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    Quantum Leap: Let's Talk Aphasia with Rebecca Kipping

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    Join Julie Kintz in welcoming Rebecca Kipping back to Quantum Leap! Rebbecca is a Speech Therapist who is well versed in the needs of those with brain injury. The topic for this show is the different aspects of aphasia. Rebecca is sure to educate us all on aphasia! Save the date, this will be an amazing show!

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    Raising Awareness of Aphasia One Face at a Time

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    Listen in as leaders from Lingraphica explain their new campaign for Aphasia Awareness Month, throughout the month of June.

    The website FacesOfAphasia.com is at the center of the campaign, which was created to spread awareness about aphasia, a communication disorder, caused by a stroke or other brain injury, that affects the way a person uses language.

    Faces of Aphasia is a collection of stories about people affected by aphasia. If you have aphasia, care for someone with aphasia, or treat people with aphasia, please visit FacesOfAphasia.com to learn more and submit your story.

    Everyone who posts a story receives a large, beautiful, and FREE poster of the aphasia journey.

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    NSDF Seize the Day: Talk About Aphasia

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    NSDF invites you to Seize the Day as we talk about Aphasia. NSDF dedicates this episode of Seize the Day to create awareness of an issue seizure survivors expereince from time to time, some more than others, Aphasia.

    During this hour, we will cover these and more:

    What is Aphasia?
    Why does it occur?
    What can be done?
    Where can one go for more information and help?

    National Seizure Disorders Foundation is giving you this information today as a close to June. You see, June was National Aphasia Awareness Month and not many knew! Let do the right thing and together mark June on our calendars next year as National Aphasia Awareness Month to pay the medical issue better attention and draw awareness where it is due.. 


    Help and information on Aphasia: http://www.aphasia.org/

    Help and information on seizure disorders: http://nsdf.us


    Thank you to tonight's sponsor: The Advocate (Dickson TN)


    TG Bears  Maker of Jesy Bear, mascot of NSDF

    Neotraining Network, Bringing YOU Tools of Letting Go!








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    Understanding Aphasia In EMS | A Personal Story

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    This week we are joined by Ellayne S.  Ganzfried, M.S., CCC-SLP who is a speech-language pathologist and the Executive Director of the National Aphasia Association and long time subscriber to EMSSEO.com Avi Golden who will share his story about how aphasia has affected him.

    Many health professionals have heard of aphasia but often don’t have a good understanding of the disorder and how to communicate with a person with aphasia. EMTs and other health professionals are in fact more likely to encounter a person with aphasia than someone with multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy. Unfortunately, because few health professionals are specifically trained to deal with people with aphasia, they may mistake the aphasia for mental illness, mental retardation, or other conditions. Misunderstandings may arise and efforts to help people with aphasia may be useless – or dangerous. The goal of this epsisode is to provide comprehensive information about aphasia along with practical communicative and intervention strategies.

    Join us live via chat room or call in with your questions Toll free


    This episode is sponsored by EMS Manager. If you or your agency is looking for an easy to use and innovative EMS employee scheduling and management software, sign up to get access to a free customizable trial by going to http://emsmanager.net


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    Aphasia or Dementia? Plus Breathing Right

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    Our first guest is Ellayne Ganzfried, the Executive Director of the National Aphasia Association.  We will discuss what Aphasia is, how it affects people, potential treatment and research and how it's different from other forms of dementia. Website Email - Ganzfried@aphasia.org Resource Line (800) 922-4622
    Laurie Ellis-Young and Nancy Chakrin will be our second guest today. Laurie is a pioneer in breathwork as an empowering and healing modality.  Nancy is an award-winning photographer, graphic designer and landscape painter. Together they published the book, "FRIENDSHIP The Art of the Practice," which includes inspirational friendship quotes and photographs of women ages (10-100) doing partner yoga poses in spectacular nature settings around the globe. I think you will find this to be a very informative conversation on the power of breath.  Laurie will even take us through a breathing exercise you can do anywhere any time. Contact Info Website:  www.BreatheTheChange.com Email: Laurie@BreatheTheChange.com  Nancy's Website:  www.NancyChakrin.com Email: Nancy@BreatheTheChange.com

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    Advances in Aphasia Speech Therapy

    in Health

    Don't miss Dr. Richard Steele, Chief Scientist at Lingraphica, as he joins us to discuss his research on aphasia speech therapy.
    The research Dr. Steele did in ongoing speech re-aquisition was complete over 10 years ago. Now, new research from the University of Montreal validates his hypothesis that people with aphasia can re-learn language at any point after their stroke with the proper speech therapy.
    Also, learn how Dr. Steele's research and innovation has translated to Lingraphica's most useful and therapeutic speech-generating devices and speech therapy apps yet.

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    New Ways to Transform the Lives of People with Aphasia

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    Listen in as we report live from the show floor of ASHA 2013 in Chicago. We're unveiling:  Two new speech-generating devices A groundbreaking new online speech therapy website A new device assessment tool Learn more at this link   See us at ASHA booth #1333.   Lingraphica is committed to transforming the lives of people with aphasia. Lingraphica is inventing new ways to help them re-engage with their communities.   Lingraphica's new AllTalk™ speech-generating device transforms into different configurations to make it more easily fit into particular situations of the user. It converts from a laptop, to a tablet, to a stand.   TalkPath™ Online Speech Therapy is a first-of-its-kind online speech therapy website. SLPs will be glad to know their patients can continue exercises at home and further improve their language skills.   QuickAssess? is our new device assessment tool for speech language pathologists (SLPs). It transforms the way SLPs assess a client's readiness for speech-generating devices.

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    Advances in Speech Therapy for Aphasia

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    Join Dr. Richard Steele, Lingraphica's Chief Scientist, as we discuss new research in the field of speech therapy. Today's topic - how people who suffer from aphasia after having a stroke can improve language performance and communication skills years after the stroke.
    Dr. Steele conducted similar research years ago in the development of Lingraphica's speech-generating devices.
    Questions we'll ask Dr. Steele -
    Why is research such an important part of trying to assist people with aphasia? How is research — by Lingraphica and others — used as the foundation for each speech-generating device developed by Lingraphica? What particular aspects of research are implemented in Lingraphica's TalkPathSM Suite of Speech Therapy Apps for the iPad?

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    Speaking Difficulties Aphasia #2

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    Mark will discuss his view on aphasia and aphasia therapy in this mode and will comment on the different speech therapy approaches; both pro and con.

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    Our Visit to a Leading Aphasia Therapy Center

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    Please listen in as we interview Denise McCall, M.A., CCC-SLP, and Director of the SCALE Center in Baltimore.We recently spent a couple days with Denise being a part of SCALE and were moved by the work Denise and her team are doing.Specifically, in this show, Denise will:Tell us more about the Snyder Center for Aphasia Life Enhancement.Explain SCALE's use of technology to help people with who need speech therapy after a stroke or brain injury.Tell us how SCALE is celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month.Share a recent event in which the members of SCALE with aphasia organized a performance and spoke in front of a large group.Lingraphica is honored to count Denise and her team at SCALE as friends. We can't wait to come back down to Baltimore to visit again.

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    Setting the Record Straight on Medicare and Speech-Generating Device Technology

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    Join us as we discuss the recent developments behind Medicare’s coverage of speech-generating devices for people with aphasia and language and cognitive disorders who need help communicating. We'll be joined by Kevin Self, Marketing Communications Manager at Lingraphica, who will walk us through the recent history of Medicare regarding SGDs, Lingraphica's #SaveSGDTech campaign, and what you can do to save SGD technology.

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