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    Crossing The Sea of Burning Sands - The Unseen Hands of Power

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    Shalom everyone. I want to continue our 9Mind exposure of the Black Boul'e aka Masons by finding out who it is these College trained males work for and who's (secrets) they have sworn to (solomenly) uphold. The last to shows where our Brother S. Cokely shared his indepth research into their secret and priviledged fraternal orders was certainly eye opening and even shocking when one reflects on the amount of power and control these secret orders of all male fraternities truly weld over the mostly unaware masses of Corporate chattel stock called humans. Many consisting largley of low income or no income underprivileged women and children. Come and share another 9Mind Sacred Sisterhood explosive night of revelations about those who serve the unseen faces and hands of global power and world domination. Be prepared to learn, be shocked but most of all be prepared to become aware that NOTHING is as it is made to appear.

    Let's go..... 


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    As pobres "Lápides Adornadas"\The Poor "Adorned Tombstones"

    in Christianity

    E, chegando-vos para ele, pedra viva, reprovada, na verdade, pelos homens, mas para com Deus eleita e preciosa,
    Vòs também, como pedras vivas, sois edificados casa espiritual e sacerdòcio santo, para oferecer sacrifícios espirituais agradáveis a Deus por Jesus Cristo.
    Por isso também na Escritura se contém:Eis que ponho em Sião a pedra principal da esquina, eleita e preciosa;e quem nela crer não será confundido.
    E assim para vòs, os que credes, é preciosa, mas, para os rebeldes,a pedra que os edificadores reprovaram,essa foi a principal da esquina, 1 Pedro 2:4-7

    Junte-se a DF e o Irmão Don, nesta Segunda feira, 15, 23h de Portugal (19h em Brasília)

    And they came unto a living stone, disallowed indeed of men, but chosen of God and precious, 
    Ye also, as lively stones, are built up a spiritual house, an holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ. 
    Wherefore also it is contained in scripture, Behold, I lay in Sion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded. 
    And so to you, who believe he is precious, but for the rebels, the stone which the builders rejected, this was the head of the corner, 1 Peter 2: 4-7

    Join "DS" and Brother Don this Monday, September  the 15th, 6pm EST\5pm CST\4pm MST\3pm PST

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    Psychic Readings with Antionette

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    Come join me for "live" psychic and medium readings with Antionette. Fun , exciting and accurate ! Call in to receive a reading pertaining to your most worrying and troublsome problems...
    Many Blessings.

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    Psychic Readings with Antionette

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    Psychic Antionette is back! Come join her for new times/days to receive a "reading". Discuss about the spiritual realm and also, ask her questions about anything. Psychic Antionette has over 17 years experience with being a psychic/medium. 
    Come join the show!

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    in Politics Conservative

    No programa de hoje, irei dar VINTE MOTIVOS para torcer por Israel.

    A posição da direita política é e sempre foi a favor dos judeus no Estado de Israel. Entretanto, muitas pessoas não conseguem defender essa posição.

    Nesse programa, irei defender VINTE ARGUMENTAÇÕES para serem usadas contra esquerdistas que são contra o Estado de Israel.

    Também irei mostrar CINCO TÁTICAS argumentativas para debater com os ANTISSEMITAS.

    Não percam!!!

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    Psychic readings with Antionette~

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    Come join me ! for an exciting show. Psychic /Medium Antionette will be hosting "free" psychic readings. Do you have questions that you want to be answered? Do you want to speak to a beloved loved one? Antionette has been reading for over 17 years professionally as a psychic . Come join me this morning ,for a cup of coffee and let's begin your day with a psychic reading.
    * Please note* 
    Before you have a reading be comfortable, relax and keep an open mind.   
    Blessings to you ! 
    Psychic Antionette

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     Essaï (pronounced S-I ) is a multifaceted artist. He is a songwriter, singer,  keyboardist, music producer and an actor.

     He composed his first songs at the age of 12.

     France’s First Lady Bernadette Chirac asked him to write and produce the title  “Un peu de moi”. That single went gold.

    Essai then collaborated with Michel Legrand. They co-produced 25 songs together for  “Les Demoiselles de Rochefort” and had a successful run at Palais des Congres in Paris.

     He then wrote “Saimer est interdit” for the famous musical comedy “Le Roi Soleil” for Warner Music France. That album went double Platinum. Over 3 million tickets were sold during the three years of its run.

     In 2008, he composed the soundrack for the film “Incontrolabe” starring Michael Youn. 

     Essai has also written and arranged musical pieces for many shows in one of the most famous and mythical Parisian Cabarets, “Bobino”.  There he directed entire musical productions.

     Today, Essai has decided to take a big step and cross the Atlantic to the United States where his musical influence originated. He loves the thought of collaborating with the cats from Detroit, Memphis and Los Angeles.

     He put his soul into recording the new album. He is looking forward to meeting up with his new production partner, music veteran, Kerry Gordy, who promised to feed him some black eyed peas, candied yams, collard greens and fried chicken.

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    Free Mariam Yahya Ibrahim (Libertem Mariam Yahya Ibrahim)

    in Christianity

    A young Christian Sudanese woman, Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, was sentenced to death on Thursday by a court of law in Khartoum for marrying a Christian man. She was also sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery because her marriage to a Christian was considered invalid under Sharia law. She is eight months pregnant, and was convicted on Sunday and given three days to return to Islam. When she appeared in court on Thursday, the judge addressed her by her Moslem name, Adraf Al-Hadi Mohammed Abdullah, but she replied that she is a Christian. Upon that reply the judge sentenced her immediately to death.The country’s constitution promulgated in 2005 recognizes the right to worship under any religious belief.Know more here: http://www.csw.org.uk/home.htm
    Join us this Sunday 18th, on a program dedicated to this cause: 4pm EST\3pm CST\2pm MST\1pm PST

    Uma jovem mulher sudanesa cristã, Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, foi condenada à morte na quinta-feira por um tribunal de Cartum para se casar com um homem cristão. Ela também foi sentenciada a 100 chibatadas por adultério, porque o seu casamento com um cristão foi considerado inválido pela lei Sharia. Ela está grávida de oito meses, e foi condenada no domingo e deram-lhe três dias para voltar ao islamismo. Quando ela apareceu no tribunal na quinta-feira, o juiz dirigiu-se a ela pelo seu nome muçulmano, Al- Hadi Adraf Mohammed Abdullah, mas ela respondeu que é cristã. Após essa resposta, o juiz condenou-a imediatamente à morte. A constituição do país promulgada em 2005, reconhece o direito de adorar ao abrigo de qualquer crença religiosa. Saiba mais aqui: http://www.csw.org.uk/home.htm
    Junte-se a nós num programa dedicado a esta causa: Domingo, 21h Portugal (17h de Brasília) 

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    ~ Psychic Chat /Readings with Psychic Antionette

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    Come join me tonight!  Psychic Antionette will be taking callers for " free" mini- readings call in to ask her questions.
    Don't miss a "free" reading tonight, with Psychic Antionette Monday and Wednesday at 8pm CST

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    ~ Psychic Readings "free" with Psychic Antionette

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    Callers can call in to receive " free" readings with Psychic Antionette. Ask her questions about, Love, Ghosts, Career. She can assist you , and help you find your spiritual path.
    Call Psychic Antionette

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    O Patriota: sobre a agenda de morte da esquerda...

    in Politics Conservative

    Nesse episódio, porque os socialistas (esquerdistas) querem matar todo mundo???

    Por que promovem o aborto??? Por que promovem o aborto pós-parto???

    Por que apoiam assassinos e dão as costas para os policiais???

    Por que querem desarmar todo mundo em países onde a arma é a única defesa contra os criminosos???

    Por que falam de superpopulação e produzem artes que justificam o extermínio em massa???

    Como a agenda de morte da esquerda se relaciona com o ambientalismo (ambienfascimo) e como essa agenda JÁ GERA DEZENAS DE MORTOS NOS DIAS DE HOJE???

    E o que o filme "Noé" tem a ver com tudo isso???

    Não perca no programa "O Patriota" dessa quinta-feira, às 20:00 horas.

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