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    CAROL PATTON Intuitive Numerologist & Philanthropist Interview & Readings

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    CAROL PATTON joins us tonight for a special interview and some forecast readings. Carol is an expert numerologist and an accomplished intuitive. Also a great humanitarian, she is what most of us would call a "bright soul." She spreads her light on us tonight and helps us understand more about numbers and their meanings.


    Carol offers classes on numerology and can be reached at: wwww.facebook.com/carolpatton


    She makes her home in Pennysylvania.

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    Why Get Married? on Coversations with Angie Harvey

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    Who should join the conversation?
    Everyone ...
    - soon to be married
    - thinking of becoming engage
    - newly married
    - newly engaged
    - married a while
    - single and preparing
    - dating
    Yes, everyone should plan to join the conversation.

    Be prepared to be empowered, educated and challenged by some stimulating conversation. Get your family, friends and partners together; this is growing to be a conversation to remember.

    Angie is bringing the knowledge of Dr. Phil, the charisma of Oprah, the humor of Wanda Sykes and the comfort of your BFF with her NEW show “Conversations with Angie Harvey”. This exciting and empowering program takes on the personal and professional challenges as well as the triumphs of everyday people. We discuss and debate a wide range of topics from relationships and personal growth to challenges in the work place and spirituality.

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    The Mark Patton Show

    in Film

    Jonathan Moody and Morgan Tyler interview actor Mark Patton (Nightmare on Elm Street 2) about his film career

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    GROW up for What? on Conversations with Angie Harvey

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    GROW up for What? on Conversations with Angie Harvey

    Recognizing the importance and necessity of your personal GROWTH. 

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    Reader's Entertainment Radio Presents: Angie Daniels

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    Tune in Thursday, February 5th at 6pm EST! I'll be chatting with Sensual Romance and Women's Fiction Author, Angie Daniels!

    Angie has released over two dozen novels. She has won numerous awards including a Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award for When it Rains, and an Emma Award for Favorite Erotic Romance, for A Delight Before Christmas. She began her road to publication in 2001. Her newest release, Claiming What's Mine, is Volume 2 in The Sexy Simmons Series!

    Book Blurb:

    Christmas will never be the same again… When Liberty Roth decided to have a baby on her own, she never expected the father to appear at her door step, four years later, demanding his parental rights. The gorgeous man doesn’t have a legal leg to stand on, but after a little male persuasion, Liberty decides Chance needs a father in his life and eventually agrees to visitation. She just isn’t prepared for the instant attraction. Attorney Darnell Simmons loves the bachelor life, so imagine his surprise when he discovers a desperate decision he made in college actually resulted in a child. Refusing to allow his son to be raised without a father, Darnell decides seducing the sexy aerobics instructor is a risk he’s willing to take. Hot nights… steamy passion… has them longing for so much more.

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    Curious Times - Numerologist Carol Patton

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    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.
    Carol Patton has studied Numerology for a long time and feels it’s her duty to help people co-exist peacefully and get through life. She does not feel life is about material possessions, but rather, it’s about embracing each other.
    Carol uses Numerology to help people understand what their purpose in life is, why there are here and why things are happening.
    For a personal reading please visit http://www.yournumberforecast.info

  • Mike Pierson GM George S. Patton Museum

    in Military

    This was my last show for 2014 and I had to stop at the George Patton Memorial Museum at Chiriaco Summit. I visited with Mike Pierson General Manger of the Museum to get the latest updates of what’s new at the museum and to catch a vision of what’s going to happen in 2015.

    The more of these shows that I do the more the interrelated they become with different sources filling in the holes.  It’s like connecting the dots to tell a story , and that’s why I enjoy this so much

    This show was prerecorded earlier today because we are on the way home from Texas, I would highly recommend to any and all Veterans if you are travelling the I-10 please stop in the museum and visit. 

    There are neat and exiciting things happening going on at the museum  and I look forward to going back for another show 

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    Bonnie Albers On Air: Tuesday-1.20.2015! Bonnie & Carol Patton

    in Spirituality

    Join us this afternoon 1-3pm EST with Bonnie & Carol Patton! 347-838-8864 to call in! Bonnie Albers RN LNC CLC Spirit Medium specializes in Romance, Love, Relationships and Sexual Issues with a TWIST of SPIRIT.  Each week Bonnie will have famous and highly respected guests joining her on her show, bringing exciting talents such as astrology, spirit mediumship, card reading, healing and much more!!

    Today we have Carol Patton, amazing numerologist! She will find your numbers! Contact Carol at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Your-Number-Forecast/153937258117572

    KC is at 719-289-4907, her business phone (has a healthy coffee infomercial, leave a message with name and number to get a return call) to schedule an appointment or get info on any of the products or services KC offers.

    Get ahold of Bonnie for a personal reading at her email: balbers714@aol.com or call her at : 407-221-2007 - the website is still 'in progress' and as soon as it is fully up and ready, Bonnie will have her 'reading page' up, so readings can be booked through the website! Find Bonnie on Facebook at Bonnie Mozenter Albers, the shows and archive shows are posted there!

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    Psychics Gone Wild Tuesdays with Jan, Chris & Angie!

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    Jan Drake Bakke, Chris White, and Angie Mitchell host Psychics Gone Wild Tuesdays at 8pm EST Free Psychic Readings - Totems - Tarot - View psychicsgonewild.com for more wild show times!

    Jan Drake Bakke Certified Psychic, professional dancer, born into an environment of gov't investigation with a mystical path of extensive experience from the brevity of life and living in the moment to genuine true love and spiritual insight. Ask Jan about personal totems, being "in the zone" and the intuitive abilities of Finding Missing Persons! jandrake007@hotmail.com

    Chris White, empath, works with tarot & listens to his guides & angels for clarification as he reads from the heart. His journey began with plants, sensing their happiness or need for help, and he now does that with people, working with God’s Light to help them find their way in the infinite field of possibilities. intuitivechriswhite@gmail.com

    Angie Mitchell, gifted empath and tarot reader. Her studies into the paranormal began when she was 15 years old, and she has since then learned how to deal with a variety of spirits both dark and light. Angie is well versed in house cleansing and is able to pick up on feelings and vibrations from both spirits and people. angiesreadings@gmail.com

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    Take Me Back

    Back to testimony service

    Back to live prayer request

    Back to JESUS

    Join Minister D Patton and Friends as we enjoy the fresh anointing from the mighty woman of GOD as she shares her wisdom experiences love and truth straight from the word of GOD

    Come experience the move of the Holy Spirit on THE N.O.W. NETWORK……as we sit at the feet of our elders.

    Learn first hand how to excel in this walk of CHRIST

    Greater is HE that lives in me 

    Pastor E

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    We're Back! Special Guest: Angie Harvey with Anna DeShawn & the QCrew

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    We're Back! Special Guest: Angie Harvey with Anna DeShawn & the QCrew

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