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    NOTE: ANDREA WAS UNABLE TO DO THE SHOW & IS RESCHEDULED FOR JANUARY 6th!    Andrea Schroder returns to the show to talk about her new line of candle, "Love Lights," and update us on her and husband Ricky's busy careers producing, directing and acting in film and television.   Andrea built her first home at 18, and never stopped. By the time she was midway into raising their 4 children, she had finished more than fifteen homes, and several commercial projects built, renovated, and furnished. She appeared on Bravo's "Top Design," which she credits as a great learning experience. A couple of years ago, she was feeling she had lost her passion, spark, and light. Realizing that she needed for her work to have more purpose, she had to reflect on her principles and design sensibilities, and "Love Lights" candles were created. She creates the organic fragrances herself, and makes the candles with coconut oil, wich can be used also as a moisturizer. For every candle sold, another candle goes to a part of the world needing light. Currently, Mali (Africa) receives those candles to brighten the homes of some of the poorest people in the world.    Andrea says,  "Together we can make this world more beautiful, one light at a time." Website: http://andreaschroder.com/   Jeff Siegel, our favorite wine curmudgeon, returns to talk about holiday wines and the upcoming sixth annual Drink Local Wine Conference, which promotes the local wineries throughout the United States. The April, 2013 event will be held in Baltimore, MD. Jeff's website: http://www.winecurmudgeon.com/

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    Andrea Schroder - D&D Radio

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    Hey -- it's time for another episode of The Down and Dirty with Frank Fontana!
    Our first guest is interior designer and lifestyle expert Andrea Schroder -- we're finally connecting with her!  You may know her from the second season of Top Design on Bravo and/or as the wife of Ricky Schroder, but she's also been busy acting and appearing on talk shows... as well as producing her own line of candles.
    During our Craftsmanship segment, we're welcoming back to our studios Derrick Smash of DerrickSmash LLC. He's a cornhole master based in Chicago, who makes fantastic custom sets and bags for all your cornhole needs. He's stopping by to show off a special Down & Dirty setup, as well as to talk about what he's been up to in the past couple years.
    We're also celebrating the release of Fast & Furious 6 with our in-house Vin Diesel scholar Bo Balogun, and we'll hear a DIY Disaster story from New House, New Home, New Life blogger Heather Benton.
    Let's get Down and Dirty!

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    Freddie's dead and there's dancin' in the streets -- but Mizz Mayor is getting more implicated in this mess as information comes out. 

    Gonna be a long hot summer... are you a street fighting man?

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    Are the elites feverishly preparing for something big?  Full spectrum ops in the homeland?  Are we bubbling up to a civil war in 2016?  Resettlement communities - the latest plus what happened in Baltimore over the weekend, and a message to our youth. Is this the beginning of the "American Spring?" At least one writer thinks so.

    And finally, "W" speaks out about Obama and his policies.

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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Ann Barnhardt

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    "Writing about current events has become almost impossible. I sit down at my computer, and nothing happens.  Oh, I have plenty to say, but you can only say stuff so many times over and over before you just start to feel like a hack, luxuriating in the act of screaming.  And that’s no good.

    I’m doing the Andrea Shea King show on Friday morning and have specifically asked Andrea to focus the show on secular current events, just to force me to engage." -- Ann Barnhardt

    The Divine Miss B will be with me for coffee and conversation.  You're invited to join us.

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    Malice v Incompetence?

    We are indisputably in the Land of Oz. The question many people are asking, in this age of topsy-turvy news stories, is whether we were propelled here by the tornado of Obama’s incompetence or the subtle scheming of the Wicked Witch of the West.

    Everything this nation once stood for is being turned on its head.  Kick Open the Doorway to Liberty: What Are We Waiting For?

    If Congress does not pass legislation to cut immigration rates, the U.S. will legally add at least 10 million new permanent immigrants over the next 10 years—a bloc of new residents larger than the cities of Atlanta (population: 447,000), Los Angeles (3.88 million), Chicago (2.7 million), Boston (645,000), Denver (650,000), St. Louis (318,000), and Dallas (1.25 million) combined.

    Amnesty and Marco Rubio.  Willing bedfellows?

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    So will Hillary survive? 

    That and so much more...

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    It's all about Obama.  His betrayal, his friends, his intentions. The results.

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    Hillary trounced.  Rubio announced.

    Lots to talk about on the bounce.

    Oh, and it's Thomas Jefferson's Birthday.


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    The ANDREA SHEA KING SHOW - Elizabeth (Letchworth) Chryst

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    The Iranian nuclear deal.

    The PATRIOT Act

    Bernie Sanders the Socialist gets in the ring

    Hillary's remarks on the criminal justice system

    And last but not least -- the Congressional budget deal that would torpedo Obamacare.

    All that tonight with our Capitol Hill Expert and Insider, Elizabeth Chryst, former US Senate Secretary to the Majority.

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    Scoot over Ted Cruz... make room for Rand Paul. So who's next?

    Water, water, everywhere, but in California, not a drop to drink...