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    Author and Journalist Anish Majumdar talks ISOLATION DOOR on Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author and journalist Anisha Majumdar to Conversations LIVE to discuss his book THE ISOLATION DOOR.

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    #237 Chad Fenner, Anish Rajparia, Christine Hauer Plus!

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    Schedule Guests: Chad Fenner at Dell talks about how to slay your server problems at your company. Michael Abt from Huddle House shows how to morph your business. Anish Rajparia discusses ADPs latest small business survey and surprises. , Christine Hauer shows the best techniques for modern networking. Nicole Lipkin talks about what keeps business owners up at night. Sponsored by Dell, Nextiva, Microsoft SQL Server and Sage Solutions.

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    Dr Dan Riskin, CEO Health Fidelity

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    On the Wednesday, July 31st, 2013 broadcast at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern our special guest is Dr. Dan Riskin.   Dan RIskin, MD is a Board certified surgeon and CEO of Health Fidelity, Inc.:    "a leading healthcare big data company. REVEAL, our breakthrough clinical NLP platform, built around the world’s most accurate, reliable and studied NLP technology, enables real-time extraction, normalization, structuring and coding of unstructured information for a multitude of healthcare applications such as quality measurement and analytics, electronic health record, clinical decision support, medical transcription, and revenue cycle management. These applications rely upon the power of REVEAL to enable end users to make more accurate, timely and evidence-based clinical decisions, monitor and improve care quality, drive operational efficiency and accelerate healthcare transformation."    Dr. Riskin, Anand Shroff and Dr. Yan Chow conceived Health Fidelity in 2008. Having served in leadership roles in healthcare technology, health systems, clinical medicine and policy, the three professionals predicted an impending shift in healthcare data needs. Realizing that healthcare quality improvement and cost reduction depended on quality measures, clinical intervention and feedback loops, they focused on how to transform healthcare with data. Their vision: Use big data in healthcare, addressing the 80 percent of healthcare information that remains unstructured and unused, to propel healthcare quality improvement and cost reduction.   Join us for an informative chat!  

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    First Contact Radio

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    First Contact Radio 5/22/12 Show #672 hosted by Joshua Poet

    Cosmic Weather

    Daily Astrology

    Current Moon Phase


    UFO Sightings L.A. Massive Eyewitness Accounts with Awesome UFO Footage May 19 2012

    2 UFOs flying above Stouffville in Ontario, Canada 20-May-2012

    Retired Defense Major Yuriy Pashanin filmed a UFO in the sky over Penza, Russia - May 2012

    Strange UFO hovering above Hanoi, Vietnam 20-May-2012

    Hexagon UFO Over Taipei, Taiwan May 20, 2012 UFO Sighting News.

    3 Large Ufos Over Field Australia

    David Icke - The Madness of King Obama...The Fake President.

    Hawaii Five-O: Sheriff Joe sends detectives to Honolulu

    Occupy Bilderberg 2012 – We Need Your Support!

    NATO: Journos Held at Gunpoint for Live Feed

    New Bill Would Make It Legal To Target Propaganda And "Psychological Operations" Directly At U.S. Citizens

    Pentagon researching ‘narrative networks’ as way to hijack the brain with false stories

    FDA accused of mass homicide of one million Americans each decade

    Financial Armageddon is Coming

    TSA Backlash Prompts Move Away From Pat Downs

    (RAW FOOTAGE) Rasmussen Reptilian in Chicago Summit (BEST EVIDENCE EVER IN THE WORLD!!!)

    Anish Kapoor’s Towering Olympic Sculpture Revealed

    12 Pictures That Demonstrate How The New World Order Openly Mocks Us

    Will the Sun soon be passing through a dust cloud?

    Closing Prayer and Meditation
    Relax - Buddhist Meditation Music - Zen Garden - Kokin Gumi

    Wake Up by UFOetry

    Full show and links at http://www.firstcontactradio.com

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    SPORTS: SAJA Super Bowl Show

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    SAJA, the South Asian Journalists Association, and SAMMA, South Asians in Media, Marketing and Entertainment Association, present a conversation about the biggest day in American sports from a South Asian perspective. Join us as host Sree Sreenivasan (@sree) chats with Brandon Chillar, Green Packers linebacker, who's on injured reserve and will be calling in for 15-20 minutes from Dallas; ESPN's Kevin Negandhi (@knegandhiespn), who's co-hosting SportsCenter that night; Anish Shroff (@anishESPN), ESPN anchor-reporter, who covers college footballl; Adnan Virk (@adnanvirkESPN), ESPN anchor; Aditi Kinkhabwala (@AKinkhabwala), NY Giants reporter for the Wall Street Journal, who is covering the Super Bowl; and others. Call in live, or send your questions to saja@columbia.edu. This is Chillar's second visit with SAJA; he joined us on Super Bowl Sunday 2009: http://bit.ly/sajachillar

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    Wanda's Picks

    in Art

    8:00 AM: Update on the Hunger Strike at Pelican Bay with Deirdre Wilson Project Coordinator for CCWP and Free Battered Women,  and a supporter of the Fast for Justice started by inmates at Pelican Bay, July 1, 2011, and Linda Evans, a former anti-imperialist political prisoner, released in 2001 via a pardon by president Bill Clinton, along with Susan Rosenberg, another political prisoner. 8:30 AM: Maria Acuna, English professor, musician, composer, and Avotcja,
    Poet/Playwright/Multi-Percussionist/Photographer/Teacher join us to talk about a celebration of Pablo Neruda, Nobel Laureate Chilean poet, 7 PM, Wed., July 27, 2011 @ Cafe Leila, 1724 San Pablo Ave., Berkeley, CA. Avotcja is also celebrating her 70th birthday at La Pena Cultural Center, Sunday, July 24, 7 PM. Visit avotcja.org and quijerema.com 9 AM: Dr. Beheroze Shroff teaches in the Department of Asian American Studies at UC Irvin. She is a documentary film maker whose research for the past 15 years has been on the Siddi or African Indian community in India where she is now. Dr. Henry J. Drewal is the Evjue-Bascom Professor of Art History and Afro-American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Adjunct Curator of African Art at the Chazen Museum of Art, UW-Madison. Dr. Sarah Khan,
    born in Pakistan and raised on the East Coast, received her BA from Smith College majoring in History with a concentration in the Middle East and Arabic. She has a Ph.D in Ethnobotany from CUNY with a specialization in South Asian and Asian Healing systems, specifically Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Drs. Khan and Drewal, the curators of the MoAD-SFexhibition "Soulful Stitching: Patchwork Quilts by Africans (Siddis) in India," July 1-Sept. 18, give a lecture at MoAD, Sun., July 24, 2-3:30 PM. 9:30 AM: Noa Ben Hagai, dir., "Blood Relation," @ 31st Annual SFJFF screening July 30, 11:30 AM at JCCSF and again at the Roda at BRT, Aug. 3, 12:25 PM

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    The Monkeyman of New Dehli

    in Paranormal

    Was Bollywood idol Jackie Shroff really the Monkeyman of New Delhi? Or was Hanuman the Monkey God (also a talisman carried by Mr Barack Obama) the idea behind Monkey man who caused havoc during 2001 in New Delhi India?