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    Anti-Bullying Seventeen Magazine Winner Singer Songwriter: Kathleen Elle

    in Youth

    Kathleen Elle: New Jersey Teen,  "2013 Seventeen Magazine and Secret Deodorant's Mean Stinks Contest" for her anti-bullying original song “Don’t Let Them In,”  National Young Arts Foundation winner, featured in The Cyberbullying Research Foundation, and a guest speaker for anti-bullying advocacy at TedX.

    “I wrote this song because I felt that most bullying prevention campaigns I witnessed at school were solely focused on getting the bullies to stop bullying. I thought there needed to be a message directly to victims to not let bullies get to them, because bullies are often empowered by the reaction they get from the victim.”

    “I have found that music is the most powerful way to convey a message. Music has the incredible ability to move people. I know this to be true because I have received messages from around the world from victims who have told me they’ve listened to my song over and over to give them the strength to face their bullies. “

    “I want my song to empower victims to wake up every day and have the courage to face anyone who makes fun of them for who they are. Victims should never change who they are for bullies. If they don’t let them in, bullies will never win.”

    Don't Let Them In 

    https://twitter.com/kathleen_e11e        http://kathleenelle.bandcamp.com/

    Connect with Deb:  http://www.DebScott.com 

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    Anti- Bullying

    in Self Help

    In commemoration of Anti-Bully week, we talk about the dangers of Bullying.

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    TC 246: Anti-Bullying Solutions - Interview with Anita Telle

    in Self Help

    On this special episode of the Transformation Cafe host Robin Masiewicz welcomes Anita Telle, author of The Ultimate Anti-Bullying Solutions Guide: The Sure Fire Way to Stop Bullying Now! Anita has also authored several children's books that help children to learn to appreciate each other's differences and learn to treat each other with kindness. Anita reads her books to children at schools and helps them learn strategies for dealing with bullys, how to appreciate differences, and how to think before they speak. Anita is changing lives one person at at time through her grass-roots movement to end bullying. 

    Learn more at http://AnitaTelle.com

    Contact Robin Masiewicz at Robin@Transformation-Cafe.com

    For more information and links to additional resources check out http://transformation-cafe.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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    in Spirituality

    Tonight I will have a very special guest Katie Neu. She is the Co-Founder / Co-Executive director of the anit-bullying movement in Canada.

    She is here to answer your questions and talk about what bullying is and isnt . She will explain prevention and what she does to help.

    She will share her lifes passion with helping others achieve safety and in doing so builds their self esteem.

    Her website information is at www.bullyingcanada.ca

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    Meredith O'Conner - The Anti-Bullying Advocate

    in Pop Culture

    On this episode of the ::ANSWERS:: show, we are joined by Meredith O'Connor and her quest to end bullying.

    Singer/songwriter, actress, inspirational speaker, and still a teen, Meredith O'Connor appeals to kids in every grade because of her well known anti-bullying platform, as well as her song "the game". She has performed in theater since age 8, and was later discovered for modeling and songwriting. She now speaks about her childhood of not fitting in, and how she was able to overcome bullying. Her fans look up to her, and she wants to be the role model she feels many kids need in their life.

    We will discuss the very real issue of bullying and how anyone can overcome it. 

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    Anti-Bullying: Listen to our youth, featuring Curtis Taylor Jr. and friends.

    in Lifestyle

    As many of you that follow myself on FACEBOOK, TWITTER, IG, or LINKEDIN know, I was proud to announce that my son, Curtis Taylor Jr. took it upon himself to create (entirely on his own), his own website, taking a stance against bullying. He has the support of many in this endeavor, but most importantly, Lil Curt (as he's known to all) has the support of his peers. He has assembled a group of his peers together for this broadcast and I'm supporting their efforts wholeheartedly. When our youth are putting forth efforts to bring about positive change, they need the support of adults, and we should encourage them. Tune in to this broadcast as they give us their perspectives, on the bullying they see in their schools, online, and in general.

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    Anti-Bullying with Tony Brent

    in Christianity

    Join me as my guest, Comedian, Magician, and Author, Tony Brent comes on the show to discuss Bullying and how to deal with it.  Tony, now a successful entertainer in Orlando, Fl.,  was bullied as a kid and now has a real heart to help others.  You won't want to miss this show!

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    Dr Gail Hayes, Anti-Bullying & Leadership Initiative for Young Women

    in Self Help

    Dr. Gail Hayes invites you...

    to join her in the Handle Your Business Girl Empowerment Zone!


    For many years, Dr. Gail Hayes has served as a consultant to women in the workplace by helping them to improve their relationships and become success agents of change in the marketplace.

    Because of her passion for helping working women (whether they are working on an assembly line, making power decisions from the board room, or standing at a diaper changing table) and especially women in business, she developed the Handle Your Business Girl Empowerment Network. Included in this network are women from every walk of life, to include women in the workplace, women entrepreneurs, and women who want to make connections with other women.


    In this day and age, many other well-known leaders  are speaking messages in the market place. They understand that people are hungry for information that can help them become more successful while still being able to do good things for others. In response to this clarion call, Dr. Gail Hayes has created the Handle Your Business Girl Empowerment Network!


    Visit the Handle Your Business Girl Web site!

    Join us as we handle our business where we do business!


    Also visit our educational site where we help young women discover that they are precious, pretty, and powerful. And young men discover that they are mighty, awesome, and powerful!

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    "Bullying Laws"

    in Entertainment

    Should our State or Goverment put certain laws in place to prevent bullying? Should we treat this kind of violence as we would any other crimes? ..Well, in our second segmant of the show, you as well as other listeners will have the opportunity to call in and express your concerns, and give your views on this touchy subject. Right here inside the playhouse. But for now, in our first segmant of the show, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Cathy Jo-G, an (Author) into the studio this even. She will be here to talk about her book/s, as well as her amazing and sucessful career as an author. So please stick around guys, cause we have another great show on the way, for this evening!!!.

    Authoress Carolyn B. Tivona Elliott Clark.



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    Anthony Ianni - MSU Basketball Star + Anti-Bullying Advocate

    in Education

    Our President and Founder Fabianna Pergolizzi will be interviewing Anthony Ianni, a former MSU basketball star who is currently a national spokes person against bullying. 
    Anthony was diagnosed with autism at 4 years old while living in Ohio. At that time his parents were told by medical specialists and professionals that he would never be successful academically, that he would likely not graduate from high school much less go to college, and most likely would live in a group home in the future and  that being an athlete was out of the question. HE PROVED THEM WRONG! Anthony's family relocated to mid-Michigan when he was a young child where he graduated from Okemos High School. He went on to graduate from Michigan State University in 2012 with a bachelor of arts in sociology. He is a former MSU basketball player for MSU and Tom Izzo and receiving an athletic scholarship in 2011-2012. He was a member of the 2010 and 2012 Big Ten Champion and Tournament Championship teams in addition to being part of the 2010 Final Four Team. He is the 2011 MSU winner of the Tim Bograkos Walk-On Award Winner and 2012 MSU Unsung Player Award Winner. Anthony also played basketball at Grand Valley State University for 2 years prior to transferring to MSU and went undefeated in the regular season. Although Anthony has many accomplishments in his life, it has required his hard work and committed parents. Anthony endured significant bullying as a child. He has also met a number of challenges along the way and continues to face obstacles, but is determined to overcome them.

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