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    Daily Tip: Master the skill of PATIENCE

    in Self Help

    What is patience? The dictionary says: "Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, difficulty, or annoyance without getting angry or upset." I don’t know anyone whose life is free of these three. Patience is The simple and important choice to be willing to wait. And what matter the most is what you do while you are waiting."

    Here are few tips to help: Become mindful when you become impatience. Ask yourself: How do I feel about the sitution? Occupy your mind with something. Practice this every day and every where. Write in your journal the time that you consciuosly made to practice patience.

    You can do it, I believe in you!

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    Anger what is it? When should it be used?

    in Self Help

    Anger is an emotional response related to one's psychosociological interpretation of having been threatened. Often it indicates when one's basic boundaries are violated. Some have a learned tendency to react to anger through retaliation. Anger may be utilized effectively when utilized to set boundaries or escape from dangerous situations.

     How much control do we really have? Why do reactions vary so widely between people or even day to day for the same person? And what are the benefits and drawbacks of expressing ourselves? Understanding anger in all its forms and intensities, from annoyance to irritation to rage, can make a big difference in our ability to take a step back and process this powerful and complicated emotion

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    The Persecution & Prosecution of Ted Taupier in Connecticut Family Courts

    in Politics

    How do you know when a state has no crime and not enough work to justify their budgets ?  When this is the best show in town; when you make up crime like [breach of peace] as a felony worthy of a state and its tax payer budgets.

    Cromwell, Connecticut resident Ted Taupier found himself embroiled in a nasty divorce and a monumental battle for his rights to his children.  In a series of escalating charges, one more ridiculous than the next, Taupier became the target of another corrupt family court system in Connecticut. 

    In one instance:

    "Edward Taupier recklessly created a risk of causing T***** Taupier inconvenience, annoyance, and alarm by offensive conduct that annoyed and
    interfered with T***** Taupier" so reads the complaint against Ted Taupier. 

    Just imagine, now you can be arrested and charged with a felony just for someone saying you annoyed and inconvenienced them and this alarmed you.   Of course, in order to invoke these idiotic statutes, you must be well connected to those who participate in the court, or, be part of the court system itself.  These statutes were enacted in virtually every state to reduce the standards necessary to prosecute individuals who might be trying to blow the whistle on corruption or, misuse of the system by "special" friends of the court.  Of course YOU can't use them unless the court sees a benefit for itself by doing so.  Otherwise, court dockets would be stacked to the ceilings with pending cases against judges, attorney's, and others who routinely annoy, inconvenience and alarm most of us.

    Join us tonight as we discuss the persecution and prosecution of Ted Taupier!



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    Who Owes You?

    in Motivation

    3 Crucial Steps For Creating The Perfect Life | MP3 and PDF Download

    Go to: www.UltimateLife360.com

    You’ll also be able to watch a short video on how you can reprogram your habits of thinking for happiness and success.


    Inspiration of the Day

    “A great burden was lifted from my shoulders the day I realized that no one owes me anything.”

    Harry Browne
    Author, Investment Analyst and Politician


    So Now What?

    Maybe you feel ripped off by life because of a crappy childhood, lost marriage, bad job, lack of financial success. Your parents owe you, your spouse owes you, your kids owe you, your boss owes you, your customers owe you.

    Believing somebody owes you something can breed resentment.

    I looked “resentment” up in the dictionary.

    Some synonyms for “resentment” include: hate, anger, bitterness, annoyance, grudge, fury, rage, irritation, wrath, and hurt.

    Some antonyms for “resentment” include: happiness, joy, calm, affection, comfort, cheer, kindness and love.

    It’s your choice.

    And now maybe Harry Browne’s quote makes even more sense: “A great burden was lifted from my shoulders the day I realized that no one owes me anything.”

    Stay Amazing!!!


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    September 18: The Tainted "Shield"

    in Sports

    The asininity just won't ever end. Anyone who thought it couldn't worse than the Ray Rice domestic violence scandal for the NFL, was very very wrong. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti and George "the Howitzer" Gerbo continue their annoyance on the asinine issues, that seem to never stop plaguing sports. While they're annoyed like everybody else, your favorite sports genius' were born to analyze the overly asinine. 

    Adrian Peterson joins Rice amomg recognizable running backs, now shamed by off the field transgressions. With pictures of abuse to his four year old son surfacing, what is the perception of Peterson compared to Rice? Did the Vikings handle this situation properly or did they go from handling it right to messing it up? Why has NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell been silent during the Peterson drama? Mike goes on one of his epic rants explaining why it's not as easy as some think for a franchise to outright release a star player dealing with legal trouble. What can the league do to change? A message to the buffoons claiming their "done" with the NFL is sent. 

    Unacceptable behavior isn't going in the professional ranks. Jameis Winston can't stop acting a fool. Will this recent incident cause a red flag in Winston's draft stock? How were Manziel's actions different? Suspended for only one half?! Come on, man! 

    To sprinkle some joy in this field of ridiculousness, the MLB pennant races are almost over. Who will claim the final playoff spots? Could we have an Orioles and Nationals Beltway World Series? Did Ron Washington owe us an apology for his adulterty? The short answer....NO. 

    If you're not conquering the asinine, you're simply not conquering. The Howitzer and Buzz-saw conquer all that is asinine, one day, at a time.... 

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    Jonah Challenge Part 4 of 4

    in Christianity

    Jonah as angry at the Lord's mercy but forgot that it was the same mercy that prevented the fish from having him for dinner!

    Jonah was basically saying to God, "Look, I knew you were going to have mercy anyway, that’s why I didn’t want to go! You’re too compassionate." Jonah saw his mission as pointless & futile, but God didn’t!

    I see and understand Jonah’s perspective, especially from the position of getting annoyed when people abuse the ‘grace’ of God. But it’s not for us to get annoyed. Moreover, our annoyance should not infringe on our obedience to God’s instruction.

    Yes people abuse God’s grace…but I will still tell everyone about it! Because someone will be saved!

    Jonah was so dramatic…was it really that deep? Verse 3-4 made me chuckle. How can Jonah request to die!!! I imagine God saying to Jonah in today’s slang ‘is it really that deep?’

    God’s grace transcends our human understanding.

    I love the way the message bible puts verse 4-11. God is saying to Jonah and to us; don’t get angry at what you didn’t work for! Jonah didn’t look at after plant, didn’t see it through its early days, and consequently allowed it to die. God used the plant to describe the city of Nineveh. He is saying that he wants to see that plant grow, live and not die.

    This chapter is a real wake up call to ‘Christians’ who consider other people unworthy of God’s grace. Please look back and remember the ‘amazing grace’ that saved YOU. Rejoice when people turn to God, because it means you have gained another sibling in the Lord.

    Be careful not to look down from a position of pride. Be careful not to be ‘selfish’ with your ‘saved’ status. WE desire for ALL to be saved!

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    James Foley's mother 'appalled' by U.S. government handling of case

    in Entertainment

    The mother of James Foley -- an American journalist beheaded by ISIS militants -- said she is "embarrassed and appalled" by how the U.S. government dealt with her son's case, telling CNN that officials even suggested family members could be charged if they raised ransom to free him.

    "I think our efforts to get Jim freed were an annoyance" to the U.S. government, Diane Foley told CNN's Anderson Cooper in an interview that aired Thursday. "It didn't seem to be in (U.S.) strategic interest, if you will."

    an American beheaded by ISIS -- said she is "embarrassed and appalled" by how the U.S. government dealt with her son's case. Foley we salute Maya Angelou. Still I Rise. We talk about  The new Apple wrist phone our sponsors giveaway. Loretta's of New Orleans  Artist join music relief change the world Guest Call In(646) 595-3032

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    Flashback Friday- Boy Band Bonanza

    in Entertainment

    Lady B from NYC takes you back to the days of Boy Bands. Songs from groups such as NSYNC, LFO, 98°, BBMAK, 5ive and some more have been added to the rotation. Despite boy bands being seen to some as an annoyance...you have to admit...some songs were just too catchy to hate.

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    Insomnia - Just An Annoyance or the Father of all Disease?

    in Health

    On today's show Dr. Joanna & Nick  will focus on the annoyance and the health effects of insomnia. So many Americans are plagued by this annoying symptom that when left untreated, it's long term effects can create havoc with our health, wellbeing, vitality, and relationships.
    What are the causes?
    Is it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual?
    The drug industry and how it capitalizes on our desperation to sleep. 
    What is its relationship to stress?
    How does it affect our health & relationships?
    What can we do about it - naturally, while also getting at the first cause?
    Get some different perspective from our expertise in Ayurveda & Hypnotherapy and start to indenitfy some solutions  for this chronic problem. 
    Dr. Joanna will be offering special Insomnia Health consultations at the Kalyana Centre.  In one very focused hour, the cause of your insomnia will be evaluated and recommendations will be made to get you back on track with that very important element of sleep. Cost is $75.00 for 1 hour.
    Nick is always avaialble for hypnosis sessions and will be offering sessions to help you sleep better at 15% off. 
    Contact us at 484-412-8815 or www.thekalyanacentre.com
    or Dr. Joanna directly at www.drjoannacarmichael.com

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    Letting Go of Resistance and Procrastination with Jeannette Maw

    in Spirituality

    We all have resistance at times, that feeling of annoyance, stress, dread or repulsion. Sometimes it feels more like fatigue or sadness other times its just frustrated or confused. Anyway you slice it, we have all experienced it at one time or another, and some of us seem to be dealing with it on a daily basis. Todays show will be all about how to transform, evolve and explore our relationship with contrast, resistance and procrastination. Jeannette Maw from Good Vibe University www.goodvibeuniversity.com is joining us and we hope you will too. Cmon' over and lets have some fun with a typically not fun subject!

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    Neighbor Nuisance Brings You Holiday Annoyance

    in Friends

    Dealing with the normal stress of the holidays can be enough to handle. Then add those annoyances and disruptions you have to deal with in your neighborhood…loud holiday parties, cars blocking roads and your driveway, those bright holiday lights and decorations. All invading your peace and quiet. The holidays can bring people together just as equally as they can erupt into full blown holiday mayhem. Pattie and Stephen will discuss strategies to keep neighbor conflict at bay and help you manage your triggers to those nuisances you cannot control.

    Pattie Porter, LCSW, AAP is the President of Conflict Connections®, Inc.  Pattie has worked extensively in the dispute resolution field for nearly 20 years. Pattie is a licensed clinical social worker and holds the Advanced Practitioner-Workplace Mediator designation from the Assoc. for Conflict Resolution, the Credentialed Distinguished Mediator from the TX Mediator Credentialing Assoc., and the CINERGY® certified advanced conflict coach and coach-mentor.  She is a current faculty member in the graduate dispute resolution program at Southern Methodist Univ. in Plano, TX.

    Stephen Kotev is a Washington D.C. based conflict resolution consultant offering mediation, negotiation, conflict analysis, facilitation, training and somatic education to private and government clients. He holds a MS degree from George Mason Univ. School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution. He is a former employee of the Association for Conflict Resolution, the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution, the Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Resolution and the D.C. Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency as an ADR Specialist.