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    Vicky Miner Androgynous Model Rocks The Runway & Social Attitudes

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    Vicky Miner, androgynous model rocks the runway with her male, female and gender fluid looks on American fashion runways. Join me as I have a myCULTURAL Conversations  with the Chicago native on androgyny, the unique challenges and achievements, gender identity, and the new faces and personas of modeling.


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    Discussing the creativity of psychological androgynous individuals, as well as individuals generally rebelling against societal gender role expectations. /



    JOIN THE DISCUSSION - CALL # (347) 308 - 8131  / 

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    "Originality is the essence of true scholarship. Creativity is the soul of the true scholar." /
    Nnamdi Azikiwe ../

    "The burden of originality is one that most people don't want to accept. They'd rather sit in front of the TV and let that tell them what they're supposed to like, what they

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    Do you think Men and Women are created equal?

    in Spirituality

    We are brought up to believe men and women are different. But, we live in a Patriarchal society where feminine traits are not accepted. So, are women brought up with feminine traits or are they just thinking like men in a female body? Do you have the courage to bring in an androgynous society?

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    The Androgynous Model Lyfe w.Anna DeShawn & the QCrew

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    The QCrew show focuses on QPOC's lives, politics, and music. My show is hosted on E3 Radio. 

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    Breaking Barriers: Label Bashing "Stud for Stud" and "Down Low Studs"

    in LGBT


    Hope Androgyne Spirit, speaks out on the myths about Stud For Stud


    Discuss prejudicial attack in the LGBTQ community.
    Talks about discrimination within the LGBTQ community.
    Name what we believe are the top 10 things lesbians discriminate against in the community.
    Discuss "Down Low Studs" studs that still have husbands or boyfriends.


    Independent artist Hip-Hop, R&B, House Music, have your music put in rotation by emailing a MP3 track to contact.us@lezeleganceinc.com

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    in Comedy

    This week was really more like a weekend for Corinne and Krystyna. A weekend for TWEENS, that is!! Stalking cute androgynous band boys, sneaking into the big party at the comedy club they're technically "banned" from, letting the girls (K's boobs) out...you know, the norm. While Corinne has a Mulan-like moment as she reflects on just how many of her peers she's fucked, Krystyna questions why former female chums have gotten mad at her for, well, just being so damn sexay. This week's episode is a supah special one for the girls of Sorry About Last Night -- it's the special BFF episode! Join Corinne and Krystyna's ride or die bitches -- PAULA & MELISSA, respectively, as the chicas share vintage stories about fast food drive-thru antics, fake pizza deliveries, and all the weird little things that made these sexually explorative gals the women they are today! DISCLAIMER: Umm...sorry we talked over each other a lot. CHAMPAGNE + WHISKEY + 4 BFFs = BLAH BLAH BLAH...Enjoy!

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    Do You Think Being Gay/Lesbian Determines Who You Are Attracted To?

    in Entertainment

    The question was raised on a FB post that I found quite interesting. Person states that he understood the whole gay/Lesbian thing but didn't understand how you claim to love the same sex but is attracted to someone who looks and dress like the opposite sex. Does clothes really define a gender? And is the world really that closeted to sexuality as a whole??? Let's talk about it y'all....we would love to hear from you!

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    We are currently living in a time where people possess the characteristics of both the male and female specimen. Are we losing our natural characteristics..... Let’s discuss the possible reasons for the confusion. Now, this discussion may come as a shocker because we’re addressing something that has become a common observation. Quite frankly, Men shouldn’t have feminine characteristics and Women shouldn’t have masculine characteristics, we should have individual characteristics. Being in an androgynous era could be the reason why women have used the masculinity to minimize the presence and purpose of him while he has used his femininity to hide behind her—a reversal of roles. Join us for an in-depth discussion this Wed on “Let it be Known” Live RADIO!
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    Teko's Corner- The Myths About Androgyny.

    in LGBT

    The Myths About Androgyny With Nikki Eason and Vjay. 

    Androgyny is a gender identity that is distinct from the sex of the body. It is not biological nor is it synonymous with sexual behavior, nor necessarily indicative of sexual preference” (Woodhill & Samuels, 2004). It attempts to defy the traditional gender roles that men and women are assigned since birth. Sex is the inherent biological difference between men and women’s reproductive organs whereas gender is learned as social, psychological, and cultural traits associated with one sex or the other (Bond, 2011). Androgyny attempts to blur the lines between traditional gender roles and to combine masculine and feminine traits in order for a person to reach an ideal state.But this basic definition must necessarily be qualified by recognizing the diverse forms of androgyny. who embodies male and female qualities but must “split” to become creative; a “fusing androgyne,” who must merge with a male or female side of the personality to become bisexual; and a “two in one” androgyne, often represented by a couple that unites in a perfect love.

    Tonight, on Teko's Corner, guests Nikki Eason and Vjay will join us to share their journey and to dispel some of the myths about androgyny. 

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    Destin For Greatness with Dot Destin and Go to Work with Shawn Jermaine

    in Music

    Dot Destin South Jerseys out spoken rapper. Dot Destin Brings a unique style of diverse music that will no doubt cause controversy in the music industry. Dot Destin is destined for greatness, this is Hip Hop from South Jersey.

    Singer, ShawnJermaine’s unique image sometimes screams androgyny, but his creative style and personality welcomes a diversity of looks. From his distinct character to his versatility in music genres of pop, R&B, soul, and rap, ShawnJermaine is both interesting and inspiring.

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    Empowering the Siren in You: Part 1

    in Radio

    The media has branded in the mind of women, especially women of color that there is a shortage of available men.  In addition, there are countless books on how to get a man, how to keep a man, how to make a man love you...etc...The list is ongoing.  While some of the information/stats on the female gender out numbering the male gender is true, this is not a reason to buy into the hysteria.  It is so stereotypical for society to continue to perpetuate in the minds of single women the need to make unnecessary changes to find and keep a man.  I am very disappointed when I see a show focused entirely on teaching women how to get a man or helping women learn how to understand a man.  Hell, its time for us to start talking about how a man can attract the right woman, keep the woman, learn his woman.  Thats right, I said it!  This discussion will focus on Empowering the Siren in you...that beautiful, sexy, loving, and oh so naughty woman that you are and I know you can be.  Yes,  this show will touch on topics such as being androgynous, loving your self sexually and otherwise.  In addition, we will speak openly and candidly about maintaining YOUR power in all relationships.  Yes, it is time for men to start reading and listening to "how do I get and KEEP a good woman! "   This is going to be a hot one!!  You must listen in!!