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  • 00:42

    I'm Still Here..................................

    in Health

    A very important update on my battle with cancer, and what the future may hold. This show was not planned or advertised. It was made private until I was done. You will need to turn the volume way up on this. A huge thank you going out to the many thousands who have prayed on my behalf and have truly been there for me over the past  past 20 months. God bless you......XOXO.....

  • 01:04

    Raven Beauty Special Edition

    in Entertainment


    ♥Tonight we will kick off our Angiosarcoma Fundraiser in honor of our friend Raven who has literally been fighting for her life against this deadly disease. Our fundraiser begins tonight and runs through Oct. 6th 10pm(ET) and items will be posted on ebay.  We are working with Mission Fish so 100% of the proceeds will immediately go to the Cure Sarcoma Foundation for research that is desperately needed!  There is very little treatment or medications available to combat this fatal disease and amazingly, physicians really don't know much about how it's contracted, what slows it down and how to treat it.  Most diagnosed have 1-2 years, if that, so we really need to find a cure! 

    ♥Be a part of the solution, donate and join us for a special one hour edition of RHeart in honor of RavenBeauty....



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    The Cancer Industry: Alternative Treatments and Remedies!

    in Health

    Tonight we discuss the Cancer industry and what alternative treatments are out there and available to all of us. We discuss the greed and endless apathy that cancer patients often face from the medical community while staring down this monster. We discuss Chemotherapy, Radiation, and the alternatives out there. Please note that the remedies discussed during this show should not replace your current regimen. Always run everything by your doctor first. Tonight I will share my current regimen with all of you. I have refused Chemotherapy and am using other methods of treatment instead. You must always follow your heart and what your gut instincts tell you, but tonight is all about options and there are many. This show will begin at 7PM Eastern Time-4PM Pacific Time.

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