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    Building Fortunes- Peter Mingils and Chris Molinari NetworkLeads Affiliates

    in Business

    Peter Mingils and Chris Molinari discuss the topics related to building a home based busness.
    If you are new, or just looking, or confused,
    Peter and Chris will help you get beyond the hype and overpromotion.

    Join us LIVE weekly on Friday @ 5:00PM Eastern


    Peter owns NetworkLeads http://www.networkleads.com
    Chris has been training people for many years.

    http://www.buildingfortunes.com  is an affiliate program and much more

    For previous Building Fortunes Radio Shows, go to:

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    in Social Networking

    Tune in at 3:00 PM CST as we discuss leadership, activism, marching, protesting, recent killings etc. CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS and many other news outlets are talking but you can't be heard. At Waco 4 State Community Talk Radio and WMAD 24 Hour Global Radio and its affiliates, that changes today. Your voice can be heard.

    AT 3:00 PM CST-LET YOUR VOICE be heard. You can agree or disagree, it's like voting, PLEASE PARTICIPATE.

    You can by calling 347-855-8118 or log on at

    Take a stand and not just a post. A post on facebook that is.

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    Buyer Rebate Program- buying a property, listen in. 2nd half Dave Ferguson

    in Real Estate

    Buying a home or other type of property? Receive up to two percent of the sales price depending on how much

    you do. Nationwide affiliates.

    2nd half

    Dave Ferguson- Motivational speaker/Coach/Seminar Expert- Daves helps people achieve their dreams.

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    The ABA Green Affiliates Show

    in Health

    My name is Jeff Tobias and I live outside Detroit Michigan and I am going to talk to you about Purity Products and show you how you can benefit from using Purity Products.  You can find more information about Purity Products on my website.  So take a listen to todays show and get excited with the moving trend of getting and staying healthy with Purity Products.  Visit my website at www.abagreenaffiliates.com and be sure you take a look at my video on the page, after watching the video with me, Jeffrey Tobias, you will find more video's for Purity Products conviently located on youtube after the video of me.  As you will see, I'm not doing too bad for a man that is over 60 years old. 

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    The Other Side of Country Music With Cain (EOTMRadio) online - TuneIn

    in Country Music

    EOTM : Online Radio : Goes A Little Bit Of Country

    You can now hear all of your favorite Country music rolled into one exclusive online radio program, including new indie artists and plenty of EOTM hot picks.

    Cawthon, known by his fans as EOTM's sports writer, joins the radio network from KEXP 90.3 FM University of Washington where he served as afternoon host. As he makes his transition to EOTM Radio, Cawthon promises a program whereas listeners can hear all of their favorite country music rolled into one exclusive online radio program, including new indie artists and plenty of his own hot country music picks, in addition to interviews with tastemakers from the country music world as well as taking calls from night owls across the globe.

    EOTM Radio will offer around the clock country music and programming, harnessing the power and resources of EOTM Radio. EOTM affiliates will also play a prominent role in this new endeavor of which has helped the network reach more than 2.5 million listeners since its inception in 2007.

    EOTM Radio and Media has become a breeding ground for new and emerging talent, giving existing radio personalities and future signings a platform in which to work and share their vision.

    Be sure to subscribe to recieve alerts to future shows.

    For more information on this broadcast or others under the network call 213-290-3573 or email pr@eotmradio(dot)com.

    Photo credit: EOTM Media/Getty Images

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    Breath of Life Counseling Services LLC founder Ed Fernandez next TWT

    in Self Help


    Breath of life Counseling Services LLC was founded in central New Jersey in January 2010 in response to the growing need for highly-qualified support for adolescents and adults in the areas of substance abuse, addiction recovery and family therapy. It has also been an ambition to try and serve an underserved Latino population in this community. We are committed to offering excellent care in individual, family and group counseling. We are in our fifth year of serving clients with DWI's and anger management issues. We have recently become DWI/IDRC affiliates with the Middlesex County Department of Human Services and have been serving Somerset County for past three years. We serve those drivers that have encountered DWI's under the New Jersey state driving laws. The growing population of Domestic Violence has also been an area of commitment for our organization. 

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    Jeff Ferrannini - is creator, producer, and host of Planetary Spirit

    in Motivation

    For 2 ½ years Jeff shared production and hosting with Magdalena the internet radio show Planetary Spirit. Since June 2009 Jeff is now sole producer/host. In June 2010, Jeff began broadcasting Planetary Spirit "Live" from ETIN (Emerson Talk & Information Network) studio at Emerson College, in Boston, MA. In November of 2012, Planetary Spirit affiliated with Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network on the East Coast and their two West Coast internet radio affiliates.


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    Marlin Family Talks MLB Awards, Snubs .....

    in Baseball

    Marlin Family Live Show

    Episode 10 : November 9, 2014


    The show by the fans for the fans is proud to bring you another installment of Marlin Family Live with your Host Andy Salgado and Dann Dunn.

    On this episode Andy and Dann talk about Marlins winners of MLB awards, snubs, and the Livan Hernandez story. Plus many more great fish facts, games, stats, news, and notes! 

    Join us LIVE on Sunday's at 7 pm eastern or on demand anytime. Lets Go Fish

    #Marlins #MarlinFamily #LetsGoFish #2015FearTheFish


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    Help 4 HD News Update with Louise Vetter CEO HDSA

    in Health

    Help 4 HD News Channel has been in contact with Louise Vetter CEO and has offered HDSA a forum to give our community an update on its progress on programs, research initiatives, Centers of Excellence, Diplomat Program and more.  

    We will be discussing the following information:

    I.             HDSA Overall

    Implementation of Strategic Plan

    guides everything we do with clear goals and practices to support our mission

    The result: new advocacy, education and research programs to support HD families

    II.           Research

    HD Human Biology Project
    HDSA Research Webinars
    Don King Fellowships

    III.          Education & Community Support

    National Social Worker to staff Helpline
    Partnership with HDYO
    Resources regarding Caregiving, Longterm Care and Genetic testing
    New HDSA Center of Excellence grant program

    IV.          Advocacy

    HD Parity Act
    Social Security Administration
    US Food & Drug Administration

    V.           Importance of Community Engagement

    More HDSA Chapters & Affiliates
    More Team Hope Walks
    More visibility: Family is Everything as a new way of building awareness of HD to new audiences
    More participation in science:  Endorsement of Enroll-HD

    VI.          Closing thoughts

    The entire HD community shares a common goal – to end HD.  Together we are stronger!

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    Bert Martinez talks with Cheryl Heppard, Kathy Nolan and guests

    in Business

    Dr. Julia Kinder is a board-certified physician, national speaker, best-selling author, and an entrepreneur who has started 3 businesses. Most importantly, she is a mom of three.

    Kathy Nolan over 35 years of financial experience worked on Wall Street as an institutional trader. After family - went into insurance world. Totally independent now since 1997. Own practice as Family Focus Financial Group  

    Dr. Kazi Anam is licensed pharmacist,doctor of natural medicine,health coach and a certified consulting hypnotist. He is a best selling author and has appeared in ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates. He is an expert in health, wellness and disease prevention

    Cheryl Heppard is a sales, revenue and publicity consultant for service oriented business owners and corporations. She is also a speaker, author, app developer and  founder of several websites.  Her passion is helping businesses all over the world use proven internet marketing visibility and publicity strategies. Cheryl's services allow her clients to increase leads, revenue and freedom in their business by implementing systems and automation which creates strong connections and build relationships

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    State of the Black Parent with Shaunes Richardson

    in Business


    Philly's Own, CHARNELLE BOYER, 5 LINX REPRESENTATIVE., THAT HAVE SUPPORTED US FOR JULY 2014 & HAVE RESERVED FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR.  Support to Independent Consultants/ Contractors/ Affiliates in  Black Community.
    BECOME A VENDOR, FOR YOUR  INDEPENDENT COMPANY OR AFFILIATE/ CONSULTANT FOR THIS EVENT.  IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO BE THERE, THERE ARE REASONABLE SPONSORSHIP OFFERS.   INDEPENDENTs  MUST INVEST IN PROMOTIONS!     This is for those are, interested in being or for supporting the products/ services of Indepedent Consultants/ Independent Contractors, and Affiliate Marketing.    Are there black owned businesses that have affiliate marketing programs?  



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