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    Grape Ape Untamed feat. Knucklebones

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    Grape Ape Untamed and Knucklebones team up for a Friday Night show.

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    The Skunk Ape Show

    in Paranormal

    Tim Fasano host a show about the southern Bigfoot. I will discuse the events surrounding the Lettuce lake Skunk Ape sighting and details most people are not aware of. It will also be open forum for any questions from callers."music by audionautix.com" 

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    The Aquatic Ape Theory

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    The Aquatic Ape Theory explains why many of the features of human physiology are rare or unique among land mammals, but are common among aquatic ones. Some of our earliest ancestors most likely lived in a semi-aquatic habitat for a prolonged period of time.

    Source links:

    Elaine Morgan TED Talk
    Mark Kessell - Getting Naked: The Aquatic Ape Theory
    Animal Planet - Mermaids: The Body Found
    Animal Planet - Mermaids: The New Evidence

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    Ape Shift

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    APE SHIFT- When you are goo-goo or gaga or going out of your gourd (so to speak) you could be considered APE SHIFT NUTS!  SHIFT is the weekly program hosted by Founder and Creator of the digital magazine, The Magic Happens, Editor and contributing writer, Kathleen Anne McCarthy and Editor and contributing writer at The Magic Happens;  best selling, award-winning published author, Annette Rochelle Aben.  The Magic Happens is a digital world home to a community of writers who are thriving out loud! Enjoy these two thinking ladies who are open to shifting perspectives on many things. The doors are wide open to lots of conversational opportunities. Listen weekly, FOLLOW the program at www.blogtalkradio.com/themagichappens and comment on the show at www.facebook.com/themagichappens . TWEET us and PIN your thoughts with us on PINTEREST!  Writers are welcome to JOIN The Magic Happens family!  Contact Kat @ kat@themagichappens.com FOLLOW the great reads and writers in our digital magazine www.themagichappens.com This program, SHIFT is LIVE 12Noon EST every Sunday!

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    Grape Ape Untamed with Knucklebones Radio

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    Grape Ape and Knucklebones collaboration talking bot the now.Keep a further look out for the Fist and the Gorilla. Smashing on political sheep dummies kmsl.

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    Grape Ape Untamed feat. Knucklebones

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    The Grape Ape Untamed show will be hosted by Knucklebones of www.knucklebonesradio.net. This will be an open mic show including "Truth Hop, Rock, Alternative" music. Callers are encouraged. What do you want to discuss? What's Important to you? My shows are always inspired by William Cooper (www.hourofthetime.com)

    Guest Call in # (646) 668-8596 to listen. Press "1" to speak with Host.

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    SC EP:54 Ape Canyon Sasquatch Attacks!

    in Science

    "First of all, I wish to give an account of the attack and tell of the famous incident of July, 1924, when the "Hairy Apes" attacked our cabin. We had been prospecting for six years in the Mt. St. Helens and Lewis River area in Southwest Washington. We had, from time to time, come across large tracks by creek beds and springs. In 1924 I and four other miners were working our gold claim, the Vander White. It was two miles east of Mt. St. Helens near a deep canyon now named "Ape Canyon" — which was so named after an account of the incident reached the newspapers"-Fred Beck

    We also speak to a Police Officer who investigated a bigfoot attack on a person. He also discusses some strange calls he has been on that were Sasquatch related.

    The final guest talks about two encounters he has had. One of his encounters is very disturbing when he came face to face with a Sasquatch.

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    Will They Go Extinct Next? The Project to End Great Ape Slavery

    in Environment

    We are at a critical point where so many species are on the brink of extinction. Primates are one of the endangered species that are hunted for food and captured for exploitation. Great apes – chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas and orangutans – are in great demand in Middle Eastern and East Asian safari parks, zoos and private menageries. Most shocking is the fact that corrupt national CITES officials in several countries are deeply involved in the trafficking. Many die en route to the transit cities, packed in between other illicit products, they suffocate, starve to death, or their little throats dry up whilst calling for help which never arrives.  It's a journey through Hell, to slavery, to a life behind bars. It is a life sentence for a crime which they have never committed. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host June Stoyer talks to wildlife photographer and environmental advocate, Karl Ammann, about this crisis and what we can do to protect all primates.  Today's show is brought to you by Eden Foods the most trusted name in certified organic clean food! Shop online at EdenFoods.com and enter the coupon code “ORGVIEW” when prompted during checkout to receive 20% OFF any regularly priced items (excluding cases). For other promotional offers, please visit TheOrganicView.com’s website.      

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    Green Leaf Network / behind the wall w Ape Shit

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    Tune in tonight to Green Leaf Network 11:00pm est call 717-929-477-2453 we show support to our brothers and sisters locked down behind the wall. Free Litho & Jay Montega! If your spit hot bars? Call in tonight and go in

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    Bunny Man, Ape Men, and the Mysterious Disappearance of Percy Fawcett

    in Paranormal

    On tonights Post-Halloween show, I'll be discussing Virginia's urban legend about the murderous Bunny Man, Strange cryptid Ape-men from around the world, and the mysterious disappearance of explorer Percy Fawcett who was searching for the lost city of "Z".

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    Episode 12 - Ape Canyon Incident with Marc Myrsell

    in Podcasting

    This week we are discussing the Ape Canyon incident of 1924 with researcher Marc Myrsell of the Dark Waters Paranormal Group. Marc and his group have been researching the incident for over 5 years, culminating in the potential rediscovery of the cabin site in 2013. They have reportedly excavated evidence of the cabin 6in underground. The exciting find and continued work is currently being compiled into a book & DVD powerhouse entitled MOUNTAIN DEVIL! For years investigators have been searching for the cabin site. Even Peter Byrne traveled to Ape Canyon circa 1972 in an attempt to locate it, but was unsuccessful. There were tales of the cabin burning down in 1968 and some suggest the site may have been buried or destroyed due to the 1980 eruptions of Mount St Helens. With future expeditions planned in order to further excavate the site and analysis underway to date some of the evidence, Marc and the D.W.P.G. may be on the cusp of a major discovery.

    On July 10, 1924 four miners, including Fred Beck, were prospecting for gold on their claim 2 miles east of Mount St Helens in Washington State. Allegedly the 4 prospectors were assailed in their cabin late that night, for upwards of 6 hours, by what they described as Hairy Apes and Mountain Devils. The incident may have been precipitated by one of the miners shooting at a creature earlier that evening. And reportedly the morning after the incident one of the men shot and killed a creature sending it hurtling 400ft off a cliff and into a gorge below. The men were so anxious to leave the area, they left behind about $200 in equipment and supplies. The men reported the creatures to be over 7ft tall and found prints 19in long the following morning. The story and interviews with the miners were published in many of the West Coast newspapers including The Portland News, The Seattle Post Intelligencer, The Oregonian, and the Longview Daily News.