC State licensed Esthetician who believes in holistic skin care and using all natural, non surgical treatments to provide my clients with safe and effective services.

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    Anna Papini and Sara Foster - Anna's Apothecary

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    Combining their passion for herbal medicine and permaculture, two sisters have created an apothecary for a new day and age. Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes Anna Papini and Sara Foster, co-owners of Anna’s Apothecary, to the show on Tuesday, January 22 at 11 a.m. Eastern Time. The two women will discuss their unique approach to helping people heal and their stewardship of the land on which they grow their herbs. We’ll also discuss some of their favorite herbs and how people can create their own herbal medicine cabinets using local herbs. For more information on Anna’s Apothecary go to the shop's FB Page. For more photos of the shop and the herbs that are sold there, go to Talkupy.net

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    BeSimply...Co-Create {Kim Wolff & Rick Frausto}

    in Art

    Join ‘She’...Kim Wolff and Rick Frausto as they explore creation, collaboration, art, essence, ‘union’ and ‘infinity’. Take a moment and explore the ethers with ‘US’.

    Connect with

    Kim Wolff Chrysalis Yoga

    Papillon Apothecary, Coming Soon!

    Rick Frausto

    Art Ownership Program

    Beach House ~ Real Love

    Little Junior Parker ~ Tomorrow Never Knows

    Frausto & Dunn ~ Demo #8

    Illuminations Lamp Showcase Rick Frausto & Patricio Wolovich

    October 18, 2014 7pm-10pm

    RSVP 562.5192004

    2321 E. 28th St., Suite 408, Signal Hill, CA 90755

    'She' Suzanne Toro


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    Bert speaks w/ Jason Drohn, Holly Bellebuono, Jim Whitener, Liz LaFollette

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    Jason Drohn has been marketing online  working with hundreds of businesses and thousands of entrepreneurs through his courses and done-for-you services.  He’s best know for his ‘quickest path to cash’ strategies where he cuts years of testing and development out of his client’s lives, and delivers sales funnels that that are both automated and profitable

    Liz LaFollette practicing labor and employment law for more than seventeen years, representing businesses in all phases of litigation and appeals. She is currently practicing with Pleat, Perry & Ritchie in Destin, Florida

    Jim Whitener over 16 years experience in the financial services industry and has earned the prestigious designation AAMS "Accredited Asset Management Specialist". He is a four time winner of the 'Five Star Wealth Manager"  

    Holly Bellebuono directs the award-winning apothecary Vineyard Herbs Teas & Apothecary on Martha's Vineyard and The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine, where she trains and certifies community herbalists. She speaks around the country to audiences about natural health, herbal medicine, and women's empowerment

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    EveryDay LightWorker: 'Apothecary Jeri' Hemerlein

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    Spiritual Healer, Health & Wellness Advocate, Bee Supporter & Alternative Health Care Provider

    Jeri Hemerlein, known to her legion of followers as 'Apothecary Jeri', lives by a simple philosophy 'Enhance and expand your energy bodies' and it's been her life mission to help others heal with her proven techniques and alternative healing remedies for years.

    In her own words 'Im what I like to call a "doula" for flowers and other energies that are infused in water by forces of nature under the direction and guidance of Spirit.'

    Jeri comes from a long line of healers in her family and is now living out alot of her grandmother's own spiritual desires in helping to heal others.

    She is the Founder, Director and home to Heirloom Remedy Nature Essences and works in dedicated service to Spirit and Nature to bring you 'energy in a bottle' which incorporate the various Nature Essences (Flower, Earthen, and Elemental) and specific elixirs which address particular issues that need attention.
    Jeri also works closely with the bee population and is a big supporter of bee welfare and she'll share with us the current status of the bees which is so very important for all of us know and learn more about!

    Jeri made her Conversations debut in February 2010 and we're proud to spotlight her for her wonderful work on EveryDay LightWorker.
    Always a great time when Christopher & Jeri get together!!

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Vineyard Herbs Holly Bellebuono

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    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with herbalist Holly Bellebuono author of Women Healers of the World: The Traditions, History & Geography of Herbal Medicine.  Holly has spent the past 2 decades as a traditional and certified herbalist, professional speaker, forager, award-winning formulator and apothecary, and writer. The Essential Herbal for Natural Health: How to Transform Easy-to-Find Herbs into Healing Remedies for the Whole Family and The Authentic Herbal Healer: The Complete Guide to Herbal Formulary & Plant-Inspired Medicine for Every Body System. Holly operates Vineyard Herbs Teas & Apothecary LLC.

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • menopausal symptoms and avoiding BRCA with gingko, red clover infusion and lentils..
    • importance of weighing out herb for infusions and almost immediate results..
    • bloating because of change in gut flora and a tea of almost any aromatic herbs..
    • medical abortion pill, drinking nourishing herbal infusions helps the body to repair..
    • the ability of liver loving herbs to clear the body of drugs too quickly...
    • lung diseases, coming off addictive drugs, marshmallow infusion preparation, comfrey leaf infusion and mullein leaf infusion and pranayama..
    • on a lot of medication and wanting to drink infusions..
    • fat cells produce hunger hormones and specific exercise suggestions..
    • wise woman tradition- pass it on..
    • skin cancer- cooking your food for optimal nourishment and Stylophorum diphyllum (Celandine poppy) to kill skin cancer cells..
    • essential oils are drugs- they are extracted from plant, concentrated and purified

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    POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Magical Oils & Herbs plus Pagan Parenting - Melissa & Matt

    in Spirituality

    Tonight's a MAGICICAL episode!  Melissa & Matthew Stewart, owners of Spirit Apothecary, will lead us through the Magical Oils, Herbs & Native American Botanicals that we may use to bring Love, Abundance, Healing & Psychic Protection into our lives!  

    Melissa & Matthew have vast knowledge of the magical & healing properties for over 500 herbs, botanicals & oils.  If you always wanted to know which herbs or oils to use for a specific purpose - tonight's YOUR night.  Callers are welcome all show long!  

    They will also share tips & advice on Pagan Parenting:  dealing with schools, play groups, & sports.  

    Melissa & Matthew Stewart are the owners of Spirit Apothecary in Bedford, OH.  They are co-founders of Cleveland Pagan Pride - now in it's 5th year, and they teach & lecture on various topics.  Melissa & Matthew are the proud parents of 2 boys.




    FB:  http://www.facebook.com/psychic.melinda

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    GEI32: Sharry Edwards the Pioneer of Human BioAcoustics discusses Sound Healing

    in Health

    Join us for a look into the future of healing with Sharry Edwards!

    What an absolutely AMAZING episode this was!  Here is what you can expect:

    How do you decloak pathogens?
    How you can regenerate nerves
    How to revamp your metabolim and lose weight!
    And how you do all of this and more through SOUND!

    Sharry is the director of Sound Health Research Institute (501C-3), a non-profit educational research institute dedicated to the pioneering field of Human BioAcoustics.   Through the concept of vocal coherence, Edwards has been able to demonstrate that the human voice is a unique frequency representation of the structural and biochemical aspects of the body.

    Sharry attended Ohio University where she received a BS Degree in Interpersonal Communications in 1983 and her master degree in Curriculum and Instruction in 1984.  She recently signed on as a faculty member with Capital University of Integrative Medicine where she teaches her unique technique.  

    Sharry has been the subject of two documentaries “Energy Medicine” and  “Sonic Apothecary” both focusing on research with alternative health practices. Recently, she has published “Decloaking Pathogens with Low-Frequency Sound” in Nexus magazine’s November/December 2000 issue.

    An international speaker, author and leader in the field of SOUND HEALTH, Edwards is regularly invited to conduct lectures and workshops for professionals concerning the body’s own unique ability, through voice spectral analysis, to diagnose and prescribe for itself.

    The International Association for New Science recently awarded Sharry Edwards with the “Scientist of the Year” award in 2001.

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    Wednesday Night Metal Mania Show EP37

    in Rock Music

    On this week's show we will feature Florida metal and punk by:

    (de)Absolve - Bereft 

    MINDSCAR - God's Creation

    Severed By Faith - 20 Behind

    Azalea - Apothecary

    Azalea - Legend

    Born From Ashes - Face Down

    Catcher and The Rye - The Curse Of Sorrows Ft Kyle Perkins

    Chasing Safety - The Machine

    Traverser - The Turning Machine

    Uncle Rukus - #(BDM)BigDick

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