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    Mandy Goodhandy and Todd Klinck will talk with Veronica Blake.  Past Empress of the Imperial Court of Toronto, philanthropist, husband of over 20 years, showgirl, executive secretary, seamstress, athlete and coach all wrapped up in one. Veronica feels she should probably have been born inside a woman's body, but was not. She grew up inside a boy called Kelvin. Naturally, there had been some turmoil in earlier life, but since her 18th birthday she's figured out how to manage the intricacies of existing happily without 'lady parts'. Sure… not all who meet her 'get' that she identifies as Androgynous. Technically, Veronica 'passes' as a gay man, Kelvin – that's how anyone observing might classify… but really, she's just an Androgynous Being.

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    Teko's Corner- The Myths About Androgyny.

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    The Myths About Androgyny With Nikki Eason and Vjay. 

    Androgyny is a gender identity that is distinct from the sex of the body. It is not biological nor is it synonymous with sexual behavior, nor necessarily indicative of sexual preference” (Woodhill & Samuels, 2004). It attempts to defy the traditional gender roles that men and women are assigned since birth. Sex is the inherent biological difference between men and women’s reproductive organs whereas gender is learned as social, psychological, and cultural traits associated with one sex or the other (Bond, 2011). Androgyny attempts to blur the lines between traditional gender roles and to combine masculine and feminine traits in order for a person to reach an ideal state.But this basic definition must necessarily be qualified by recognizing the diverse forms of androgyny. who embodies male and female qualities but must “split” to become creative; a “fusing androgyne,” who must merge with a male or female side of the personality to become bisexual; and a “two in one” androgyne, often represented by a couple that unites in a perfect love.

    Tonight, on Teko's Corner, guests Nikki Eason and Vjay will join us to share their journey and to dispel some of the myths about androgyny. 

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    When Jesus Says Yes, Part II: Modest Dress in the 21st Century

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    Does God care about how we dress?  What is androgyny? And what does it really mean to dress modestly?  This Wednesday (04/29/15) at 6:30 PM EST, AIM Worldwide Network Ministries will address these questions, and more, during the second part of our “When Jesus Says Yes” series entitled “Modest Dress in the 21st Century.”  If you missed part one of the series, you may click here to listen to it.

    In a culture bent on materialism, pride, and vainglory, even the purest heart can be tainted unawares.  This show will address modesty, for both men and women, so that God’s holy people do not overlook this very important topic in these last and evil days.

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    Should The Runway Be Fully Integrated? (Cross Dressers)

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    This Episode is Dedicated to the Late Andrae Crouch who died Last Thursday 1/8/15 at the age of 72..... R.I.P. 


    Should The Runway Be Fully Integrated? Transgenders, Cross Dressers, Drag Queen, Genderless or Androgyny and all of the above. She they walk the runway as women?

    In modeling more specifically Fashion Models boast some of the highest paid women in the world.  Women makes on average three times more than a male model, however, new on the fashion scene is Andrej Pejic.  He is a 19 year old male model who makes his money as a female model.  

    "He's rare. No one looks like him," said photographer Chris Benz. "I mean no one. None of the boys look like him. None of the girls look like him. It's just him. It's Andrej."

    Andrej one could argue is the IT boy, however, he is gracing magazine covers and making money wearing women’s clothing.

    Gender confusion or genderless are the go to terms concerning male/female on the runway.  Another hot term is androgyny. Watch the runway ladies and gentlemen you may be seeing the runway integrated wholeheartedly by the genderless.

    Is this acceptable? Should this be tolerated? Do you want to see men in women clothing?

    Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/curvesin3d

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/curvesin3d

    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/curvesin3d

    AUNTIE: http://m.facebook.com/auntieiam

    SELENA: https://www.facebook.com/IamSelenaSong

    ANN: https://www.facebook.com/pastorann.danner

    SWAN: https://www.facebook.com/SwanIam  

    Quote adapted from NiteLine article... 

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    P.I.D. Radio 10/12/14: Blood Snakes

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    THE EBOLA outbreak continues to spread. A health care worker in Dallas who was part of the team treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the first Ebola fatality in the US, has tested positive for the virus. And a clinic in Boston now reports that a patient there who just returned from Liberia has been taken to a hospital. Over 4,000 are dead in west Africa, and that number may be low.

    A question that hasn't been answered yet is how much authority the World Health Organization will have to fight the disease in the U.S. Interestingly, though, an essay at Foreign Policy argues that Obamacare May Hold the Key to Saving the U.S. from Ebola.

    Also: Canadian vaccine ships to Geneva this coming week; US government crowdsources a better hazmat suit; Sweden becomes first major EU country to recognize Palestine; and androgyny promoted to middle school kids.

    Derek and Sharon join Doug Hamp and Rob Skiba, hosts of Quest 4 Truth, for the first Quest 4 Truth Virtual Conference. This event streams live to the web Saturday and Sunday, November 8 and 9, at TheQ4TConference.com. You can see, hear, and interact with some great speakers (besides Doug and Rob): John McTernan, Doc Marquis, D

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    Gilbert House Fellowship #3: Genesis 5-6

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    We advance through history from the Garden to the Flood and look at the Enemy's response to the Protoevangelium, the first prophecy of a coming Savior: The genetic corruption that followed the decision of the Bene Elohim to leave their first estate and take wives from among the daughters of man—or, in short, the Nephilim.

    Also: A discussion of what it means to be created "in the image" of God and the implications for transhumanism and/or the discovery of life elsewhere in the universe; the significance of God creating man and woman, and the occult emphasis on androgyny; the first sacrifice; and the various views of what happened in the days of Noah--specifically, who were the Sons of God?


    Dr. Michael S. Heiser's essay on "The Image of God" - click here (opens PDF document)
    A collection of video presentations by Dr. Heiser on the Sons of God in Genesis 6: click here
    "Textual Controversy: Mischievous Angels or Sethites?" by Chuck Missler: click here
    Another view: "Who Are the Sons of God and Daughters of Men in Genesis 6:1-5?" by R.C. Sproul, Jr.: click here
    Noah Primeval by Brian Godawa, Book One of his

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    Men, Women & Other Truths: The Future is Female - Christopher Weber-Fürst

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    There is a Chinese proverb which reads, "When sleeping women wake, mountains move."

    Author, strategic futurist, and existential detective, Christopher Weber-Fürst is at the leading edge of this movement.  His upcoming book "The Future is Female - Leading From the Future as it Emerges", addresses the emerging paradigm shift in leadership towards a more female and androgyny style.

    Join us as Christopher reveals the proofs of this emerging shift. What will it look like? And, how will it impact individuals, relationships, teams, organizations and society?  We'll discuss what it will take to transform society from a patriarchal and male dominated one to a society where the female values are more dominant.

    Norwegian native, and Munich resident, Christopher is a CTI Executive Coach with a long experience working internationally.  He performs leadership training and consulting to women leaders and their organizations seeking to effect breakthrough changes for themselves, the business and society.


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    Vicky Miner Androgynous Model Rocks The Runway & Social Attitudes

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    Vicky Miner, androgynous model rocks the runway with her male, female and gender fluid looks on American fashion runways. Join me as I have a myCULTURAL Conversations  with the Chicago native on androgyny, the unique challenges and achievements, gender identity, and the new faces and personas of modeling.


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    Evolve Fashion Radio

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    Evolve Fashion Radio

    Join Nicky Chic, Nick K and guests as they discuss

    Being Festive Style Ready
    Mens Swimwear Recommendations
    Androgyny in Women Clothes
    Tricks to make jeans work appropriately
    Mens 5 key Blazers to have this summer
    Ways to feel confident in your personal style

    To be part of the show or to listen in, dial (310) 807-5055


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    Destin For Greatness with Dot Destin and Go to Work with Shawn Jermaine

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    Dot Destin South Jerseys out spoken rapper. Dot Destin Brings a unique style of diverse music that will no doubt cause controversy in the music industry. Dot Destin is destined for greatness, this is Hip Hop from South Jersey.

    Singer, ShawnJermaine’s unique image sometimes screams androgyny, but his creative style and personality welcomes a diversity of looks. From his distinct character to his versatility in music genres of pop, R&B, soul, and rap, ShawnJermaine is both interesting and inspiring.

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    FREEDOM FRIDAYS- The Demasculinization Of America

    in Spirituality

    Nigger/Bitch: An exploration of the terms, the cultural connotations of these terms, their connection to White Supremacy and finally a plan to combat their popular use.

    Misogyny, Exploitation of Women: An investigation into the patriarchal and white male dominated music industry and their historical view of women in general and Black Women in particular, the current images of Black Women in Entertainment (Film/TV/Music/Videos, etc), the Historical context of the exploitation of Black Women Rape, Breeding, Slavery, Hottentot Venus, the Historical images of the Black Woman as mammy, jemima, vixen, jezebel. The hyper sexualization of the Black Woman.

    Dehumanization and Demasculinization of the Black Male: The Dehumanizing image of the Black Man as a Thug or Gangsta, unfeeling and unemotional, cold blooded killer, absentee father, baby daddy and sexually unbridled are all parallels to the Historically negative images of the Black Man as savage, boogey man, coon, black buck run amuck, and Mandingo. If the Black Man is not dismissed as invalid by his projected uncontrollability and violent nature then he is made unthreatening by a softening process which parallels Black Male Castration. This Demasculinization of the Black Male is why most conscious or intelligent rappers are often ‘softer’ or become so after time. This is part of Acceptability and Mainstream Appeal Ex: The Bohemian projection of Common Sense, the friendly boy next door and non threatening projection of Mos Def, the clothes and hair and metamorphosis of Andre 3000. We can see this more clearly displayed in R&B where there is a certain level of Androgyny and Racial Ambiguity where artists become neither Black nor White nor Man nor Woman Ex: Michael Jackson, El DeBarge, Prince, Cisco.