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    Animal Shelters

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    Animal shelters and how the adoption and rescue proccess takes place

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    Coming up tonight on The Boiler Room: Lent is upon us. Some use the season to become more spiritual and draw closer to God. Others give up things like meat, yet start splurging on other things they enjoy like Sushi and think they're doing their Lent duty. Then, we'll talk about the 21 Coptic Christians beheaded by Isis this past week. Isis has threatened that they will target Rome, Europe, and the U.S.A. eventually. Are they already among us? Will their threats come to fruition? Listeners are encouraged to call in at 347-857-3847.

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    Sacrifices for Your Relationship: is it Worth it?

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     We make decisions every day and every decision has a result.  What decisions, more specifically what sacrifices have you made in the best interest of your family, dating or marriage relationship?  Do you reflect on those decisions as having been worth it?  Would you do it again? What do you expect in return? Relationships coach and educator Kirk Johnson talks with men and women at different stages of their relationships as they express their thoughts, advice and feelings.

    One of what is likely to be several elements that effect what we sacrifice, how we feel about it and how our love ones respond is in our communication.  Visit this article to learn a few tips to improve communication in marriage relationships.  www.familylife.com/articles/topics/marriage/staying-married/communication/5-communication-tools-that-saved-my-marriage#.VNV1fPnF_Ak

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    Animal Sacrifice - Taboo to Satanists?

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    Tune in Saturday as I discuss Animal Sacrifice with Dr. Tom Erik Raspotnik of Temples of Satan.  Do some Satanists actually commit sacrifice or is this a pop-culture meme?  The Temples of Satan is a Theistic Satanic Temple and maintains charters and lodges under its covenant drafted in 2011.  While members appear to be scarce, those that claim it also find shelter under religious freedom in America; which happens to include animal sacrifice!

    Keep an eye on this topic as a follow-up show will be conducted with Melissa Colton - Goodwin who will present a dissenting view as an animal trainer and animal rights advocate.

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    Karen Lachapelle - Animal Massage and Reiki

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    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Karen Lachapelle from Rub my Belly Animal Massage and Reiki. Listen in to learn how massage and reiki can help your pet. 

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    Elizabeth Lee - Animal Communicator

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    Alex and I are delighted to have Elizabeth Lee back on Moonlighting by Numbers. She's such a talented and magical Animal Communicator/Intuitive! 

    Stop on by as we discuss the spiritual lives of our furry companions and take calls for pet mini-readings.

    We'll even talk about your pet's numerology!

    Visit Elizabeth's website here -


    Be sure to join us at 6:30 PM Pacific/8:30 PM Central. You can listen in on your computer or call (516) 590-0993.

    See you there!

    ~ Tracy

    Elizabeth's bio:

    Elizabeth studied animal communication with pioneers of the field, Penelope Smith and Carol Gurney. She received her Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica in 2008.  Elizabeth is a Certified Six Sensory Practicioner, trained by Sonia Choquette, as well as a Certified Reiki Master Practicioner.  Elizabeth offers intuitive sessions and energetic healings for animals, as well as various classes and workshops.

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    Animal Adventures with Corey Wild

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    Join HTR for a Animal Adventure as we talk to Corey Wild . Check.out Corey Wild on AnimalBytesTV on YouTube.

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    Edge Animal Talk with Mary Stoffel 2.12.15 – Supplements

    in Spirituality

    Once a month animal communicator, Mary Stoffel, gives insights into the relationships that our animals have with us, and with each other. Join her and her guest Dr. Sue Swanson, from the Cat Care Clinic, as they discuss the use of supplements in the health care for our companion animals.
    Hear all about:
    What are supplements and how do they work
    Why would I want to add supplements to my animals food
    What are the issues about using supplements
    Are there common sense guidelines in using supplements
    What are the most common problems in using or not using supplements
    How do I know that what I’m giving is helping and not hurting

    And more ....

    Mary Stoffel has been a professional animal communicator for 20 years.  She does telephone and in-person consultations at many dog shows and expos, and teaches classes in how to do animal communication.  Her mission is to promote understanding between people and their animals.  She is an Avatar® Master and has a holistic healing practice using shamanic healing, essential oils and energy healing.  Website: www.humanimal.com

    Thank you for your interest in the Edge! Please go to edgemagazine.net to view the latest issue of the Edge.
    For information on advertising in the Edge please contact Cathy Jacobsen at 763.433.9291. Or via email at Cathy@edgemagazine.net
    For article submission please contact Tim Miejan at 651.578.8969. Or via email at editor@edgemagazine.net
    And for further information regarding the Edge Talk Radio contact Cathryn Taylor at 612.710.7720 or via email at Cathryn@EFTForYourInnerChild.com

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    My animal is too much!

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    Join your Host Charlie and his side-kick Suzy Godsey as they delve into the topic of INTENSITY! What is intensity, truly? Is it at all possible that Intensity is a gift and contribution? 

    Charlie is so excited to discuss with Suzy, and YOU, the Totally Different perspective animals have of Intensity ~ How animals perceive it as a Vital Tool necessary to living life! SAY WHAT???? No, you read that correctly, that's ACTUALLY what Charlie SAID!!What if we HAVE concluded the purring, growling, chirping, hissing, slicked ears of our animal companions to be something completely different than what they are actually communicating? What gift of change & ease would acknowledging what's actually being communicated be? Would that awareness be the contribution that effortlessly allowed ANY situation to be created as one that worked for BOTH of you? And..... What if we were willing to know we can choose to be Intense too? I wonder, would that actually contribute to creating other areas of our life and living as Easy, FUN and Effortless?

    If you are as intrigued as we are, we would LOVE to have you join us!!!

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    Brian Barczyk and the overnight success of Animal Bytes TV

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    Airing Sunday 2/1/15 at 8:00 PM EST on Gecko Nation Radio

    Airing tonight at 8:00 PM EST

    Animal Bytes TV has become an overnight success thanks to the efforts of Brian Barczyk and all who are involved. In this episode we will find out what goes into producing shows like these and also what plans Brian has for the future of Animal Bytes. In a time were quality wildlife programming on mainstream media is at an all time low Animal Bytes fills the void and enables us to actually learn real facts about animals in an entertaining way. You can follow Animal Bytes TV on Youtube.

    Join Tim and I for this sure to be epic interview with Brian Barczyk. We welcome your questions and comments during the live broadcast by calling 646-478-5331. You can also hang out in our chatroom during the show by following this link at the scheduled time. The chatroom works best with Google and Firefox browsers. See you Sunday!


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