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    Harlem Artist, DK Betts with Antonia Badon!

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    Welcome Harlem Artist,  D.K. Betts with The Gist of Freedom and host Antonia Badon!

    Mark your calendar..Attend D.K. Betts exhibit at the Harlem Public Library on 11 October 2014. This event is free and open to the public! Send an email for more info at dkartist11@ yahoo.com

    Lecture with Q&A period on the artwork of DK Betts.

    About D K Betts

    As a young boy growing up in the streets of New Orleans, the sights, sounds and smells of Food, Music and Art were always present. The culture itself a blend of African, French Canadian and Spanish influences can be observed everywhere. That blend is what makes the “Crib” as we call it here in the “Big Easy” special. New Orleans’ Food, Music and Art have had a major influence on people around the world. There’s just something special about our style, that mystery which seems to draw you in.

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    The Gift of Choice - Guest Antonia Nelson

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    Welcome to the Gift of Choice! Join us as Antonia Nelson shares with us her experience and what she has learned. She will provide insights  on  how  Myofascial Release and The Way of the Heart and Coaching  come together to bring the body, heart/mind and spirit in our daily life and where we are going. 

    With 34 years as a Healing Arts Professional,  Antonia Nelson utilizes a holistic approach to address the physical, emotional and spiritual health of her clients. To do this she uses various forms of bodywork, coaching and field work to educate her clients on how to develop a whole health approach to living.

    Her approach blends a unique combination of tools and knowledge that address the individuals experience of pain/discomfort, and then gently guides them to a new level of health after each session. Through this process clients have been able to make permanent changes in their lives.

    Antonia also offers one-on-one Transformational Coaching and Workshops for Individuals, groups and businesses throughout the U.S. in the areas of Health & Wellness, Movement and Flow, Life Mission and Decoding Body Pain.

    Guest - Antonia Nelson http://gbmfr.com/

    Connect with Bonnie www.bonniegroessl.com 

    Check out Bonnie's New Facebook page here


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    Everything with Kathy B The Ladies Lounge Alasha Bennett & Antonia Griffin

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    Alasha Bennett - The Dating Mechanic - 6:15pm

    Alasha gives singles the tools to drive the dating road with confidence and success to get to their relationship destination. Her dating clinics, singles activities, conferences and workshops help singles take the theory of dating and put it into practice.

    Antonia Griffin - Motivational Speaker - 7:15pm

    A Survivor is defined as a person who copes well with difficulties in their life. This extraordinary woman is more than that; she has been able to exceed the epitomes of where a person who has been in her shoes should be. With the weight of the world on her shoulders, Antonina was able to maneuver through life and open her first business in 2007: “A Greater Divine Inc.” A Greater Divine Inc. is a level three mental health facility. In 2009, she launched “Beautyfull”, an urban jewelry line for women. In 2012, Antonina opened her second business in Winston Salem, North Carolina; A Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program (SAIOP) that strides on direct care and substance abuse services. 


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    A Quick Message from Apostle Antonia

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    Wow I did not fall off the face of the earth but the Most High God has me in a rest, I am in His rest not but my choice but His Will be done in me.  I am going through the refining fire and it really feels refreshing.  I will be back God Willing this week. Please do not forget my Friday night discussions will resume next week and I have Pastor Wyclifft from Kenya on Wedsdays now and On the day after Christmas I will have Pastor Carpenter with us talking about -A TOTAL LIFE CHANGE!


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    Antonia Lawrence Is a Reggae Singer who is A Feature W/The Ray Charles Rayunion

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    Antonia is a singer , song writer, worship leader and speaker, is often called inspirational and refreshing in the music industry. Her voice captivates, as her message is delivered from the heart. On stage and beyond, Antonia’s energy is empowering and designed to ignite service to God and those whose lives might be changed by the power of a song. Antonia embodies the current trend among successful artists in the music industry. She is versatility!

    Her music multi-cultural background: British, Canadian, and Jamaican. Antonia’s music blends her ethnicity with her life experience in God. This is heard in her lyrics and rhythms. Antonia’s musical style ranges from R&B, to Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Reggae. As a singer and songwriter, Antonia’s music is filled with an ever-present Spirit of Gratitude to Praise God. The God-Bestowed brilliance in her original music is designed to encourage as she gratefully celebrates the power of music.

    Ultimately, Antonia’s desire is to enlighten and refresh the listener to experience the music and the message.Antonia has traveled globally, sharing her gift of song with the world. She has toured varied events including churches, conferences, trade shows, concerts and more as far as England, Brazil, The Caribbean Islands, North America, and beyond. Antonia asserts, “My career taught me there is no substitute for hard work.” She has worked with many artists who include both Israel Houghton and Alvin Slaughter. Antonia has been graciously recognized for her accomplishments and awaits more through her dedication and hard work; both People You Need to Know magazine and the Gospel Choice Awards have honored her, thus far.

    Antonia is available for performances at events, concerts, conferences, retreats, and speaking engagements. For more information on booking requests and about her new single “Wid You,” please visit http://www.antonialawrence.com

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    The SYNCRENICITY of the 21st Century Superhuman: w/Antonia Hagens

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    Presented by India Irie, Allfaaraa, Alchemystique & Sherri Fischer

    Antonia Hagens is a Nutritionist, Healer, Speaker, Author and Visionary Leader. 

    From a very young age, Antonia was connected to the spiritual world. She facilitated many energy healings. She was already on-stage speaking by the time she was 12 years old. Then her life changed and she closed the door on all things spiritual.

    Her intense desire to understand the “Why” and “How” of Life has lead her to become certified in many healing modalities. Through her transformational company, Masterpiece Life Inc. she has assisted thousands to transform their lives all over the world. She has worked with and interviewed some of the leading edge healers, scientists, thought leaders and spiritual teachers in the world today.

    As a healer and intuitive Antonia has been certified in Nutrition, Nutritional Metabolic Typing, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Neurostructural Integration Technique – NST (Advance Bowen Therapy), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Theta Healing, Reiki, Universalis Modality, Qi Gong, Reconnective Healing and many more.

    Antonia gently and powerfully guides you to question the source of your issue so that you can learn and move forward.

    You are here to Play, Experience, Learn and Enlighten. Your soul is on an accelerated path of growth.  Your natural state is Love, Peace, Oneness and Fluidity. To book a session with Antonia call 416-224-5200.

    - See more at: http://masterpiecelife.com/speakers/antonia-hagens/#sthash.qxshG0mz.dpuf

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    Milling About with The Devil In The Marshalsea Author Antonia Hodgson

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    Author Antonia Hodgson joins host Robin Milling at Kings Cross bar down in the Bowery in New York City to talk about her new murder mystery, The Devil In the Marshalsea. It's a fitting place to meet as her novel is set in 18th century gritty London where oweing a debt can land you in the city's most notorious prison -- the Marshalsea Gaol, and the Bowery was once home to vagrants and street criminals. Facts meet fiction in this page turner featuring the charming rogue Thomas Hawkins whose gambling habits get the best of him and he is thrown into the gaol where a murderer is still at large.

    Antonia tells Robin she spent many hours in the British public library researching prisoner's diaries, becoming fascinated with the debtors prisons where rich and poor alike ironically had to scrounge up money to pay for food and shelter in these seedy surroundings. She decided to set her crime novel in this world where whores, society gentlemen and scoundrels live under the roof of the ruthless governor William Acton who actually ran the Marshalsea almost 300 years ago.

    The Devil In The Marshalsea has visuals that are ripe for the screen. Antonia says the book has already been optioned for television to develop a series where her wish casting would include Tom Hiddleston in the role of Hawkins. In her other life Antonia is an editor and works with many actors so she is thinking about writing a part for Rupert Everett in her next book which is a sequel!

    Click here for free audiobook www.audibletrial.com/millingabout

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    Peripheral Vision - by Antonia Batts

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    Celebrating Women's History Month: Featuring Dr.Lillian Green join us for our 509th episode of BevNat

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    Antonia Lawrence

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    Inspirational, motivational and refreshing are the words used by many to describe the music of Antonia Lawrence.  Her message comes from the heart, her voice captivates you; and her energy empowers you.  For Antonia, music is about service -- to God and to those whose lives might be changed by the power of a song.
    Antonia has a unique multicultural background.  She was born in Manchester, England, her parents are from Jamaica and she was raised in Canada. She enrolled into Oral Roberts in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and this is where her ministry began and where she discovered the gift God had given to her. As Antonia grew in the knowledge of God, so did her talent as singer, songwriter and worship leader.
    She is a versatile artist and her music reflects her multicultural background through the diversity of styles. Antonia has traveled nationally and internationally sharing her gift with different events, churches and conferences.  She has traveled as far as England, Brazil, the Caribbean Islands, and beyond, on a wide range of music and worship projects.  She has also worked with such organizations as the Children’s Miracle Network, Muscular Dystrophy Association, Hosea Williams-Feed the Hungry and Unite Atlanta.   She has worked with some of the leading artists in the field, such as Ron Kenoly, Alvin Slaughter, Israel Houghton, Babbie Mason,  Darlene Zchech of Australia and more.
    She served for 10 years as Choir Director and Worship Leader at Victory World Church, a congregation of about four thousand in Norcross, and also as faculty at the Worship Institute teaching different classes on worship of over 18 years.   She works with other ministries such as Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA.  She also directs the worship at Eagles Nest Church with Pastor Lee Jenkins and works with In Touch Ministries, the ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley.

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    Harlem Shakespeare Festival, Founder Debra Ann Byrd with Antonia Badon

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    Join The Gist of Freedom, Arts and Activism with Antonia Badon and  Harlem Shakespeare Festival founder DEBRA ANN BYRD! 

    Ms. Byrd [Festival Founder & Producing Artistic Director] is the Founder of Take Wing And Soar Productions where she currently serves as Chief Executive and Producing Artistic Director.  Ms. Byrd has guided the company's growth from its birth in 1999 into a viable support organization serving women, youth, classical artists of color and theater arts groups throughout New York. 

    The African Grove Theater was A Shakespearean Playhouse Founded in 1816 by Activist William Brown. It was mysteriously burned to the ground.

    In 1816 William Brown a retired African American ship steward bought a house in Manhattan on Thompson Street. He used his garden in his backyard to host social events. They were such a big hit that people traveled from all over NY to attend. An all-black theatre troupe and company grew out these tea garden performances.

    Riding the success of the theater, Brown later built a fully-fledged performance space on the second floor of his home
    – for an audience of more than 300 – at 165 Mercer St., just south of Houston St.

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    Peripheral Vision - by Antonia Batts

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    Home Invasions Revisited 2015; Protecting yourselves join us for our 486th episode of BevNat

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