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    Highway Robbery!!! on The Surreal News

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    Highway Robbery on The Surreal News!
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
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    Imagine you own a small business, and after a grueling week, you close up for the night on Friday evening. Heading for the bank with your hard earned business receipts for the week in the amount of $10,000. Just a few blocks from work, your day get's much worse, and red and blue flashing lights are in your mirror. Instead of a ticket however, your life spirals into a black hole, as your money is legally stolen from you!!! Join GoatHollow for a special edition of the Surreal news this week for an in depth report on the explosion of civil asset forfeitures in the US!!! 8:00 Central time this Wednes day night on APN Radio!

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    When Empires Fail on The Surreal News

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    When Empires Fail on The Surreal News!
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
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    Join us on this incitefull look at what happens when empires fail. We'll go over what government leaders do, how the "Playbook" is never deviated from. What the motivations are, and how our current American Empire compares. We'll look at what to expect, how to mitigate the current collapse's effects on your life without having to crawl into a bunker in the ground, and how we can work together to create a better life for our children, and grandchildren. This Wednesday night at 8:00 Central time on APN radio!

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    NSO Nurse Practitioner Liability Update with Jennifer Flynn

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    This month we will be discussing findings from the NSO Nurse Practitioner Liability Update with Jennifer Flynn, Project Manager, Manager, Healthcare Risk Management, Nurses Service Organization (NSO) will discuss advanced practice malpractice. Our discussion with Jennifer will focus on the analysis of the most frequent and severe professional liability allegations against nurse practitioners over a five year period, 2007-2011.

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    International Advanced Practice Issues

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    This month we will address international advanced practice issues, and specifically European curriculum  standardization efforts with Donna Rae Richardson, RN, JD.

    Donna Rae Richardson is the Director of Governmental Affairs and Professional Standards for CGFNS. Previously, she was the Community Outreach Coordinator for the Women’s Health Initiative of the Nation’s Capital and Director of Clinical Trials Programs at Howard University Cancer Center that increased minority physician and patient participation in clinical trials. She also served as an Assistant Professor of Nursing and Medicine at Howard University. A registered nurse and attorney, Ms. Richardson is counsel to the law firm of Joan Wilbon and Associates. As Director of Governmental Affairs of the American Nurses Association, she directed the legislative and regulatory policies that led to the Nursing Immigration Relief Act and occupational health protections for nurses. Prior to that, she was an attorney at the Department of Labor. She is a recognized speaker and resource on foreign-educated nurses, HIV policy, women’s health research, occupational health for nurses and clinical trial recruitment. Ms. Richardson was honored by Washington High School in Massillon, Ohio, in 2007 as a Distinguished Citizen for her career in health and law.

    And, please take a moment to take our survey which will allow us to better service your needs.  The survey may be found on the CarsonCompany FB page, www.carsonco.net, Let’s Talk About APN (recasts) and at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/W2G6BMX.

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    The Other Side...A Preppers Path #5 / APN live #14

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    Lynna is sick, and out with a cold. Replay from #2
    Tom (APN Live) is off until the May 22nd.....Replay
    The Other Side...A Preppers Path #2
    This weeks episode of The Other Side..A Prepper’s Path will find Lynna visiting with GG the Gorgeous Guru, a soul whisperer.  GG will share her unique views and abilities in which she assist people in moving from the old energy of pain and suffering to the NEW energy of love, happiness and joy.  Learn about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and learn that we have a choice!  Lynna will also share selections from the Top Shelf and Behind the Garden Gate with time permitting of course. You won’t want to miss The Other Side..A Prepper’s Path Sunday 1pm central April 17th
    American Preppers Network Live #11   2:00pm central

    Tom from the American Preppers Network will be talking about all aspects of prepping. With over 5000 members to draw from each week you can bet it will be informative.
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    The Sleep Solution With Ameer Rosic

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    Ameer Rosic of the Optimal Health Show visits PhatMan Radio to discuss the sleep solution.

    Ameer Rosic is an entrepreneur, performance Coach & Educator and CEO of OHN and Riparo Clothing Inc.

    He helps entrepreneurs and top performers achieve Mastery in all aspects.

    Ameer is also the Host of “The Ameer Rosic Show” heard in over 22 different countries worldwide and downloaded over 20k times each week.

    He also has a very popular Youtube channel with more than 25 000 subscribers, and was the Canadian Kettlebell Biathlon Champion.

    Ameer is also the author of the book Diagnostic Testing and Functional Medicine available on Amazon.

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    Doom and Bloom Hour: Tom Martin of APN interview

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    On the Doom and Bloom(tm) Hour, Nurse Amy and Dr. Bones interview Tom Martin, founder of the well-known online preparedness community, the American Preppers Network.   www.AmericanPreppersnetwork.com. www.DoomandBloom.net.

    Dr. Bones also talks about ingrown toenails, commonly neglected but preventable and treatable, even in times of trouble. Thanks for joining us for some Survival Medicine tips!

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    The Role of Nurses in ACO’s and Medical Homes

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    This month we will address emerging health delivery models, with a discussion of the role of Advanced Practice Nurses and Health Care Reform, specifically with a discussion of the role of nurses in ACO’s and Medical Homes with Mary Jean Schumann.

    Ms. Schumann  is the Executive Director of the Nursing Alliance for Quality Care (NAQC). The Nursing Alliance for Quality Care (NAQC) is a bold partnership among the nation’s leading nursing organizations, consumers, and other key stakeholders to advance the highest quality, safety and value of consumer-centered health care for all individuals, their families, and their communities. NAQC believes that only with stronger, more unified nursing policy ‘voices’ will we achieve dramatic and sustainable achievement in quality and safety for the American public. Before joining the NAQC, Ms. Schumann served in various positions at the American Nurses Association, first as the Director, Nursing Practice and Policy, and later as Chief Programs Officer.  Currently, Ms. Schumann is on staff at George Washington University.  She taught pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin and Eastern Michigan University. She is a nationally certified pediatric nurse practitioner who maintained a clinical practice until 2006 as a hospice nurse in addition to her regular duties.

    Ms. Schumann co-authored a 2008 book with Dr. Margretta Styles, Kathi White and Carol Bickford, called Specialization and Credentialing in Nursing Revisited.

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    The FTC's Approach to Advanced Practice

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    This conference call builds on the FTC approach related to advanced practice --– how do we get advanced practice nursing organizations to support FTC research on collaboration?
     And, we covered changes in Texas law.  Texas and a number of other states have attempted to adopt legislation which would allow exemptions of health care collaborative from antitrust law. Under senate bill 8, state-certified healthcare collaboratives comprised of hospitals, physicians and other providers would be exempt from state and federal antitrust laws. The way these laws have been structured, they could be used to keep advanced practice nurses from pursuing practice arrangements within the ACO structure, although federal law and regulation has be structured to incorporate APNs into this delivery arrangement.

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    DOJ Medicare Strike Force and Nurses

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    The first issue for today is DOJ Medicare Strike Force and Nurses.  The joint Department of Justice and HHS Medicare Fraud Strike Force is a multi-agency team of federal, state and local investigators and prosecutors designed to combat Medicare fraud through the use of Medicare data analysis techniques. More than 500 law enforcement agents from the FBI, HHS-OIG, multiple Medicaid Fraud Control Units, and other state and local law enforcement agencies have been deployed to this project.  

    The second topic for this discussion is DEA Registrant Administrative Actions Against Nurse Prescribers.   With the registration of nurse prescribers, the DEA has begun conducting audits of nurse prescribing practices.  Until 2009, the DEA did not take administration action against “mid-level” prescribers, but instead relied on board of nursing to address nurse prescribing problems.  However, with continued focus on controlled substance prescribing, specifically abuses of prescribed controlled substances, the DEA began taking administrative action against nurse prescribers.

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    Bio-identical Hormones for Men & Woman that can change your life!

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    Are you enjoying a happy healthy  active sex life?   If you wish it could be better, maybe you should Listen to what Tikva Butler , RNC,  APN,  MSN, N. D.  has to say about  hormone replacement therapy for MEN and woman.  

    Tikva will be talking about how men and women can help themselves and their partners maintain a healthy life, vitality and sexuality.  She strongly believes that maintaining  healthy sexuality is paramount in a healthy relationship and for maintaining a healthy blood flow to the vital organs!  There are natural remedies for most condtions other than cancer. It is sad to note that most physicains do not even ask patients about their sexuality assuming that most people after 60 do not engage.  Really?  Tikva has had patients that are over 80 that enjoy a very healthy sex life and she is here to help them maintain the interest and the ability.    Woman  and men both  need hormones as they age to maintain not just sexual vitality but mental focus, motivation and zest.  Woman in particular need to maintain healthy  female organ tissue to prevent the common condition of bladder incontinence and in many cases, to prevent frequent urinary tract infections.  Tikva says she has one patient that has been able to practically cure her IC condition that she has all her life!  Tikva has been compounding  custom made hormone replacement matched and tailored to the blood chemistry and hormone levels of her patients with great results.

    This is sure to be a frank and lively discussion as Tikva likes to "tell it like it is".  She is a very entertaining expert in this field and will give us all a lot to consider about our health, vitality and sexuality!

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