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    ISIS, Islam and PC Apologists

    in War

    The U.S. provided the matches and now the Middle East is on fire.  President Obama is like 'yeah idek what I'm doing so #RaiseTheWage" while the Muslim Apologists are out in full force reminding us that #NotAllMuslims want to take off our heads.  My dear friend (and uncle of Benghazi victim Sean Smith) Michael Ingmire will join me to discuss the dangers of blind tolerance, ISIS, political correctness and the upcoming two year anniversary of Benghazi.  We are also going to go in depth and discuss why the "religion of peace" is the source of so much violence.  

    Special guests @JoePrich and @P0rnoPuppy will also be weighing in. <3 

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    Rise of the Disclosure Apologists

    in Paranormal

    GUESTS: Richard Shaw, LA Marzulli and Dr. Roger Leir
    The disclosure movement mantra is that disclosure is near.  Really?  Let's put that hope in perspective.  For thousands of years, Jews prayed "next year in Jerusalem."  It didn't happen until 1948.  So how long do we tread water,  waiting for the elites to finally come clean?

    More likey, one day the reality that we are not alone; that we never have been alone; that we never will be alone - will become poignantly obvious.  That is, for anyone on the planet capable of fogging a mirror with their breath. It will happen.

    Yet, the elites will not be forthcoming.  Rather, we'll see the rise of "disclosure apologists," a term created by host Marshall Masters.  It describes the future elitist talking heads of the mainstream media.  They'll tell us suppression was always the better way because after all, we're just dumb panicky animals.

    Not so fast bunkie.  When it comes to disclosure, the mantra of Watchers 4 producers Richard Shaw and LA Marzulli is that this is our planet too, and that we have ALWAYS had a right to know. They're going to join Marshall in a discussion of the kinds of techniques to expect from the coming rise of elites, disclosure apologists.

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    Praise The Lord! - We Are Finally Launching Wolf Tracker University! (195)

    in Christianity

    Tune in Monday October 12th for HISTORIC ANNOUNCEMENT on the launching of Wolf Tracker U!  Wolf Tracker University will dedicate itself to training a new generation of VIGILANT and OUTSPOKEN WATCHMEN ON THE WALL (Isaiah 62:1-7)

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    Yardie Skeptics (S.3, ep.11): Dialogue on theistic worldview with Ian Boyne

    in Education


    Yes, you read that title right, the Yardie Skeptics will be having none other than the venerable Ian Boyne in studio this Sunday, August 16th at 12:30pm EDT (11:30am Jamaica time) to discuss the finer points of the theistic worldview. This man has been called everything from elitist, to snobbish, to detached from the reality on the ground, but love him or hate him, none can deny that veteran journalist Boyne has distinguished himself as one of Jamaica's most outspoken public intellectuals and erudite Christian apologists.

    You don't want to miss this episode when the Yardie Skeptics and Boyne stop trading barbs in the national newspaper for a second, and sit down to discuss the merits of maintaining a theistic worldview in the 21st century. What purpose does theism serve in society? Has there ever been a single tangible benefit of religiosity? Does God have a place in figuring out our current social problems? Get ready for what promises to be a highly informative and scintillating episode!

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    CJ Anderson is a hot commodity

    in Sports

    Mind of Mansion Podcast Episode 152: Matt Kelley @fantasy_mansion highlights the irony of CJ Anderson's 2015 ADP juxtaposed next to his role as Zero RB Theory flagbearer in 2014.

    Arian Foster's injury proneness was self-evident. 

    Alfred Blue apologists do exist. 

    Lamenting the challenges of running a dynasty league. 

    Floors in fantasy football are a function of certainty, and there are two components to a high floor: 

    Effectiveness certainty 
    Health certainty

    C.J. Anderson played an incredibly easy schedule 2014. 

    If Tre Mason had played C.J. Anderson's opponents in 2014, the Rams would not have drafted Todd Gurley. 

    Failing at Zero RB is easy. 

    Zero RB is more challenging, because running backs are not actually commodities. 

    Zero RB is like shooting free throws from the top of the key. Fantasy football doesn't have to be so hard to execute. 

    Advanced metrics, prospect evaluations, and fantasy football information were provided by PlayerProfiler.com

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    Crooked Mormon Apologists Exposed

    in Religion

    Typical of apologists, their goal is to gain approval, not the truth.  The truth exposes them as imposters, hypocrits and liars.  E.G.  Mr. Hale weaves a story concerning the Joshua Jones quote, making the false statement "there is nothing before 1922, the date of JT Clark's book containing a quote attested by Joshua Jones of Brigham Young making this statement:  "...led on the very brink of hell, then God will raise up the One Mighty and Strong (Messiah to Ephraim and Manessah, saith the Lord). A source for this statement, however, was made in 1918 by Nathaniel Baldwin, the inventor of the headphones:  "Brigham Young said that the Church would be on the very brink of destruction when the 'mighty and strong one' would step forth and save it". (Diary of Nathaniel Baldwin, Apr. 7, 1918)  
    The Church being hijacked by rich monogamous businessmen, would do this and seek to break the everlasting covenant.  The One Mighty and Strong is now here, saith the Lord.
    The Twelve met at the President's office - present were Wilford Woodruff, Lorenzo Snow, Franklin D. Richards, George Q. Cannon, Moses Thatcher, John Henry Smith, ... Elder L. John Nuttall.   "I was not at all satisfied with the spirit manifest at the meeting. Brothers Thatcher and Grant seem to want the Church conducted on a money basis. While returning to the Gardo House, President Woodruff said to me, he would about as soon attend a funeral as one of our council meet­ings." 1      (Journal o f L. John Nuttall, February 27, 1889)
    Program Notes: The Gods, Independent worlds without number;  Let us Beget man in our image.

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    NBA Unplugged Discuss Melo Apologists

    in Sports

    Jacob and James break down the George Karl/Mark Jackson beef, a look at upset Saturday and Jacob rants against the Carmelo Anthony Apologists. 


    NBA Unplugged is the hottest podcast on the Internet.  

    Each week the boys bring you many great guests (media, bloggers, players, coaches) and the most insightful information the world of the NBA has to offer.  Jacob Noble and James Bucklin bring you the latest news, highlights and opinions on a weekly basis.


    NBAunplugged Twitter

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    Christianity and the Nonsense of Free Will

    in Religion

    Logicast is a weekly podcast where we discuss topics like politics, religion, science, skepticism, history, and economics. We’re on every Thursday night at 8:00 PM CST/9:00 PM EST. You can like us on facebook at Facebook.com/logicast or check out our previous shows on blog talk radio at blogtalkradio.com/logicast.


    Tonight we’ll be discussing Christianity and Free Will. Namely, we’ll explain why the argument often touted by Christians and apologists that we have a zero-sum choice is not just illogical but also internally contradictory. We’ll also discuss modern concepts of free will and how they relate to reality. 

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    Islam: Religion of Peace.....piece over here, piece over there.....

    in Radio

    Religion. Oh how horrifying it can be. Especially when talking about Islam. Over 2 Billion people in the World practice it. It is the Biggest growing Religion. It is the most Violent too. But yet here in America where we are proud of our Freedom, we have a group of people who want to be apologists for their Barbaric behavior. And they, my friends, are even more dangerous that the Muslims. Tonight I will give my take on Islam. The Last and most Perfect Religion.

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    Mama Mia NO Sharia with Vito Esposito

    in Politics

    Tonights guest will be Mr. Christopher Logan of Logan's Warning and President at North American Infidels (NAI).  Chris has been one of the most ardent educators on the Islamic movement in the United States of America.  Mr. Logan does not back down from a challenge nor is he afraid to take Islamic apologists head on and back up his claims with verses from the Quran, Hadith and other revered Islamic text.

    You can find Chris at his website - Logan's Warning or on Facebook and Twitter.  He personifies Radio Jihad Network's goal: "We strive to educate America"! Chris Logan educates America! Sadly to some in the United States of the Offended, he's not too "Politically Correct", so you might be offended, in fact you will be offended by the content of this weeks show!  

    Please join us Monday evening from 6pm to 8pm EST.  It will be a candid discussion with Chris on the subject of Islam, it's impact on our Republic, Moderate vs Radical Muslims, the sanitizing of Islam in the U.S. by the Administration including the POTUS, Freedom of Speech and much more! 

    Mama Mia NO Sharia!