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    Free angel oracle Readings with Allie

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    i will be giving out free angel oracle card readings. 1 question per person and i will draw 3 cards for you. remember these are not tarot cards these are orical cards so the angels will give a strieght up answer. 

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    Angel oracle readings by Allie

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    get you questions answered by the angels or just see what message they have for you. 

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    The ORACLE Speaks With... YOU!

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    The ORACLE brings insight, love, understanding and a genuine "feel good" atttide to the radio. She makes you feel good, like being hugged from the inside out.


    This week The ORACLE Speaks about upcoming community events. If you have an event you would like for her to include in her broadcast today, send info to theoracle.cook@gmail.com. The show starts at 1 PM, so get your information to her by 12:30 PST to guarantee inclusion. Otherwise it will be mentioned in next week's show.


    This week's Theme fro The ORACLE Presents Ten Pages of Nothing But The Truth. Volume III, Truth #1 LAUGH


    Laugh with your G-D, with yourself

    and with those you consider family and friends.

    Laughter sooths the soul and ignites the spirit with

    glee. To laugh is to live, as laughter lengthens your

    life; helps maintain a healthy immune system by

    increasing endorphins.


    Laugh till you cry. Laugh for no reason. Laugh

    when you’re sad, laugh when you’re mad. Laugh for

    nothing at all. Laugh like the child you were and the

    child you need to be.


    Laugh at yourself when you least expect to, at those

    times when laughter is the furthest thing from your

    intentions. Laugh with abandonment to what’s

    right, breaking protocol. Laugh so loud G-d  and

    the angels get to enjoy the heavenly chorus of your

    laughter, pure and innocent, wise and lived. Laugh

    laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh.


  • FREE Angel Oracle Readings: Ending Your Year Right to Call Forth Future Blessing

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    Divine Prosperity Radio Show Subject: 

    FREE Angel Oracle Readings today!

    Reflections of Your Life in 2014: 

    Ending Your Year Right to Call Forth Future Blessings

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    The ORACLE Speaks With ... YOU!

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    This show is dedicated to my Sister Bessie Maria Lyles. It is her Bearthday today. Were she alive today, she would be celebrating her 60th Bearthday on today. She had muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. she never walked a day in her life and she taught meto dance. She was my best freiend in many ways. I related to her plight because of the abuse I was inflicted with. Not the same as not being able to walk and to dieing young, but a plight all the same. And she understood and helped me maintain my sanity in the midst of it all.


    Also on today's show we welcome back Carmelita, President and Founder of the Rose Breast Cancer Society. She will be sharing about her upcoming Bearthday/ Fundraising Party at and for Elderberries Vegan Restaurant Santurary.


    This week's Theme: PATIENCE from Volume I, Truth #3 The ORACLE Presents Ten Pages of Nothing But The Truth


    Have patience with your G-D, yourself, with those you consider family and friends. Patience goes way beyond waiting your turn when you have something to say or waiting your turn in line. It means letting things play out even when you want it yesterday, right now and just can't wait.


    They say G-D may not come when you want but is always on time. It's your level of patience that makes the wait bearable. The more patience you have the more bearable the pain, suffering, the degree of tials and tribulations that come with living.


    Patience with your self and those you love requires an acceptance of the level of your and their capacitiy or lack there of. Be patient with what you can do and with that you can't, be patient with the time it takes to learn how.

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    The Angel & Shamanic Healing Hour!!

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    The topic will be on Angel and shamanic healing, we will be taking calls for free angel readings/ healing and Shamanic healing. Elsa & Carey Stokes are renowned Spiritual Speakers/Teachers, Professional Mediums, Shamanic Practitioners, Angel Communicators, Reiki Masters and Ordained Ministers. Elsa was born extremely intuitive with the gift of prophecy, she is the author of “Dare to be Limitless when the Angels take your hand”, and the creator of “Angel DNA Health Practitioner®”. Carey is a Certified as a Master Practitioner of Energy Medicine and is a Native American in lineage. Owners of “The Medicine Way University” and “Angelshotline.com”. To find out more go to www.angelhealingwings.com,  www.medicinewindwarrior.com and www.angelshotline.com

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    The ORACLE Speaks With ...YOU!

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    Happy valentine's Day Everyone. Love is always in the air when it comes to me. I love myself, I love G-D, I love most everyone. 

    This week's Theme: LOVE Truth #1, Volumme I, The ORACLE Presents Ten Pages of Nothing But The truth


    Love your G-D, yourself, and love those you consider family and friends. Unconditionally. Unconditional love includes excepting the oddities, the little idiosyncrasies that drive you absolutely mad.


    Loving yourself is the foundation for accepting the perfect you that you are. When you don’t love yourself it makes it almost impossible to love others in any capacity. When you love others more than you love yourself you are destined to a life of  disappointment and a lifetime of searching for the ultimate love that you already  possess.


    Embrace the fear that comes with real love, complete love, blind love. Sometimes love does hurt and that’s  O.K. It’s better to have loved and lost… you know the saying. Be alive with the spirit and love of G-D. All-ways remember to Love Yourself.




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    The ORACLE speaks With ... YOU!

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    Dynamic, exciting, and on fire for life Denise L. Cook, known as The ORACLE, brings insight to the internet. Her new show, The ORACLE Speaks, is a call in radio show. Inspired by the ORACLE's writing and motivated by your input. Whatever the subject, The ORACLE brings knowledge and a personal understanding to the table and leaves you feeling as if you have been hugged from the inside out.


    This week's Theme: RESTORE


    Restore your relationship and faith in a higher source, in and with yourself and in and with those you consider family and friends. Restore that child spirit hidden long ago with each atrocity of life, with each let down and promise failed. Restore your love of self, that part of you that kissed your heart and hugged your soul, no matter what.


    Restoration of a life gone by the wayside takes a committment to overlooking those things in the past which fall short of societal mores and personal acceptance. So things weren't what they were supposed to be and things right now could be a great deal better.


    Restore your faith in yourself beyond the survival mode, outside the constraints of what is "acceptable". Restore your belief in your abilities and your capacity for understanding what you need to in order to make a difference and contribution beyond your own self interests. Continually restore your love of self daily, moment to moment.

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    The Oracle Speaks about Hypnosis

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    Join internationally-known intuitive Dr. Douglas James Cottrell and his co-host, Robert Appel as they discuss topical spiritual issues, world events, and future predictions. Tonight they are joined by special guest Kelly Fleck who will be discussing hypnosis. Hypnosis gives us evidence of a subconscious mind. Overcoming habits might be as simple as tapping into our subconscious mind (or middle mind). Is hypnosis - formerly known as mesmerism - a deep state of meditation?


    Call in with your questions and share your stories: The call-in number is 718-766-4421. If you prefer, Skype in from the show page.

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    Angel Feather Oracle Messages

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    Join Your Hosts, Kelly T. Smith and Andrea Dombecki for an exciting episode with Michelle Newton! Make sure and call in for this exciting show as Michelle will be giving Angel Readings! Michelle Newton is the Author of the Angel Feather Oracle Cards and App! Tune in as we talk to her more about her exciting Oracle Deck and App and as she teaches all about the Angels! To learn more about Michelle, please go to http://www.aokangels.com. You can also download her app @ http://www.indie-goes.com 

    Michelle Newton is an Angel Intuitive trained by Dr Doreen Virtue in 2005. She has worked as a registered nurse division 1 for the past 30 years. In 1999 She began studying a variety of natural therapies: Touch for health I-IV, (kinesiology) Dip, kinesiology, (SNHS), thought field therapist, Dip. Crystal Healing (SNHS) and Hopi Ear Candling Cert. She developed the AOK Range of greeting cards and affirmation magnets. She is the founder of the Angels of Kindness fund in 2006. She is the Author of the Angel Feather Oracle, The Angel Feather Oracle Companion Book; 2012; The Angel Staircase:Meditations for entering the Angelic Realm & Angel Altars: Creating your own Sacred Space. She regularly gives Angel Seminars & workshops!


    Connect with us on facebook for more exciting shows and events! http://www.facebook.com/soulsearchingradio



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    The ORACLE Speaks With ...YOU!

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    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hello all and welcome to a new year in the Universe. A refreshing time to do things differently and take steps you might not have before. Spread your wings and soar into the welcoming and enveloping hands of LOVE. Love of Self, Love of G-D, Love of G-D-self, Love of Humanity. Yes, our Mantra this year will be LOVE OF LOVE OF LOVE OF LOVE. Can't get enough of it...




    This week's Theme: PRAY From Volume 2, truth #4, The ORACLE Presents Ten Pages of Nothing But the Truth.



    Pray to your G-D, with yourself and for those you consider family and friends. Pray in a way your heart explodes with the depth of your prayers. Pray for the big things, pray for the small things. Pray before you need to.


    Prayer is the direct line to G-D, like a wireless connection. It's been said prayer can move mountians. What it is is the positive flow of concentrated energy, similar to the power of a condensed laser. The more you pray and the harder you pray, the stronger your flow.


    Pray because you can. The great thing about prayer is you can do it anywhere and it can be for how long or short a time you need it. You call the shots. Just PRAY.


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