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    Be Legendary BEST OF with Ann McIndoo

    in Self Help

    "Be Legendary" Nov 7th, 2012    with Special Guest Ann McIndoo   Ann McIndoo, Your Author’s Coach   Have you been thinking about writing a book?  Are you ready to get started but don’t know what to do first?  Congratulations Author!  This is where it begins.    Ann McIndoo, CEO and Founder of So, You Want to Write! will help you get you get your book out of your head and a manuscript in your hands.  Designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, and CEO’s, Ann will guide, coach and take you through a proven process and make your book-writing dream come true.    http://www.soyouwanttowrite.com/about-ann/ Join Host Dave VanHoose so he can lead you down roads to LEGENDARY Success. 
    Let these two powerful teacher instruce you on how to find the way to get your message out to the masses and secure your future in the business world of today.

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    Author Coach Ann McIndoo

    in Books

    It's kismet that Ann McIndoo is my guest tonight, considering that it's NaNoWriMo month. She's going to talk to us about her latest book, 7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book! If you're still having problems writing that book, you'll want to join us.

    7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book: How to Get Your Book Out of Your Head and a Manuscript In Your Hands!

    "7 Easy Steps to Write Your Book' teaches you how to write your book using examples and exercises. Totally interactive, the reader participates in learning how to prepare to write, creates a writer's Identity and their own powerful Writer's Power Tools. The book offers solutions for procrastination and strategies for dealing with "writer's block." The reader learns how to "Schedule Your Success" and get the book out of their head on to the paper.

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    hear & talk to your favorite singer Ann marie!

    in Music

    Your favorite upcoming artist ann marie!

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    Ann discusses all US Open tennis news & interviews Wimbledon Jr. Champ

    in Sports

    The US Open tennis championship winds down and Ann discusses all the news and the biggest upset in sports history with Aussie tennis reporters, Graham Agars. Ann also interviews Wimbledon Jr. Champ Reilly Opelka.

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    Ann recaps first week of US Open Tennis Championship & chats with special guests

    in Sports

    Ann recaps the first week of US Open Tennis Championships and the 'Serena Open' as Serena hopes to win an historic calender Grand Slam. Guests are Hall of Fame coach Nick Bollittieri & former Wimbledon finalist Mal Washington.

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    Fortune Teller Ruby Ann & Clairvoyant Karolyn

    in Spirituality

    email readings at fortunetellerrubyann@yahoo.com or Skype name: rubyanntarot

    Line up, Line up Everybody Line up come one come all, Enjoy the Magic and see what the Tarot holds just for YOU. Create your very own Mini Soap Opera with Daily or Weekly Readings

    Master of the Tarot and Fortune Teller, We have been doing readings all my life, it is How you ask the Question or Wish and what you do with {free will} the information revealed to you. Let me Entertain You with Wisdom from the Tarot. We will give you a very accurate and detailed readings on any and all subjects.

    Our ancestries are French and Cherokee Indian. As an intuitive Psychic, we have over 50 years of experience in the metaphysical arena. With this wisdom,  we we are able to unlock and open up the secret of the Tarot and guide you to your path in life for love, money, happiness and any other given situation. As a very young child, my granny taught me the art of fortune telling with the use of playing cards. After years of studying the cards, I was introduced to the magic of the Tarot. Now, I am a Master of the Tarot and fortune teller. I specialize in love, romance, friendship, children, work issues and hobbies. I'm able to give you the wisdom needed, and shed light on any given situation for the best results that will lead you to happiness and success. Let's talk and get started on your amazing journey to a better and brighter fortune.

  • Ann Mahoney of The Hit TV Show THE WALKING DEAD

    in Entertainment

    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Ann Mahoney.

    Ann Mahoney is an American actress who portrays Olivia in AMC's The Walking Dead.

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    Ann talks w/Hampton Classic Executive Director & to author of Long Island Golf

    in Sports

    Ann spoke with Hampton Classic Executive Director, Shanette Barth Cohen and to Phil Carlucci, Author of Long Island Golf (Images of America), with vintage photos of dozens of golf ourses on Long Island.


    in Radio

             Real-N-Raw Radio (RRR) is a talk show designed to be the common ground for “we, the people”! Where all races, backgrounds, lifestyles, and occupations, can come together and discuss the issue at hand strictly using their own personal opinions and life experiences as their points. I believe that “true understand” is the key to just about evey thing! Here at RRR, It’s not about being "right or wrong"! It’s about being open minded, gaining some insight, and understanding through the eyes, perspectives, and testimonies of our fellow brothers and sisters. So mark the calendar, for every Saturday, from Noon to 2pm PST! You don’t want to miss your weekly dose of that real, raw, and uncut knowledge, advice, and opinions to hopefully help everyone and the path of life they have chosen. We must break free from out of the box that we have created for our self and expand our ways of thinking in order to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. So its time! To be real and get real about life and what's really going on in the world! No propaganda!

                 No bias opinions! No scripted responses! No sugar coating! Just that Real-N-Raw Truth with host, yours truly, Ms Cortney Ann and hey, the best part of this all is, we 'gon have some fun doing it! I stand for the people... I stand by the people... I am the people... You have officially entered the common ground....... Welcome!!!

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    Corey Ann Haydu: Rules for Stealing Stars

    in Women

    Families are complicated. If your grandchildren are facing issues that concern you, you’ll want to be sure to share this book with them. Rules for Stealing Stars is a touching story of secrets, complications and a tiny bit of magic in the real world. Join us as the author, Corey Ann Haydu, shares her tale growing up under the stars.

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    Ann talks to Mark McEnroe about Johnny Mac Tennis Project and more!

    in Sports

    Ann talks to two parents raising money to build an indoor hockey rink on the East End of Long Island & to Mark McEnroe about the Johnny Mac Tennis Project.