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    Protecting Your Cells with Proper Antioxidants

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    Stress from daily living produces free radicals which can lead to health challenges. 

    In this episode Dr Budweiser, founder and owner of Weiser Living, will be discussing the topic of antioxidants. He will cover questions such as:

    How antioxidants protect the cell and keep you healthy?
    What are antioxidants and why are they important?
    What food sources are high in antioxidants?
    Antioxidants & supplements. What to look for?
    When should they be taken?
    Who needs antioxidants?


    So join Dr Budweiser this coming Saturday morning for an information packed half hour! 

    In the meantime, check out his blog at www.weiserliving.com

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    Curtis Harwell & Richard Neal Discuss Recipes and Antioxidants and Food

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    USDA scientists analyzed antioxidant levels in more than 100 different foods, including fruits and vegetables. Each food was measured for antioxidant concentration as well as antioxidant capacity per serving size. Cranberries, blueberries, and blackberries ranked highest among the fruits studied. Beans, artichokes, and Russet potatoes were tops among the vegetables. Pecans, walnuts, and hazelnuts ranked highest in the nut category.

    USDA chemist Ronald L. Prior says the total antioxidant capacity of the foods does not necessarily reflect their health benefit. Benefits depend on how the food's antioxidants are absorbed and utilized in the body. Still, this chart should help consumers trying to add more antioxidants to their daily diet.

    How Antioxidants Help Prevent Oxidation

    As oxygen interacts with cells of any type - an apple slice or, in your body, the cells lining your lungs or in a cut on your skin -- oxidation occurs. This produces some type of change in those cells. They may die, such as with rotting fruit. In the case of cut skin, dead cells are replaced in time by fresh, new cells, resulting in a healed cut.

    This birth and death of cells in the body goes on continuously, 24 hours a day. It is a process that is necessary to keep the body healthy. "Oxidation is a very natural process that happens during normal cellular functions," researcher Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, professor of nutrition at Tufts University in Boston, tells WebMD.

    Yet there is a downside. "While the body metabolizes oxygen very efficiently, 1% or 2% of cells will get damaged in the process and turn into free radicals," he says.

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    Anti-Up On Antioxidants With Us

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    Don't Follow Angelina Jolie's example. Here is Why. Irene Boscoe on Angelina Jolie's decision to have a double mastectomy. Is It Self-Mutilation? Jolie has not heard of changing your diet yet? Brad Pitt is due for a double castration, next. What are antioxidants and how these protect your DNA. Eat more vegetables and fruits! http://drolgasharesfruitplus.com
    Dialogue with Irene Boscoe. Health Coach.  
    Second topics we are covering is a course in History on Latin America, Introduced by Professor James W Wilkie. Contact Dr Olga; olgalazin@gmai.com  

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    A Strong Immune System for Winter

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    A strong immune system is essential for winter, especially with the challenges of emerging infection agents. Natural living, and essential nutrients can restore health and strengthen the immune system. Certain vitamins, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, colostrum, silver and herbs are especially helpful for immune support.

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    The Keys to Health are Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatories

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    What does standing barefoot on the sand have to do with improving health? Have you ever been to a huge magnificent waterfalls and noticed how great you feel inside? The fact is that when you can provide the platform to your body to allow it to receive the surges of potent healing electrons from Mother Nature, you are helping your body heal itself.

    This is what negatively charged alkaline water from the Aging Younger water ionizer does for the body, it offers the body the tools to heal itself as you drink the water from it on a daily basis. Certainly listen to our radio program this Wednesday August 6, at 7PM est but you can go to our website  agingyounger.net and click on Products and there you will see the Aging Younger Water Ionizer and simply click on it to watch a video and read all about this magnificent water with its potential healing qualities. 

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    Your Daily Dose with Dr. Len are antioxidants expensive urine?? says medicine?

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    Tune in at noon to hear Dr. Len Brancewicz of http://thenutritionshoppe.net discuss today's hottest health topics and new from a complimentary perspective.  From colds to cancer and everything in between, Dr. Len can offer honest advice that makes sense. 

    As a Registered Pharmacist (RPh), Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN), Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (NMD), and a homeopath, Dr. Len has over 35 years experience in helping to keep you and your family healthy and happy. 

    Call in today to ask about your most pressing health concerns!   your doc will constantly remind you that vitamins are worthless..REALLY??????  let's see what science says!

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    Flax Seed Offers Multiple Benefits

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    Flax seed is one of the most beneficial foods there is. It is well known for its flax oil, a key source of Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly alpha linolenic acid, that are important for good brain function and calm nerves. Flax also has high quality proteins and lignans, a class of antioxidants that help protect against many health problems.

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    Protecting Against Public Poisons

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    Avoid public poisons, which weaken the immune system and harm health. Super foods and antioxidants strengthen and maintain health. Key knowledge, detoxification, a natural lifestyle and emf protection are also crucial to better health with the depopulation challenges we are facing. Learn and prepare to take care of your family.


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    Essential Oils with Dr. Nancy, #10Super Antioxidants

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    God created antioxidants in  foods to soak up the dangerous free radicals resulting from the reaction of oxygen in our cells. Without  an abundance of these antioxidants we will experience chronic disease, premature aging, and general poor health.
    We will talk about an antioxidant food that has 150 times the antioxidants found in carrots and 30 times the antioxidants found in Broccoli. Sharon Manor of Searcy, Arkansas, will join us in our discussion of the Wolfberries. 

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    Why We Need More Oxidation and Less Anti-Oxidants!

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    Join Dr. Cherilyn Lee and special guest Garry Gordon as they discuss the health benefits of Oxidation.

    Dr. Garry F. Gordon, world-renown expert on chelation therapy, anti-aging, nutrition, mineral metabolism, and alternative and preventive therapies, has exhaustively researched the more than 7,000 books and articles on EDTA written in the past 50 years. Dr. Gordon developed the original protocol for safe and effective use of EDTA, has published numerous scientific papers on the topic and is co-author with Morton Walker, D.P.M. of the best-selling book The Chelation Answer.



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    Get Real with Mark and Kally! All About Herbal Tea or Rather Herbal Infusions

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    We love sipping on herbal infusions, especially as the weather cools down.   Many people think they don’t like herbal tea/infusions, but they have probably not enjoyed a good cup.  Tune in and learn all about the traditions of tea, types of tea and how to get a good cup.  There is nothing I love more than visiting a friend in the afternoon and enjoying a good conversation, relaxation and a delicious cup of herbal tea. 

    Find out which tea has more antioxidants than green tea, making it the super star of tea without caffiene.  

    And, by the way, herbal tea is really an herbal infusion.  Green tea is really green tea infusion.  Come find out why.

    Our family went from the sick care life style and industry to our Wellness Lifestyle.  Our passion is to help you Get Real and bridge the gap to a joy-filled passionate life with good health and vitality.  Read more about us by clicking here.   Get real information, wellness tips, health care products, and information to help inspire creativity and imagination.


    Mark and Kally Efros

    Indigo Mountain:  Wellness, Toys & Gifts

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