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    Don't miss this week's slice of the Bread of Life - The Wheat Report as we feature ANGIE CLEVELAND. She will share her music from her current release THE PROPHETIC WORSHIPER. You can also enjoy good clean christian humor, good gospel music, an inspirational message and BREADCRUMBS (tidbits of news in the gospel world). Come by and let us feed your soul.........for more detailswww.thewheatreport.com 

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    The Naked Truth About Depression on Conversations with Angie Harvey

    in Entertainment

    We all have room to GROW and we invite you to join Angie every 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 6pm PT/ 8pm CT/ 9pm ET. Here we GROW again!!

    Be prepared to be empowered, educated and challenged by some stimulating conversation. Get your family, friends and partners together; this is growing to be a conversation to remember.

    Angie is bringing the knowledge of Dr. Phil, the charisma of Oprah, the humor of Wanda Sykes and the comfort of your BFF with her NEW show “Conversations with Angie Harvey”. This exciting and empowering program takes on the personal and professional challenges as well as the triumphs of everyday people. We discuss and debate a wide range of topics from relationships and personal growth to challenges in the work place and spirituality.

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    32 For 32: Cleveland Browns

    in Sports

    You know, I was just watching the documentary on the NFL Network "A Football Life" presenting the 1995 Cleveland Browns team when Bill Belicheck was the head coach. & I wondered what would've happened to this historic franchise or what would this team had accomplished if they never departed to Baltimore in 1996. It kinda makes you wonder if this team may have won a Super Bowl, some division titles, or even a playoff game or two. To this day, Browns fans (old school & new) despise former owner Art Modell to his grave. Since '96, the Baltimore Ravens have won 2 Super Bowls & the Browns have switched head coaches seemingly every year. The quarterback position has been the biggest sting w/ this roster, going back to when the Browns returned to the NFL in 1999, selecting Kentucky gunslinger Tim Couch w/ the #1 overall pick in the draft that same year. Couch has gone on to become a bust along w/ a handful of other quarterbacks including Spergon Wynn, Charlie Frye, Brady Quinn, & Colt McCoy. Now after drafting Johnny Manziel & considering some off the off-the-field problems surrounding him this year, where does the organization go from here? It's not quite time to panic just yet, but the kid's got some issues, & the front office should've saw some of this coming. He has an opportunity to right the ship & learn a thing or two from free agent pickup Josh McCown, but Manziel's gotta get his faculties straight if he expects to take future snaps in the NFL for any team. The Browns can become a playoff team in 2015, & maybe even win the AFC North, but they got a ton of work to do. It all falls on the shoulders of head coach Mike Pettine, whose team showed some promise last year going 7-9. Now if things don't work out w/ this regime, they may have to ask Bernie Kosar to come out of retirement. He still might have an arm at his age.

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    June 10: Will The Cleveland Curse Appear?

    in Sports

    The world as we know it could drastically change. The curse of all curses is on the verge of being broken. Mike "the Buzz-saw" Asti stirs in agony fearing Cleveland will no longer be a cursed city. George "the Howitzer" Gerbo cautiously hopes his long-suffering will end. Emotions are high when it comes to the Cursed City. 

    LeBron James has carried the Cavaliers to a lead in the NBA Finals. Would completing the job in the midst of drama and injuries give LBJ the most heroic performance for a championship in history? Mike rants on the "LeBron is great but he's not Michael Jordan" crowd. What do the Warriors have to do to turn this series around? If Golden State fails to win the title, how much blame should Steph Curry and Steve Kerr receive? 

    Enjoying the curse for possibly the last time, the Howitzer and Buzz-saw, conquer sports radio, one day, at a time.... 

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    Kevin Love in Cleveland

    in Sports

    It's official! Kevin Love is a Cleveland Cavalier, adding one more big name to what is becoming a very stacked Cleveland roster. On today's episode Zak Kay joins me to talk about the impact Kevin Love and Shawn Marion will have on the team. We will also predict how we think the Cavs will do this season, what the team's biggest strengths and weaknesses will be, and who we think the biggest competition will be for the Cavs. It's Cavs day on the Pulse of Cleveland!

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    Cleveland Browns Season Preview

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    It's the first episode of The Pulse of Cleveland! Join Zak Kay and I as we discuss all things Browns. We will be going over how good we expect the Browns to be this season. Who wins the quarterback battle between Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer. We will also break down how good we think the defensive and offensive units can be this season. We will also be talking about the Josh Gordon situation.

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    Ep 117: Jill Angie on Running with Curves

    in Books

    Join Angela Lauria of The Author Incubator as she interviews Jill Angie, author of the book, Running with Curves. 

    Writing Running with Curves turned into something pivotal for Jill. She wrote the book that she wished had existed when she started running almost 20 years ago, which was when she did everything through trial and error. She wanted to help others in the same boat as she was to avoid all of the experimentation and just get right to enjoying being a runner regardless of size. 

    She said that if she had known how life- and career-changing it would be, she would have started earlier. "I thought I just wanted to be someone that had written a book - but along the way, I became much more in tune with where I wanted to take my career," she said. 

    Read more and get the transcript here: Jill Angie on The Author Incubator

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    #268 - Introducing Angie Bee's The Tour at Daytona Beach Juneteenth Celebration

    in Books

    Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show on Friday, June 12th at 2 p.m. (EST) for a LIVE interview with Angie Bee, the promoter of The TOUR and Christian author, Sharlyne C. Thomas.

    The TOUR that Angie BEE Presents is a year-round traveling evangelistic crew that first debuted in June 2011.  The TOUR brings Holy Hip Hop concerts, testimonial workshops and book-signing events that allow a variety of audiences to feel the love of the Lord.  The TOUR brings weekend retreats and one-day events to churches, communities and festivals and this summer is its busiest summer to date with a June 13th stop in Florida at the Daytona Beach Juneteenth Family Festival.  Sharlyne C. Thomas is just one of the featured Christian authors on Angie Bee's TOUR.  An author, speaker and editor, Sharlyne won Author of the Year from the 2013 Newsome Awards Orlando.  She is the author of several books.

    Call (858) 357-8408 to ask questions of our scheduled guest.  Don't worry if you can't listen LIVE!  You can always download FREE On-Demand podcasts of this and more than 260 other inspirational interviews with Christian authors at www.blogtalkradio.com/christianauthorsontour!

    Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT)


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    What REALLY happened at Shea Stadium and in Cleveland?

    in Pop Culture

    Our show tonight will be dedicated to Dennis Ferrante. Please join us at the top of the hour for a tribute to this lovely man. Rest in peace, Dennis. Shine on.

    Then...pop culture historian and author of 2 fab-tastic books on The #Beatles, Dave Schwensen, will be joining Jude Southerland Kessler of The John Lennon Series http://www.johnlennonseries.com for an hour of fascinating info on discoveries made while he was writing The Beatles at Shea Stadium and The Beatles in Cleveland! How did the ban on rock'n'roll concerts get lifted in Cleveland? Were The Beatles in danger at Shea? What did Brian Epstein require up front if you wanted to book his boys for your event? These answers and more on Dave's frank and interesting show! Join Jude and Dave...and enjoy!

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    NBA Finals 2015 Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavs

    in Sports

    Breaking down the 2015 NBA Finals.

    Lebron James' Legacy

    Steph Curry's season

    NBA Finals MVP

    How much did the los of Love and Irving hurt Cleveland?

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    NBA Post Draft Reaction/ Cleveland Cavaliers-is Blatt done?/D-Wade's future

    in Sports

    Today's show we will be setting the tone talking NBA post draft, winners and losers. Cleveland Cavaliers- Will David Blatt be the coach next year? Will Kevin Love re-sign? The future of Dwayne Wade...will he stay in Miami? Is he worth what he wants? Can emotional sentiment overcome cold business?

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