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    Joy, Carol, Award Talk, and much more!

    in Movies

    We'll be reviewing Joy and Carol, along with a few others as we finish up 2015's coverage. We'll also be giving our thoughts on the Golden Globes, tonight's Critics' Choice Awards, and much more.

    With the Globes already done, and the Critics' Choice about to hit, we're right in the heart of award season, and we'll let you know what should have won, what should win, and what it all means for the Oscars.

    We're also going to get through as many of the nominated films we haven't had a chance to cover yet, and possibly a few of the hidden gems of the year

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    Susan Bennett - The voice of Siri and so much more

    in Entrepreneur

    While many may recognize Susan Bennett as the voice behind Apple's Siri software, she does more than simply give us directions from the palm of our hands. Susan is also there to greet passengers at Delta gates worldwide, helps people discover the Better Ingredients in pizza, and makes the Mission Possible. 

    Susan is a multi-talented professional. She is an accomplished singer, a polished and professional spokesperson, a talented emcee and an accomplished communicator who has assisted corporations and organizations to achieve their communications goals. She also takes her iconic role at the world's foremost voice assistant with a warm smile and a sense of humor. 

    Susan will share her experiences and insights with us in what promises to be an interesting podcast. 

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    The Business of Tea - Much More than A Hot Drink!

    in Health

    Remember, everyone, January is National Hot Tea Month! Today [That is Sunday, January 17] is, Day #17. The Health Reverend, as you may know, is a Tea Lover. At 15 minutes, her Guest Host this week will be Brandi Shelton, owner/operator of Just Add Honey Company, Atlanta, GA. TheHealthReverend will discuss with Ms. Shelton her beginning in the business, her greatest challenges and of course, greatest successes You will hear all about a very exciting area of entereprise. Who knows, you may find yourself looking into a Tea Company of your own. One thing you will surely realize, by the show's end: Tea is Much more than A Hot Drink! See you There. 

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    Talking to "dead people" and much more!

    in Spirituality

    Answers to make life easier, more enjoyable and achieve happiness.

    The reason for this show is to inspire you to have an easier and more joyful life.
    With my gifts and training as an intuitive and empath life coach, I help you to get your answers.

    I am guided by spirit and those who have passed (Dead People) to present you the answers to achieve happiness and manifest what you want. Advice from a loved one or another personage who has passed that will give you needed insights because of their connection to you.

    Let’s explore and event from a past life or current childhood, to help you move forward. 

    I love to share with how to change your subconscious programs that keep you stuck in limiting life patterns. I call this a “Wall and Bridge” process.

    My mission is to promote love: love of self, love in families, love in communities and love of the planet.
    I will also present articles from various sources that, give advice, inspire and entertain.  Laughter is a key in all healing.

    I am a channel and medical intuitive. Studied and practiced for over 20 years as an Intuitive, Shaman, Reiki practitioner, and Hypnotherapist. Have degrees in the study of metaphysics.

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    Much More Than a Man

    in Christianity

    Today it isn’t politically correct to state dogmatically that Jesus was more than an extraordinarily gifted person, a moral person,a wise philosopher, a Jewish sage or a political reformist. Nor is it acceptable to say that His teachings are the only route to a life beyond the grave and to lasting peace for the world. After all, we live in a world that dislikes such absolutes. And some dislike even more the authority that One who claimed to be God might claim over their lives. Thus throughout history all kinds of ideas have sprung up about Jesus of Nazareth. Why is there so much controversy over one man? He regularly makes the cover of weekly newsmagazines. More books have been written and more scholarly work done about this Jewish teacher from Galilee than any other man who ever lived. The simple answer is that He claimed to be God—and from the record was able to support that claim, as we have seen. He assures us He will prove it to the entire world when He comes to earth a second time in glory, majesty and divine supernatural power that will astound people all around the globe. God comes to earth The question remains: How was Jesus God? If Jesus was God, then who was the Father He spoke of so often?

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    Manic Monday....Iowa Caucus, weekend events, and much more!

    in Entertainment

    Tune in today as we talk about the Iowa Caucus, what happened over the weekend and much more!  It's Manic Monday and we are going to be talking about any and everything to get your week started off right!

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    Keith Roth , Musician , Radio Personality and much more!

    in Pop Culture

    For the past 10 years, Keith has been a producer at Sirius XM satellite radio. He coordinates rock icon, David Johansen’s “Mansion of Fun” weekly radio show, in addition to being an on-air personality for the “Hair Nation” and “Ozzy’s Boneyard” channels. Keith is also the co-creator and host of the “Electric Ballroom Radio Show", a rock n' roll specialty program that's been airing weekly since 1998. It is broadcast on 95.9FM in New Jersey. The show has received wide acclaim for its' impressive roster of guests (Joe Strummer, John Paul Jones, Brian May, John Entwistle, Alice Cooper and literally hundreds more) and Keith's knack for coaxing intimate, revealing interviews from its' high profile guests. This is in no small part due to Keith's profound love and encyclopedic knowledge of music and pop culture as well as his experience as a musician himself.A creative workaholic, he is also co- creator /Producer of Main Man records, a Red Bank,NJ based record label. Working with a wide range of artists from rock legends to up and comers, Main Man is currently preparing it's fiftieth title for release.As a musician, Keith started in Bad Biscuit, an influential punky, hard rock band, regarded by many as ahead of its time.The band was managed by Bon Jovi's BJM company and the band warmed up the crowd for the stadium rockers in 1995.Following this in 2005, Keith formed Frankenstein 3000, of which he is the singer and primary song writer.The band has had a rich history and is getting ready to launch their 8th album.Keith has also enjoyed a storied career as a session musician, performing with rock notables Cheetah Chrome, David Johansen,Silvain Silvain, Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow, Cherie Currie and Earl Slick to name a few.


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    So Much Sports Podcast 10-11-15

    in Sports

    Broadcasting live from Game Bar in between M&T Bank Stadium and the Horseshoe Casino in downtown Baltimore. This is the So Much Sports podcast following a tough Ravens loss to the Cleveland Browns hosted by Dan Levin.

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    Cats Start Another Streak, SEC Tops In CFB, NFL Playoffs and Much More!

    in Sports

    Tonight on Cats Talk Wednesday Vinny and Terry discuss the Kentucky Wildcats two victories over the Alabama Crimson Tide and Mississippi State Bulldogs and look ahead to their next game against the Auburn Tigers.

    We'll chat about the question of the evening too. Feel free to share your thoughts on that.

    The Alabama Crimson Tide brought college football's national championship back to the SEC in a fantastic game against the Clemson Tigers.

    The NFL Playoffs gave us blowouts and close games in the opening Wild Card Weekend. Can't wait for the Divisional Round.

    We are wide open tonight, no guests, so that gives you more of an opportunity to call and jump in the conversation. As always hit us up on Facebook and facebook.com/CatsTalkWed or Twitter at @CatsTalkWed or call us at (845)277-9373!

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    NFL Playoff's Preview Show! - 2016! Chip Kelly fired, Playoff Picture, Much More

    in Football

    So much has happened in the last week!

    Chip Kelly has been fired in Philadelphia. Redskins won the NFC East, Eagles swept the Giants for the 2nd season in a row. Steelers make it into the playoffs, as do the Seahawks who might be the hottest team in the NFC right now. 

    We have everything you need to know for the playoff picture. Who will win each game? We have all of the answers right here! 

    Who will be fired and hired in all of the coaching vacancies in the NFL? We also have the latest breaking news, and updates regarding everything in the NFL!

    Join us Monday Night for our live show! From 6:30-8:00PM! 

    Call in and talk some football with us and give your playoff predictions! - 646-668-2951! Press 1 to talk to the hosts!



    LIKE us on Facebook - Facebook.com/1SportsTalk

    FOLLOW us on Twitter - Twitter.com/1SportsTalk


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    Da Word: All about the teens and so much more!

    in Radio

    A radio show that will have you wanting more! A show that is all about helping the teens of today in their daily struggle with relationships, school, parents, sex, drugs, and just the overall life of a teen! To keep in touch with us follow us on Twitter @DAWORD and also on Facebook @DAWORDHOUSTON. Leave us suggestions for upcoming shows and what you would like to see different! #ASQUARED #BOSSMAN #DAWORD #G1GB.

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